First and most importantly. My condolences to the Thompson and BRODIE family. May the lord heal all of your pain and see you through this tough time. 

June 7th a huge piece of my heart was taken from me. My uncle passed away. My family has been running around trying to get everything in order. I was thinking okay I was dealt a huge blow and now begins the healing process. June 9th arrives and I wake up to the news Rell Finesse (Tyrell Thompson) was killed early that morning. My heart dropped. All I could think about is who would want to possibly harm that man. 

Let me tell you how crazy the universe is. A dating article was shared onto my Twitter timeline Tuesday morning and I read the article. It was written by KV Thompson on "Medium." I'm a writer who is new to Medium and I love to read so after reading her article I start scrolling down to see how much content she had on her profile because I planned on coming back to read more of it after I got off work. I see a little bit of the content in a article she wrote about her father and I see a sentence that said "I lost my father when I was 19. He was shot and killed." I just thought "Wow that's so unfortunate and sad." I exit out and go to work. I had no idea that she was Rell's sister when I read that. I knew he had a sister because the times I talked to him he was always talking about he was about to see what his sister was on before he go out. Just didn't know who exactly she was. I read that on Tuesday. Rell died the same way a couple days later. I couldn't wrap my head around it. 


I met Rell late last year. He told me that my blog is the first blog he's ever been featured on. I really took pride in that because Rell was supremely talented. I was like "Really?" He told me he was going to get his website back up so he can really get shit back cracking. We had plans for a future project. I still can do it despite his passing but I really have to put my foot into it and make it more special since he was taken away from us. I admired his consistency so I knew it was a artist I'd always love to collaborate with. Every time I spoke to him through text, phone call, or in person he was always in good spirits. It was hard to be sad if he was around. Homie was funny as fuck. I got along with him so well because we were into the same type of nerd/geek shit. Felt like I knew Rell for years. 

Since I've been helping with VIBES, I would always see the homies at his crib working or chilling and I'd always say to myself "I gotta get down there when I get an off day from work." I never could and I really regret it today. He would always tell me about his neighbors complaining about him playing his music too loud so I initially thought that he wouldn't have people in and out of there but it was the opposite. He always had his door open to his homies. Everyone seemed to be at peace and relaxed when they were at Rell crib. I would see it on Snapchat all the time. Damn near every woman in St.Louis took selfies in his mirror. Everybody took pictures in front of his art.

He was working on VIBES too so everyone was over his house day in and day out the past few weeks just creating and brainstorming. He created every flyer for VIBES and the work he did for this upcoming VIBES next month I can't help but think God blessed him and us and allowed him to finish the flyer work a week before he passed. He worked day in and out on those flyers and I even told him he was snapping. He was in rare form with the flyers and his work outside of VIBES. It was meant for him to be apart of and leave his stamp on the biggest event in the city one last time before he left. I know everyone is thankful for that. It was meant to be. 

The last time I saw Rell before he passed we chopped it up about the usual shit. Art. Movies. Just life. Not a worry in the world. Dude was just so chill and cool. He always showed me love. Shared my writing. Anything he saw about Mega Man he would tell me about it. He knew I was a huge Mega Man fan. Rell created the logo for my site. He always gave a helping hand to people anyway he could. We lost a man who would help anybody if they asked him. It's crazy how the great ones get taken away like this. 

5 reasons why it's LONGLIVEFINESSE forever. 


He was Money Mitch. The Money Mitch of Art. He loved the game. He ate, slept, and breathed art. It's what he did 24/7 outside of chilling with his people and showing love. There was no faking with Rell Finesse. He wasn't no pretend artist. He was really bout it. 


He was at every art event. He always showed love and appreciation. People always say that's impossible in St.Louis. Rell showed us the opposite. 


He had his lane. The Power Rangers was his thing. I know he was excited about the new Power Rangers movie they're working on. Rell had his niche and he stuck to it. He didn't steal waves. Aspiring artists can learn from him and his legacy. 


Rell wouldn't hurt a soul. Instead he would help as many as he could. I told you he opened his crib to creatives. He never complained. He just wanted to see people succeed. I never heard him hate on anyone. He was a very selfless man. 


It's only right as friends of the legend we carry on tradition. We continue his legacy. Rell's sister Kayla came up with the idea for a place for creatives to create in honor of her brother. The "Finesse Center" is rightfully it's name and she has started a gofundme for people to donate to.

(Donate here ) 

The city creatives really need this and Rell would love for us to have it. The "Finesse Center" is the official charity for VIBES and this WILL happen. I'm putting that energy into the universe right now. This place will exist in the future and it will prosper. 

Rell. Thank you for your contributions to the St.Louis art scene. Thank you for being one of the realest human beings I've met. You're not here physically but your legacy is forever solidified. You earned it bro. You will be missed. 

Come jam for Rell Finesse and yourselves at VIBES July 30th. This one's for you Finesse.