One weekend I was relaxing watching Akira (On Blu Ray because I'm a real one). I was curious to see what other people views were on Akira, good or bad. I forgot what Akira review on youtube I was watching but the guy brought up one of the best fight scenes he ever seen were on a show called Gurren Lagann. I was very intrigued by that statement so I began searching for this anime. It took me forever to understand the name he said. I'm typing in all types of shit on google and no anime is coming up. I'm misspelling the fuck out of Gurren Lagann. Finally google figures out what I was trying to look for and I find it. I bookmark it because there is no way in hell I was going to remember how it was spelled and I start watching episodes of "Inuyasha." 

About a month later I finally start Gurren Lagann. Very pleased to see it's only 27 episodes because every episode will have to be meaningful for it to be great. The less episodes in anime the better in my opinion. I can run through it twice quickly if I wanted to. You think I want a 700 episodes like One Piece? WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?! You'll get that later. 

I'll say this. Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime of all time but after my experience with Gurren Lagann. It just might give Bebop a run for it's money. Both definitely in my top 5 all time. These 27 episodes were definitely a roller coaster. This shit is so great I want to write this with no spoilers for the people who haven't seen it. Let's get into the plot. 

The story takes place in the future of Earth where humans are living underground in these villages. Almost every human underground has never been to the surface. To some of the humans the surface doesn't exist it's just a myth. They experience these terrible earthquakes and they have no clue how these earthquakes are caused. All they do in these villages is dig so they can make their village underground bigger. A man named Kamina is the only one who believes that there's life on the surface and that humans are meant to live on it. He claims he was on the surface as a kid. He spends his time trying to escape the underground village which is ran like a prison. He tries to escape with the help of a kid named Simon but fails. Simon loves his job as a digger and one day while digging he finds a key shaped like a drill then finds this machine with a face. He tries to show Kamina his discovery but a huge machine falls from the surface into their village. The machine is called a "Gunmen." 

A woman named Yoko appears and she has this huge rifle she's shooting at the gunmen. She meets Simon and Kamina and Simon shows them his discovery which happens to be a smaller gunman machine. Simon pilots the smaller gunman and begins to fight the bigger gunmen. They end up on the surface to find out there is a war between humans and beastmen (A humanoid species kind of like Vash The Stampede). Beastmen pilot the gunmen machines and they serve under a ruler named Lord Genome. The beastmen purpose is to destroy humans. The rest of the series is about Simon, Kamina, and Yoko's struggle and mission to exist on the surface as the hunted. 

The main characters. 


Simon is very timid and quiet. Very level headed and understanding. He loves his job of digging underground so that's what he spends all his time doing. He's an outcast because of it and all the people in the village make fun of him. He's always scared so his strength sometimes comes from fear. He is just trying to grow and find his way.


Kamina is the ultimate optimist. Loves to make speeches. Doesn't waiver on his beliefs. Does everything on the fly. Doesn't fear anything. Never runs from a fight even if he has no chance which puts himself and everyone else around him in danger. He's the leader of Team Gurren. He tries to see the good in everyone and that's why he was the only one in the village to befriend Simon. He considers himself Simon's older brother. 


The main female character of the series. She comes from the village next to Kamina's and Simon's. She is always battle ready, loves to shoot guns, and has a lot of knowledge about the enemy so it helps Kamina and Simon to get adjusted very quickly. She is the ultimate team player. 

I could get super deep about this show but I don't want to spoil it. Watching this show was truly an experience. You have fun. Sadness. Sacrifices. Pessimist moments. Hope. Optimism. Like I said before it is truly a roller coaster of a series. It's to the point you will want to become a member of Team Gurren. You'll find yourself cheering for characters. Each episode gets better and better. This anime just touches your soul. It is the epitome of you can do anything that you put your mind to. Nothing is impossible. The writing of this show is so complex but simple to follow. In the late episodes the writers definitely flex their muscles so you really have to pay attention. 

What this series comes down to is you have one side that's driven by fear and takes away choices and one side that's driven by freedom and lives for choices but both sides have the same end goal. It's really some deep ass shit. 

I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen it and then come talk to me so we can compare our views about the series. Definitely one of the greatest anime of all time.