But when it comes to the children. D.R.A.M is for the children. He teach the children. Future Hendrix is good but D.R.A.M is the best. 

I never really paid D.R.A.M's music any attention. He was just the Cha-Cha nigga to me. I didn't think he was great or wack. I just never paid attention to his music. 

I see his goofy debut album cover and something just tells me to check out the album. This nigga gotta be a special nigga to be cheesing that hard on his album debut album cover. He cheesing like the Macaroni just came out the oven on Thanksgiving. 

Carefree people are always interesting when it comes to music that's at least what history has shown me. Look at O.D.B. He was a very carefree nigga and it carried over to his music and that music was timeless. Bobby Brown is a carefree guy and that allowed him to make one of the greatest R&B albums of all time. 

D.R.A.M seems real carefree so I say to myself "Why the fuck not? Let me give him a chance." 

Big Baby D.R.A.M is a album that reminds me of Missy Elliot first album "Supa Dupa Fly" mixed with Ol Dirty Bastard's debut album mixed with those niggas in your hood that can really sing but don't ever take themselves or singing serious and they just tryna fuck Candace the single mother up the street, drink 40's, and talk shit about hooping.

D.R.A.M is like a hood Gerald Levert that can rap on the side.  

I say all that to say that D.R.A.M is really a special talent. I haven't heard a album recently that really made me feel good. Big Baby D.R.A.M is some really feel good shit. Like I smile like this nigga on his album cover when I listen to this album.  

If I had kids I would let them listen to D.R.A.M without a doubt. He not talking about killing people or saying hateful shit. He just talking about ambition, smoking, girls, and enjoying life. He's showing children how to enjoy life in a very simple manner. 

I really love this album so I'd like to talk about my favorite songs. 


This song is a victory chant in a sense. Only you know what you want and how you want it done. You know the saying. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Take care of your business and get to where you want to be. 


This my favorite song on the album. This song reminded me of coming home from college for a weekend and you link up with that girl that treated you like shit in high school cause she seen you kicking it out at college through Facebook so she hits up your inbox and wanna hangout when you come back home.

She reminds you of home so you kick it with her. You've been away and around new people so it don't matter as long as you're home. It's a good feeling to always come home and be back around what is normal to you. 

She fronting like she don't wanna fuck but you both end up fucking and you never hit her back up unless you're coming back home. 


This is probably the best I've ever heard Young Thug. He has a interesting voice and it was used in such a organized and perfect way on this song. 

I like this song because to me it's a creative's anthem because creative's are the most misunderstood individuals. There's always someone telling a creative how to handle something or how to go about things. They want us to be normal so badly and not tap into our potential. They want us to settle. When you're so passionate, normal just doesn't make sense. 

There's no point in explaining your plan or vision to people when they won't try to understand it anyway. As D.R.A.M said "Look, if I don't know myself then tell me how do you know?" 


The ultimate Netflix and Chill anthem. In my case I hope she has options. Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO GO hopefully will be on the list along with the chill. Options are always cool. I like how D.R.A.M really just wants the wifi but Erykah Badu is like "Fuck the WiFi. I'm feelin you. What me and you talkin bout?" 

We don't get too many slow jams anymore and I really love that feel. This song provides that. Play this with your girl while y'all chillin and it's going down without a doubt. You gettin the drawls as the late and great Tommy Strawn would say. 


This song is really relatable. I have this fear of reaching out too much so I fallback and when I fallback they take it as me not being interested so they don't reach out. I also have the paranoia that she not feeling me or rarely thinks of me so I most definitely fallback. Outta sight. Outta mind. 

I care. Maybe I care too much. Who knows? 

D.R.A.M didn't mean this the way I meant it. The situation he's singing about is different but both situations are in the same realm. 

"If I don't text back, that just means I have something to say and I ain't want you reading that anyway." 

That shit is so real hahahahaha!!! 

Dark Lavender was a super smooth interlude at the end of this song. 


I love going out but while I'm out I'm always thinking about my crib. Food. Weed. A TV Show I need to finish. A woman (I wish), all waiting for me in house. D.R.A.M hit the nail on the head with this one. The crib is such a special place. 


My nigga brought out those family reunion, bbq, Al Green organs on this track. Just a feel good song about spending time with someone special and getting high. Nothing better than that. Tree, Love, and Time. Those 3 things are so key to a peaceful life. 


Love, Benny available now