Ahhh! I thought you’d never ask!

Why are flannels polite? Well Flannels are my favorite shirts. Buying flannels is literally my addiction next to Tacos. Flannels are very nice so they’re polite. They’re also very polite on my skin thus the name “Polite As Flannels”.  I liked how it sounded so that’s the name of my world. Yeah don’t steal my shit. 

I started this website to not only inspire myself but to inspire every one who thinks similar thoughts but doesn’t have the platform or finds trouble in expressing them. If you do cool creative things I’ll be glad to post them here to show the world your gifts. I’m a veteran introvert and have been that way my whole life (Ask my mother it drives her nuts. Love you mom) so I’ve always had trouble expressing my thoughts. Writing is how I articulated those thoughts the best.  I like to think I have a lot of interesting things to say and interesting views on life and hopefully you will agree while accompanying me on this writing journey. 

I was playing Zelda. It's Lit. 


I’m Benny. I’m the flannel wearing! Chuck Taylor wearing! Anime watching! WHOO! Hoopty Riding! Coach Flying! St. Louis Native. (U.City to be exact) Taco eating. Jack Daniels chilling. Cool son of gun. I hope you read that in Ric Flair’s voice if not I’m sure I’ll get over it in due time. I'll make this as quick and painless as possible. I was born in Saint Louis, Missouri. I’ve lived in Missouri my whole life with a great and supportive family then spent a couple of years in Seattle, Washington. I was raised in University City (Saint Louis County). Spent time in Saint Charles, Missouri, Jefferson City, Missouri. I tried the college thing but all I did was party and chase women so that ended very quickly (Stay in school kids!).  Dropped out to focus on a music career for which I have currently retired from. I’ve always loved writing so to transition from writing music to writing articles wasn’t too difficult. Long story short all I do is write, travel, go to concerts or festivals, watch Hey Arnold & enjoy a good whiskey on the rocks, and shop for flannels.  

Is that enough? Are you not entertained? Welcome to “Polite As Flannels”. Go chill and explore! One love!