September 23, 2016. After another Friday at work I head home to shower, throw on some clothes to go support my homies band (Insane Analog! Check them out they're dope!). I realize I haven't eaten anything but a banana and a orange all day but I don't trip. I'll just go to Seoul Taco before the show. 

Got my Dom Kennedy playlist jamming in my car (All Fat Dom Kennedy songs) and I pull up to the loop. I go into Seoul Taco and for some reason I started thinking about animals. Not the awesome tenth Pink Floyd album but actual animals. 

Remember that episode of The Simpsons? Where The Simpsons go to the zoo and Lisa falls in love with the baby sheep and then she goes home and the next day Marge cooks Lamb for dinner and Lisa just kept thinking about the baby sheep she was playing with. She became vegetarian at that moment. It was like that. 

I had that kind of moment. I started thinking about how fire these chicken tacos about to be then out the blue I started thinking about chickens. Even fictional chickens and birds like the character Sheldon from The Garfield Show. The Road Runner. Rock-A-Doodle. C'mon "Sun Do Shine" is a classic. I don't want to eat Road Runner he's my favorite Looney Tune. =( If you never seen a video of chickens being prepared to be slaughtered it's horrific and will ruin your day. 

My mind is always wandering so I just start thinking about real chickens and how they get slammed and slaughtered just to take me to the land of deliciousness. It made me feel horrible. If I had to kill them myself so I could eat I don't think I could. It was just playing over and over in my head like a horror film. 

So I'm standing in line and I start my journey at that moment. I didn't want to eat meat anymore. Now what the fuck am I going to eat? I'm hungry. Seoul has tofu tacos and veggie gogi bowls. I ordered the gogi bowl and the nigga who took my order had a look on his face like "What?! Veggie my nigga?! You tripping!" 

I couldn't believe I ordered it my damn self. I didn't want to risk getting tofu tacos at the moment because I was poor and I can't waste money on food I didn't know if I would enjoy. Got the gogi bowl and I tore that shit up like a nigga coming home to a woman fresh outta jail. 

My fear about going Vegetarian was me possibly becoming an asshole. Some Vegans and Vegetarians are assholes. I don't like telling people what they should and shouldn't eat. I didn't wanna be that douche. I didn't want to make annoying hashtags with pictures of my healthy plates. I just don't want to be a jerk. 

I told my friends that I'm going to try and be a vegetarian. They look at me like "I dunno about all that my nigga." I was confident that I could do this. I felt ready. I already haven't had liquor for a while. I'm on a good path. 

I already didn't eat pork at all or red meat often so I figured I'm good. I just gotta quit Turkey, Chicken, and Fish. 

The next week was hell. 

I started thinking of every time I've had meat and how happy I was. I was legit sad thinking about it. 

I pulled up to a Popeyes at 1:17am and just sat outside of it in my car playing "One Wish" by Ray J. Only thing missing was the rain for it to be the perfect R&B video.

Thinking about the beautiful view of the spicy coming fresh out the grease and straight into my box. It was as beautiful as a black woman's booty underneath the moonlight on a spring night. 

Thinking about that time I drove in a tornado to get some Popeyes. I didn't care what happened as long as I got my chicken. My thoughts if I died that night, Bury me with the chicken and dry my family tears with the biscuits. 

Seeing all my friends enjoy fish plates, hot wings, etc. It was like they were apart of the "I eat meat club" and Benny is nothing but a Salad Nigga. He can't hang with us. This image below sums up how it feels to be vegetarian and everyone you hang with eats meat. 

Yup that's me. The disappointed, shunned, old white man. 

I'd drive home from a night out with the homies and drive by all fast food spots I used to eat with no shame at 3:08am. I finally realized it was over. I felt like Martin Payne when Simon kicked him out the skybox. No white castles for me. I'm going home to eat fruit. Just the thought of it made my dick limp. 

What really haunted my dreams was the thought of no tacos or In And Out burger. Yeah I can still make tacos with Tofu but they'd be a shell of themselves (Pun intended bitches!). I can't eat Pollo bowls when I'm in L.A no more. No more In And Out in L.A no more. What in the fuck am I going to do? BBQ's? Soul Food? Everything I've known all my life is just gone. 

I was on edge. I was ready to walk around and punch everyone without warning. If I suffer then you will suffer. It's how I felt. The week was so difficult for me. I had no clue what to eat or what to cook. I'm a picky eater so it made this journey so much tougher. It would just drive me to eat more sugary shit to basically fill the void of meat. Sugar is more dangerous than meat so what I was doing it made no sense.

I don't like how people look at you like you soft when you vegetarian too. Naw bruh these hands still active. Never on that punk shit. Seriously. Go to a restaurant and order all Veggie shit people look at you like you Red from Friday. 

I finally got used to everything after that week once I researched more. I cook more and obviously eat better. I feel better. I sleep better. I don't ever feel lethargic like I used to. I perform in the gym like a whole new person. It was like I got a whole new body. 

The true test for me will be when I travel. I feel that's when everything will be the most difficult. I want to  make my way to Vegan one day but I feel I'll need a chef for that. I'm going to be rich to afford one someday so it'll happen. I need someone to cook that shit right. If I try to cook it it'll taste like a cardboard box. 

To eliminate fast food in general is just amazing. I never thought I could do it but I did. I always doubted it but now I'm 38 days in and I can't believe it. Now I've gotten used to not eating meat anymore. I feel I could live without it. It's early but I pray I make it a year and grow from there.

This is my journey. It's been very tough but I've made it this far and I plan to keep on going. 

Love, Benny available now.