My first article I ever wrote on this site was titled "5 Movies from my childhood that was weak as fuck but I watched anyway." It was about what the title says. The movies suck but every time I would see them I would watch them and I actually do like them. I actually debated on buying "Showgirls" on Blu-ray from Amazon. I Seriously debated that. I like collecting everything that reminds me of my childhood and plus Gina Gershon naked in her prime. C'mon. The purchase might be worth it. 

In my collection I have Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. It's a unconventional love story of a young adult who likes a girl who just moved into his town and he has to defeat her 7 ex's to have a relationship with her. 

I used to watch it all the time but I haven't seen it in a while so I blew the dust off of it and put it in. I watched about a hour and I realized something. This movie is fucking awful. I then realized something else. I was always drunk as shit when I watched it so I never noticed how bad it was. I never watched it lately since I've been more sober than drunk. I don't drink as much as I used to. Back then I would go out. Get drunk. Grab some unhealthy food on my way back home. Come home and have 3 options. Fap, text a woman I don't want to see, or watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World. I always picked to watch Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. I would just love the old video game references. I told you I am a sucker for anything that reminds me of my childhood. I finally learned the truth sober. Scott Pilgrim is a movie that is a terrible masterpiece. What makes it a masterpiece or better yet why do I even love it, if it's terrible?

First Aubrey Plaza is my girlfriend and she's in this movie. She's my bae. The soundtrack is actually very very dope. The music played in the movie I actually liked it. I like how it was used in the fight scenes. Sex Bob-omb is the fucking shit. Best band name ever. If you haven't heard the soundtrack go buy that shit. Some good rock music. It might be the best video game movie ever. He had a piss meter that's awesome. The combo meter when he hit the ex's repeatedly. You see points when someone is destroyed. They ask you if you want to continue at the end of the movie like the end of a video game. The video game sounds. They nailed the video game references. It was like we were watching a movie in a arcade.

The typography in the film reminded me of a comic book or the manga it's made after. I liked in all the fights with the ex's you could see the number they were subtly placed either on their clothes or on in the background. There were x's everywhere in the movie placed in the background to represent the ex's he had to fight. The way this film was shot is so incredible. The CGI and effects were awesome as fuck. It was very fast paced. From the exciting fights to even the jokes, which were really quick and witty. The cinematography was flawless. It's up there as one of the best. You could seriously watch this film on mute and be amazed. Visually is why I keep watching it along with the references and humor. It's a arcade, comic/manga, action film all rolled into one. The idea of Scott Vs The World is masterful but there are a few things that plague this movie. 


Michael Cera is the lead and he plays "Scott Pilgrim." There's one problem. He has no range nor does he act with any passion. He has his moments where he's funny and he looks the part but I feel like we're watching Evan from "Superbad" in a arcade game. You can't differentiate the two roles. The Scott Pilgrim in the books is way different than the Pilgrim Cera portrays in the movie. The Scott Pilgrim in the book is full of life and exciting. I was watching this movie like "This is the fucking hero?" He's never really happy or sad he's just annoyingly awkward. Even when he defeated the last ex it still feels like he didn't save shit. How does it feel like you lost even though you won? Scott Pilgrim in the movie is a 22 year old narcissistic insecure awkward asshole who dates high schoolers. He very self absorbed and selfish. This guy in no way, shape, or form could be likable.  

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays "Ramona Flowers." There's one problem. She has no range and she doesn't act with any passion either. How can this be a love story and no one is passionate? The writers could at least give the audience a reason why she is so plain and uninterested. Maybe all her ex's made her this way or her family has problems. Just something. We don't know why she is the way she is. Ramona is a narcissistic insecure indecisive disinterested emotionless android. She's not likable either. This bitch just watching Scott get his ass beat and possibly on the verge of dying and her facial expression does not change at all. No look of worry or concern. She just sits there. I seriously disliked her character in the film.  



Why Scott is fighting for this bitches love? I have no fucking clue. We never hear what he likes about her or why he loves her. He's just physically attracted to her and that's it. He is fighting the 7 evil ex's for pussy and pussy only and that's not love. This chick doesn't even like him and he risking his life for her. It makes no sense. What does Ramona even like about Scott? He awkwardly hits on her at a house party. She is no way interested in him after the encounter. He asks her on a date in the most creepy way by stalking her and luring her to his house through her job and in the blink of an eye he's at her house and she almost fucks him. WHY DO YOU LIKE EACH OTHER? It's never established. It's a relationship of nothingness. 


Scott is the same guy the whole movie. There's no growth at all. In the end they try to put in some growth by showing Scott earning self respect in the final fight but how can you have self respect if you're still willing to take part in this bullshit. Self respect is saying fuck everybody involved in this weak shit. I'm going to get some beer, tacos, and a girl that actually gives a fuck about me. That's self respect. Instead he continued to fight the final ex. Ramona doesn't grow at all either. Still just existing. Still not interested in anything. Just on the verge of being completely pointless. 

The supporting characters are the bright spot in the character department. Scott's roommate "Other Scott" is dope. Scott's younger sister is hilarious and the best character no one talks about is Knives. Knives was the only character that had progression. She was happily in a relationship. Dumped and in denial and sad. She then becomes jealous and angry even dying her hair to look like Ramona. We then see her mature in the end by accepting that Scott wants to be with Ramona and shows extreme maturity by encouraging Scott to go be with Ramona. Nicely written. Why Scott and Ramona character development was so awful I have no clue. 

It's hard to fit all the books in a movie. For it truly to be done right it had to be more than one movie and we all knew that wasn't happening. Plus the last installment of the book series came out after the film released. I'm ordering the books off Amazon and I suggest you do too because they're better than the movie and the endings are different. Scott Pilgrim vs The World film is terrible but yet brilliant and I still love it regardless.