"I'm a gold mouth dog Definition of the south. Ain't no quarters, ain't no halves, Just some wholes in dis house. Ain't no bitch, It ain't no bed, It ain't no clothes in dis house. It's a drought and my price will make yo eyes pop out. I can't neva count my stash cause I always lose count. I cant neva keep no bitch cause I put them hoes out."


If I asked someone who doesn't listen to hip-hop to guess what magazine the person who wrote those lyrics above was recently featured in, what would they tell me? They'd probably tell me XXL. At best maybe Fader or Rolling Stone. If I told them that the person who wrote those lyrics was featured in "Vogue" they would never believe it. 

How can a individual that writes lyrics so vulgar, so honest, so street possibly get into Vogue magazine is what they would probably think to themselves. Guess what? I don't know either but it happened. Radric Davis. Gucci Mane. Guwop. Gucci Sosa. Gucci Mane LaFlare. Wizop was covered in the legendary Vogue magazine. 

Think about that. Let it sink in. Gucci Mane. The man the brought you "I'm A Dog," "Bricks," "I'm Back Bitch," "Hood Affairs Freestyle," "My Shirt Off," "Kick A Door," "On Deck," "Gucci Two Times," "So Icey," a song where a man was crooning heavily about a chain hanging down to his dick (Pause). The man that is responsible for about roughly 90% of the Atlanta trap rappers you've heard consistently since maybe 2007/2008. The greatest trap artist of all time was featured in Vogue magazine. 

This isn't "Teen Vogue" I'm talking about. They usually cover more hip-hop than Vogue does because it's catered to teens. This is fucking Vogue. The same Vogue that covered Beyonce. Princess Diana. Audrey Hepburn. George Clooney. LeBron James. Every supermodel you can think of. Andy fucking Warhol was tied to this magazine. Vogue is fucking iconic and a trapper out of East Atlanta Zone 6, Bouldercrest was featured in that iconic magazine. I don't think people understand how huge that is. 

Now I know he isn't on the cover. Matter fact only 7 men have ever been on the cover of Vogue in the magazines 124 year run. The fact that he's even featured is just astonishing to me. For me personally Guwop being featured in Vogue is a notch under me seeing a black president in my lifetime. Seeing Gucci get interviewed for Vogue made me feel very proud to be a black man. I know where he comes from. I'm familiar with the streets, so to see someone with the background he has and the road he's traveled do something like this is so special to me. It makes me wonder if Gucci ever thought while trappin in the streets that one day he'd do something with Vogue. It's one of those "Anything is possible" moments.

If you would've told me in 2010 that 2 of the healthiest people that will walk the earth would be Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka I would've laughed like Buddy Love in the Nutty Professor when he was climbing over the couch and shit. Waka Flocka I think is Vegan now and makes EDM music. Gucci Mane favorite thing to eat is Kale. No one could ever say they seen this lifestyle turnaround coming.

I like the new lifestyle Gucci Mane has. Drug free. Clean eating. It motivates me to do better. It got to the point where people thought he was cloned. This is where the hypocrisy of society comes in. You see things about artists quitting drugs and adapting a healthier lifestyle and people come down on them saying things like "They need to get back on drugs. They're not fun anymore." "Their music isn't the same sober."

If the artist stay on the drugs and fuck up their lives because of it. People are the first to say how stupid they were for staying on drugs. It's not cool. If I see a black man or woman attempting to clean up their life I am cheering them on. If you seen how Gucci was before he went into jail it's a miracle to see him in the position he is in today. As a fan I am very proud of him. 

Gucci Mane got to Vogue being himself. That's what I take away from all this. He didn't turn his back on his people. He quit his vices but he never stopped being himself. He didn't abandon his sound musically. He didn't switch up. He didn't chase down whoever the hottest producers were in the game. He didn't go pop. He just stayed true to who he was and continued to put people on.

Gucci Mane was always Gucci Mane and made it to Vogue and that's why this is important. 

Read Gucci Mane's Vogue interview below.