Meet Calogero. A character from one of my all time favorite movies "A Bronx Tale." This picture above is important to the subject of the topic I'm writing about because Calogero is at a funeral for a friend and in this scene he really saw that no one cared. Despite all the people that came for his friends funeral and the flowers that were sent, he seen first hand that nobody cares. Before this funeral there was a scene in the beginning of this movie where a young Calogero is hanging with Sonny (The neighborhood mob boss) and Sonny tells him "Nobody Cares." Calogero was a fan of the New York Yankees and rightfully so he's from the Bronx but Sonny made a great point to a child that most parents don't make. He told Calogero to ask Mickey Mantle to pay his dad's rent and see what Mickey says to him. Mickey doesn't care about you so why should you care about him? Nobody cares. 

There's this pet peeve I have about social media. It really bothers me. It's when people either announce that they're leaving social media. People fake disappear from social media or people who disappear from social media but try to pursue careers that social media play a huge role in. Guess what? *Whispers* Nobody Cares. Let's start with the first one. The announcement of leaving social media forever. 

Why are you announcing this? Why in the blue hell do you think anyone cares? If people stopped giving a fuck about a musical legend like Prince a week after his death what makes you think people would care for a second that you're leaving social media? Think about that for a second. This bothers me because when people do this they want people to react so their mentions, notifications, comments can blow up with "Oh don't go," "Please reconsider," or the most simple one "Why?" It's as annoying as these attention seeking people who take pictures of themselves in the hospital and not say why they're in the hospital so their comment section can build up with a hundred questions and I'm willing to bet any amount of money that these attention whores are sitting there watching the notifications go off and not answering them like the assholes they are. It is so selfish and narcissistic to do something like that to people who actually care for you. The attention is a fucking drug and it's sad. I love the Internet. It's changed the game but one of the cons to it is that people are starting to do everything for the internet and not themselves. If you need to take a break from social media do it for you and not for attention and actually stick to it. 

They announce they're leaving social media and then they ask or request that people get their number so they can keep in contact. Aren't you leaving social media because of the people? So why in the fuck would you want to give your number or accept theirs to continue the dialogue that you're complaining about and leaving social media for? Exactly. Attention. Trust me when I say this. Anyone that doesn't have your number or don't know how to contact you outside of social media is not meant to be in your life. You're not friends despite what Facebook tells you. No one is going to care if you announce you're leaving or if you just disappear without warning. Deactivate it and live your life. I've seen 4 people do this shit in the last week about a week ago and guess what. They ass still on social media doing the same pointless shit they've been doing.

Social media is what you make it. You have the power to control the traffic of your experience. If you're complaining about your timeline then why are you still following the people that make the experience of your timeline terrible? It's for 2 reasons. You pussy and you're not honest. You're scared to hit that unfollow button because you're afraid of what that person may think and your followers/friends list gets thinner and you don't look like you poppin no more. I unfollow people in a heartbeat. Shit feels pretty good too. You're not important to me why should I care? 

Let's get into the fake disappearing act aspect. I want to share a quick story. I had a good friend of mine just up a leave social media. I noticed because I needed some info from him and when I texted and called his phone it was off so I went to social media to get a hold of him and everything was gone. I reached out to my other homie to see if he spoke to him and he told me he was locked up. Threw me off. He do his bid and he comes home and he texts me to apologize about being ghost but he told me "Social media isn't for me" and went about his business and we keep in touch by phone. No announcement. He just left it alone. He been off social media for 2 years. Didn't care about who knew or who didn't check on him. He has the same mentality I have. If you fuck with me I'll know you fuck with me. Social media don't dictate shit. 

The fake disappearing act is weird. It's when a person pretends to not be on social media by not posting anything or responding to anything but they still lurk and check it then after maybe a month or more they post something for the first time since pretending to be gone expecting people to ask them "Where have you been?" "We've missed you!" They want the response but nobody cares. They try to create this illusion that they were busy and they were not on it but trust me they were on it still. I've seen people who've claimed to not be on social media but I see they've viewed my Snaps on Snapchat or accidentally liked my photos. Guess they slipped up.

They try to blame their failures on social media and it may actually be their obsession with social media that contributed to whatever they failed at but they think people who use it as religiously as they do must be failing or fucking up also. I know people who stay on social media 24/7 and they're more productive than people who aren't on social media a lot or people PRETENDING not to be on social media a lot. People who are lazy blame social media for their laziness then they pretend to or actually take a break from social media just to replace the void of social media with something else to distract them and they realize their laziness doesn't change. Their work ethic doesn't get better nor the results of their life and then they come back to social media and the cycle continues. When you do come back. Guess what? No one cares. 

Lastly is the business side. The creative side. As you can see I like to write. I have a website. Wouldn't it be dumb for me to not be on social media and I'm trying to be a writer? I don't like social media but I'd be a fucking fool not to use those platforms to showcase my talent. I've had people tell me they're going to give social media a break to handle business. SOCIAL MEDIA IS THE BUSINESS! I see creatives shooting themselves in the foot when they do this shit. There are people I know who are living in cities they don't even want to live in just to do their passion for a living so being on social media even though you hate it just to build your brand and name isn't as bad as people make it. I hate the east coast because of the weather but if there is a great opportunity for me up there fuck it I'm going. I want to leave St.Louis but if I get a dope opportunity in the field I love here I'm staying here to try it out.

Crazy part is the people who complain about only having social media because of their business or creative endeavors don't even use the platforms to their full potential or to their advantage. They post about everything but their creativity, complain about the platform, and wonder why their shit not poppin. Then say they're leaving or taking a break from it because it's not going their way. It's not social media's fault. It's yours. You're not going hard enough and you lack patience. You're not moving smart. I shot up 300 followers since starting this site. May not be a lot to you but it means a lot to me. It was because I finally found how to work the platforms. I didn't go ghost because of how I felt about social media personally. Fuck my feelings. I want to be a writer. Point, blank, period. I stuck it out and found my lane in social media. Simple. Nobody cares if you leave social media because shit not going your way. That's not going to make people support you. 

You disappeared from social media. Whether you announced it. You didn't announce it. The end result was the same when you returned. No one cared. 

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