I'm a single guy. Not really active on the dating front currently because I haven't really been trying to but I do plan on getting married one day. I think. Marriage doesn't really scare me. The only thing that scares me about marriage is what if I marry my wife or soon to be ex wife and I love her but I don't like her? What if I never want to come home to spend time with her and instead of cheating I lie to her and say I'm working late and instead I go to the golfing range and then go to Hooters. What a fucking nightmare. I hate golf and I hate Hooters. I'm not saying my woman has to be this or that or have a huge list of demands. I just want to genuinely like her. There's people that love each other and been together for years but can't stand to be around each other. They simply don't like each other. Maybe I'll end up with a regular around the way woman. Maybe I'll end up with a perfect woman like Ayesha Curry. 

Ayesha Curry is not perfect I'm sure. I'm just joking but if you tap into social media you'll see there's 3 things. There's God, there's women, and then there's the perfect woman Ayesha Curry. I once made a joke on twitter during the Kehlani, Kyrie, PartyNextDoor (Jesus christ man change that name) love triangle. I jokingly tweeted "How can I find a Ayesha Curry in a world full of Kehlani's?" I tweeted that tweet before her suicide attempt. I hope Kehlani is doing better physically and mentally but a lot of women came at me for that tweet. I was just joking when I tweeted that but if you look at anything that transpires on social media about relationships, women, lacrosse, or water polo. Ayesha Curry's name will appear somehow, someway. You can seriously talk about ANYTHING and her name will pop up. How did this happen? 

Her infamous tweets about her choosing to dress fully clothed and how being half naked is what's trendy put her in this position. Didn't care for the tweets. I knew what she was trying to say. There was no malicious intent and I didn't feel like she was slut shaming. She was just tweeting her lifestyle and how she carries herself. It sparked so much controversy that she basically became the face of what men think is the perfect woman. I had to actually sit and think to myself. "Have I ever dated a woman like Ayesha Curry?" "Would I want to marry a woman like Ayesha Curry?" I actually have dated women similar to her. Would I want to marry a woman like her? I don't know. This prompted me to come up with some pros and cons of dating a woman with a lifestyle like Ayesha Curry. This is based on MY (Keyword) preferences and experiences. So if you get offended you'll get over it. Let's start with some pros. 



This is the type of woman majority of mothers out there dream of. I've brought home a few that my mom probably felt were questionable. It just feels really good to have a woman your mom actually likes and she doesn't have to pretend to like your woman because you're her son. 


There will always be some type of drama. Can't avoid it. It's life and humans are stupid but the percentage will definitely be considerably lower when you date the Ayesha Curry type. It will be rare if you're caught up in some foolishness. 


Not saying women who aren't like Ayesha don't have strong family values. That's not true at all. I'm just speaking from my dating experience but strong family values usually come with the package. You're going to be at a lot of family gatherings and do a lot of family activities when you date this type of woman. Hopefully they all involve food. They usually do. 


I don't care about this but a lot of guys do. I don't really care how many men a woman sleeps with that's her business. I just want my woman to be quiet, dislike small talk, clean, and disease free. When you're dating this type of woman her body count will be low and you won't worry yourself about S.T.D's. Still, both of you go get tested regardless. Just because she's nice and has all the qualities stated above doesn't mean you can't get burned. It's rare but you can never be too careful out here. 


The women I have dated who are similar to Ayesha Curry did wonders for my attitude and temper. They were optimistic in key moments and just all around positive. Their positive attitudes will really rub off on you. 

Okay. Time for the cons.



The furtherest you're going to get with this type is Big Sean. That's it. They don't understand Bankroll Fresh or a 21 Savage or a Gucci. They will not turn up to that. You're going to get questions in the realm of "How can you understand what he's saying?" "Why is he so violent?" Fair questions but I don't care about that now. It's 70 degrees outside. We on our way to get some Popeye's and I'm fucking lit. Dark Sky Paradise is all that's coming from that Aux cord so you better get used to it. 


She can't flame you bruh. She's beautiful. She's smart. She's nice. Great personality but she can't flame you bruh. If you start joaning she'll think you're mean. She just doesn't get it. If you get in a couple tag team flame session similar to Martin and Gina vs Tommy and Pam, the other couple about to figuratively put you through a table like The Dudley Boyz because your woman can't joan. You won't joan on random people either. She doesn't see the point. She doesn't see the beauty. She doesn't see the art. She doesn't think it's fun. You have to talk about boring things like world affairs and take a bunch of selfies. BORING! I want to talk about our waiter Binky Barnes from "Arthur" head ass or how that nigga shoes over at the other table look like he walked from Toronto to St.Louis or how that girl over there look like a fly will fly out her mouth at any moment. You know. True Love shit. 


Let me rephrase that. She doesn't dance the way I like. That's more fitting. Usually these women have no rhythm, dance like those dancers you see at NBA games at halftime, or they dance really safe. Fuck that. I need my woman to give me wall dances like her life depended on it. Like Juntao from "Rush Hour" will blow up this fucking party if you don't dance like all the strippers I follow on Snapchat. We're both drunk off Jack Daniel Honey and she's twerking my spirit out of my body on the wall. I need that. Even if she can't dance the effort would be dope. I want everyone in the function to look at us and either just stare, point and say "OMG", Cheer, or say unnnnnnnn. We don't care we having fun. 


These type of women are usually always nervous. Always worrying. It can be a good thing because it shows that they care and they're always looking out for you but it has it's flaws. It can become so annoying. Sometimes it holds both of you back from coming out of your shells. Being spontaneous will always be hard because she's always nervous. Just sit back and chill baby. This is life. We only get one go at it. 


Now it's possible. Not saying all types like this have boring sex but the risk of it is really high when dating this type. From my experience I've kind of had to coach. Which makes things stale. It becomes a job and I'm completely tuned out and thinking about what I'm going to eat after we're done. Actually I'm always thinking about food regardless so it don't matter. Anyway. No one wants boring sex. The thing that makes fucking fun especially for the first time is that you're both bringing your sexual experiences to each other. For example. You're last woman was awful at the reverse cowgirl position but your new woman is a pro at it because it's her favorite position and you had no idea. You're probably going to nut 2.5 seconds into the position. Take 3 shots of Henny and get back in the game champ. Your last woman didn't really talk during sex but your new woman talks all shit during sex. It's going to fuck with your mind in a good way. I'm a man. We are very visual creatures. Sounds, movements, etc matter. I know there's a science behind it. I'm sure. I'll put it this way. I want a woman that if we made a sex tape and somehow it got leaked. I want the people to envy my woman's performance. Sure she'd be embarrassed. It's natural. Sure they'll probably try to shame her and say she nasty but deep down other women will say to themselves "I wish I could do what she does for my guy."  Other guys will say "That is one lucky ass nigga." If you date this type you run the risk of that never happening. 

Date who you want. Not saying the Ayesha Curry types of the world are bad and you should avoid them. There's pros and cons about every person walking this planet. It's all about preference. There are so many different types of women out there to click with it's wonderful. Go enjoy.