Chilling in my crib one night browsing a message board. I came across a thread that was talking about a new project produced by CardoGotWings. I haven't heard a Cardo beat in years. It's not because he's not working. I just don't listen to a lot of rap. I listen to a lot of 90's shit and R&B. I look at the cover and I'm like who is Payroll Giovanni? Never heard of him. Someone in the thread said he's apart of Doughboyz Cashout. Now I've heard that group name outside of rap but never actually heard any of their music. I just know they're from Detroit.  I like Cardo's production so I figured I'd give the project a try. 

If I could compare Big Bossin Volume 1 to anything I'd compare it to the game Grand Theft Auto except there's no car jacking. Your missions are just you coming up in the dope game, being a boss, fucking bitches, putting your homies in position to eat like you, staying on point, and getting money. The first words you hear on the project Intro are "Welcome to the life of a hustler." You know where the content of the project is going from the start. The "Quik's Groove" sample used by Cardo adds the perfect soundtrack to the hustler's lingo being rapped on the track. "My whole family sold coke what the fuck I look like walking round this bitch broke!" You know what Payroll is about immediately before you even get into the project. I can't lie. Before I even listened to one song I thought Cardo's production would carry the project and outshine Payroll. I thought he was just another guy. I was wrong as a mothafucka. This guy can rap. The flow was on point. So many quotable's on this album it's tough to not be inspired to go get money. 

Cardo's production has a real The Click/C-Bo 90's bay area vibe to it and Payroll brings that Detroit playa shit and the 2 styles just mesh very well. Giving you 18 tracks of shit to mob to. I'm broke as fuck and I felt bad listening to this because I'm not playing it in a Lexus or a Beamer. I gotta boss my life up in all ways possible after listening to "Big Bossin Volume 1." I was playing the album on my Snapchat (Snapchat: SkinnySantiago) and people kept asking what was I listening to. I'm going to go over a few of my personal favorite tracks. Just a few. Don't want to spoil the whole project for y'all. 


I told you Cardo's production really has that old bay area wave to it and this shit sounds like some shit B-Legit would rap over in 1993. Payroll floats on this song perfectly doing what he does best. Talking money. Independent is the route he chooses to take with lines like "Fuck a label budget I'll put my own cash up."


This probably my favorite song along with "Sucka Free." Payroll was talking THAT SHIT on this track. From lines about his pops sending him and his homie to the store so they can use the living room so they can break down work. Payroll gives a quick history lesson of his life and how he was raised where he was from. "I ain't wanna be a hooper I wanna be a bag mover." Welp. There ya go. 


This shit make you wanna thizz and ghost ride your whip. I love the production on this joint. Payroll teaching rookies the ropes on this joint. "I used to keep my chains on the dresser and my jewels at the bank, that's how you gotta move when you up a couple ranks."


The group Juicy "Suga Free" sample stands out. This is that top down music right here. I think there should be a music video for this track. Big Quis has an crazy verse on this. 


This is a dope song because Payroll keeps the same content but he showcases his storytelling ability over the smooth production. A day in the life of the hood being hot, misunderstandings, and paranoia. 


Payroll let's you know his code and ethics in the game he's in. He's not in it for the recognition. He's all about revenue, watching everyone and everything, and staying out the way. 

Overall Big Bossin Volume 1 is a perfect summer album and it truly came right on time for a broke nigga like me to upgrade the whip real quick and cruise to this on a nightly basis. Salute to Payroll & Cardo for putting together a album hustlers and bosses can relate to. 

Snapchat: SkinnySantiago