As #AMONTHOFVIBES continues. I'm going to give you my Do's & Don'ts at VIBES. Why? It's because I love all of you. We can start with the Do's. 


Very important key to VIBES enjoyment. You can't smoke in the venue. You can't bring bottles in the venue. Get with your gang and get wavy before the event. I swear pregaming might be my favorite thing to do before any event. Make sure you snapchat your drunk freestyles or dancing. It's the best part of the pregame. Drunk milly rocks. 


Save your money right now. You're going to want to buy something. Whether it's food, drinks, or art. Put some money aside. I've seen some of the art and merch for sale July 30th and trust me you're going to want to buy shit. 


You ever seen that show "My Brother & Me" and that nigga Goo told Dee-Dee and Harry "You don't wanna be a wallflower." A chump that just stands and watch people have all the fun while being pitiful. Yeah. Fuck all that. Talk. Make friends. Meet new people. Get in the field. I've met new people at every VIBES event I've went to. It's what the event is for. It brings people together. 


This is kind of different from talking but I'd advise you blend them together. Talk about the art and things outside of art. Just connect your plays with other people plays to make more plays and everyone prospers. If you have business cards, cool. I really don't give a fuck about business cards. I care if you seem like a cool person. If we had a connection. That's what I look for in business. I'd rather you give me your email, snapchat, or twitter name than a business card. Everyone lives in their phones anyway and it's the easiest way to connect. Business cards get used to roll up the tree or just get lost altogether.


As you know we live in a fucked up society. The past month has been hell for me. The recent police brutality and killing. Losing loved ones. This year has really been just hard to deal with. Besides me being blessed to see another 24 hours, VIBES is literally the only light I have outside of God, Friends, and Family.  I really just plan to let loose and use this event to really reset and try to end the rest of the year as positively and productive as I can. I advise you to do the same. We all struggle and have troubles in our lives. Use the atmosphere of this event as oxygen. Take a deep breath. Take in the positivity and remember your blessings. I know it won't make the pain go away completely but just for this moment. Let Loose. 


A lot of people worked hard to bring you this event. Show love. Thank the artist. Thank You's mean a lot to an artist. It shows they're appreciated and motivates them to create more dope shit for you. 


All beautiful people in the building July 30th. For my homie who been looking at shorty all night. Take a sip of Patron and make your way over there to her. To my shorty in the fly outfit looking as beautiful as a box of strawberry shortcake bars at 1:37am, get homie attention and tell him what's good. Your potential soulmate might be at VIBES bruh. Ya'll better quit playing. Get a number. Build something beautiful. How dope would it be to say I met the love of my life at an art show that played "I Can't Go Out Sad" by Migos? Get a few fire ass dates because of VIBES. 


Open up your mind. If there's something you not used to at VIBES then try it. You see art that you never thought you would buy but it looks dope to you then buy it. See an artist who's performing that you've never seen perform then check them out and if you like them go ask them where can you hear more of their music. This is your chance to gain a new experience. Take advantage of that moment. 


This is event is for YOU. That in itself should inspire you to be great in whatever you're pursuing. I'm inspired to be better because of VIBES. This has changed my life. I want this event to light a fire in you to bring more positivity to this city and this world. We not here to stunt on you. We're here to uplift spirits and knock down the misconception that we can't get along or we're not creative enough. Inspiration is such an underrated feeling. 


The last VIBES he worked on. He finished the flyers not even a week before he was taken from us. Whether you knew him or not. Jam for my G. LONGLIVEFINESSE his name ain't done yet. Finesse Center soon. 


Now......... The Dont's =( 



Look. I don't know how many times I've been asked by rappers to perform at VIBES. I don't have control of that. The lineup has been set for a fucking month. It really shows me that you disregard the work that goes into this. Stop asking to perform. You can't pay your way on either. It's set. 


I said this in the Do's for the people who are vets in the pre-game but if you're not good at pre-gaming. Don't do it. A lot of people think pre-game means drink as much as possible before the event and then they come stumbling into the event and next thing you know they're on hundreds of people's Snapchats passed out outside. This is what I do at pre-games. I come with bottled water. I have 1 drink. I don't smash it. I drink it slowly. After I finish it. I drink water for about 10 min. After 10 min is up I get another drink and do the same and then I finish off the pre-game with a shot and drink water until I get to the venue. Simple. If you can't do it smart then don't do it. 


Do that at your respective pre-game or outside the venue. We already don't have a lot of venues in St.Louis to begin with and we surely don't want to ruin the relationship with the venues that are willing to do business with us. If you respect us then please don't break this rule. You will be removed if you break this rule. 


The silliest shit I see is people skip out on events they know they would enjoy because they're coming alone. Please don't do that shit. I'm positive you will have people you will know and kick it with at VIBES. If not then do what I said in the Do's and just talk and meet people. It's not the end of the world if you're solo. 


I see a lot of women do this shit. Look. Grab them leggings. Throw on a shirt and bring your fine ass to 2720 Cherokee July 30th. =) 


No bad Vibes bruh. If you on that uppity shit then this may not be for you. If you on that beefing shit then this may not be for you. Don't ruin everyone else time because of some negative shit. Don't be selfish. We not on that. Stay home and stay mad. Don't bring that energy here. Get your mind right, get positive and then come. 


It's not worth it people. Get a uber. Get a cab. Get a ride. Whatever. I want everyone to get home safely then see them tomorrow at the AFTER VIBES brunch smiling and possibly hungover. Not trying to see folks in jail or seriously hurt. Please just get home safely. 

If you haven't got your tix to VIBES or AFTER VIBES brunch yet cop them below.