Creatives. One of the most interesting humans walking this planet. There are so many layers to our personalities. It's a journey to just be in the presence of one, but what about dating one? 

Dating a creative will be one of the most interesting relationships you will be in. Unless you date a drug kingpin with the status of Pablo Escobar or a woman that watches anime religiously. Both might be more interesting. It's debatable. 

I'm glad to consider myself a creative and I've actually never dated a creative woman ever which kind of comes as a shock to me but then I remember I'm average looking and I'm brought back to reality. I think every woman I've ever dated or I've been intimate did not have one creative bone in their body. I'm not implying that's a bad thing but everyone's not a creative. It's reality. Some women understood me. Some thought I was weird. Some thought I was genius. Anyway it go we're interesting to date. 

It's really tough to give you the pros and cons of dating a creative because some people are just assholes no matter how creative they are so the pros and cons wouldn't matter. Plus the world so fucked up as it is and I really want to focus on positivity so I'm going to tell you the benefits and what to expect when you date a "Creative." 


What I mean by this is that if you go to bed early at lets say 11pm. 5 to 6 hours later we'll be right behind you. We stay up late as fuck almost every night. This rubbed one of my ex's the wrong way. She wanted me to come to bed and stay there. Nah. Shit gotta get created baby. Gotta brainstorm some ideas. 


Creatives have this alternate universe we occupy. It's where we live. We escape reality that way. I like to call it the "Other World." Don't take that away from us. Just join us. Don't tell us that it's stupid or pointless. Get on the same wavelength. Dream with us. It's peaceful. It's our version of meditation. There's been night's I've stared at the wall for an hour while listening to music. I'm just in that alternate universe. 


If you sus or foul we can spot it pretty quickly. In the creative world we have people trying to finesse us everyday. Exploit us everyday. Rob us. Pitch us bullshit ideas. This shit is not our first rodeo or first beer. We see through it so easily. We experience so many different vibes in the creative profession so in the normal world we know when something is complete bullshit. If someone taking advantage of you, your creative partner will catch it before you do most likely. This is the perfect time to go into the next point. 


Creatives are very intuitive individuals. It's our law and we follow it. We trust the fuck out of our intuition. We use it so much when we create our art that it's a switch that we rarely turn off. Speaking for myself. My intuition has never steered me wrong. 


We really just get up and travel. I've traveled to places after making the decision to go just hours prior. We're spur of the moment travelers. If you like spontaneous trips then get you a creative. 


We're curious so that allows us to be open in giving new things a try. This definitely makes the relationship fun and keeps the relationship from getting stale or boring. Nothing worse than a routine and boring relationship. Seriously. 


I always lose track of time especially at night. I look up and it's 9pm. The next time I look up it's 2:03am. Time always escape creatives. Don't matter if we're working or bullshitting around, time always juke us out our shoes. 


This category is no contest. We pay attention to detail in our art and we also do that in our relationships. The gifts we give will be creative. Proposals? Creative. Dates? Creative. Everything will be thought out and special. We're not boring. Our minds are too deep to give just an ordinary gift. Even if the gift is ordinary like concert tickets we will present it to you in a unique way that will make the gift more special to you. 


We hate routine. We hate boring shit. We just like doing shit whenever or however. It's the reason we loathe regular jobs. The shit is predictable every fucking day. You don't know what we're going to do (I'm speaking in a positive context of course). We're unpredictable in majority of our work so it's going to carry over to the relationship. 


Our creativity allows us to see things from so many different points of view. It's easy for us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes because our minds are constantly moving so we'll go through so many scenarios in our head. This allows us to understand people better in good or bad situations. Our empathy meter can be pretty high.


Self explanatory. =) 


As creatives we love to talk about our goals and what we envision for our lives. This is how we inspire ourselves to be great and carry out those goals. Whatever goals we may have in our relationship they will get discussed. A lot of mistakes I see couples make is that they never talk about the future or their goals. Even if the goals you both have are different it's important to talk about them and let your partner know that you're there to support them. It will mean the world to the person you're with. You'll both figure out a way to help each other's goal get accomplished. 


The depth to a creatives mind is really amazing. It's really kind of complex to explain. The thought of feelings overwhelm us but at the same time we're not afraid to dive into them. We usually have a wall up but if you're special we'll let that wall down and what's behind it is so many wonderful and interesting feelings. We have a hard time taking things at surface level we have to dive into why do we feel how we feel. How does this work? It's like our mind is a mine to us and we're digging and digging until we find that gem or diamond. Things just can't "be" with us. There's always something underneath it all. For example, I'm really quiet but when I tell you my feelings you'll know it's no bullshit and it's real because I will tell you why and how I've reached these feelings and it'll just flow out effortlessly because the wall I had up has been broken. Creatives like to make people think so be prepared to think and be intrigued when we discuss our feelings about anything. Some women think I'm like Socrates or Plato when I express my feelings about something. Nah I'm just a regular faced ass nigga who hates folding laundry like any other man. Only difference is I'm a creative man so my mind has so many twists and turns. 


We love solitude. Crave it even. If we have a bad day sometimes the first thing we will turn to is our creativity instead of our partner. It is important that you accept that. It's very vital. We'll take our frustration out on the art we create instead of the relationship. It's not that we don't think you're not more important than what we create. It's just how we handle our frustration and take our mind off it for a while. If he or she needs some "Me" time just respect it because trust me they'll love you even deeper for understanding how important that is for their sanity. It's not like they're leaving you for a week or something. Just give them their time and they'll contact you when their energy meter is back full. I'm introverted so everything I do is based on how much energy I gain or drain. Solitude is a must sometimes to collect our thoughts. 


If you are a creative and your partner is a creative. You've hit the lotto. Your relationship is a Super Saiyan. It's Voltron. You understand everything stated above this so the transition to each other's lifestyle is little to none. You can quit your regular jobs together. Start a business around your creativity together. Last but not least, create together. 

We're the shit. Fuck with us. =)