So I'm on twitter talking shit like I always do and someone retweeted YG announcement of him going on tour. Expecting to not see a St.Louis date and to be disappointed I looked anyway. St.Louis was shockingly on there for Nov 4th. St.Louis always get skipped over for tours I want to see so I was surprised. I'm definitely going to be in the building. 

On the flyer it said it's featuring Kamaiyah. I figure since I'm spending money on this shit let me see who that is. She been out for a while. I'm not one of those niggas that will front like I been following someone from the beginning. I'll admit if I haven't heard an artist before. I never heard of her or heard any music. 

I google her and the picture you see above is the one I noticed first. A G pic I must say. I read a interview or 2 and I see she had a project so I got a hold of it and listened to it a few days later. Couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

First. No disrespect. If I would've never googled Kamaiyah before listening to her project I would've thought this was a teenage boy rapping this shit. Shit is hilarious. I wasn't expecting her voice to be like that. It's not annoying or no shit like that it just took me by surprise. She reminds me of T-Boz from TLC with the vibe of Adina Howard and Mokenstef mixed with young Boosie. 

When I listened to A Good Night In The Ghetto in it's entirety it took me back to the early 90's and remembering what my O.G's used to listen to. Kamaiyah's music has that kind of feel to it. You could throw a fly ass house party and play the whole project and you'll have a 91% chance of fucking somebody that night or get too drunk and high to fuck anybody so you gotta set a mission up later. That's my kind of music. That "getting a wall dance with Henny in my cup while I whisper some freaky shit in your ear" music. The bass hits on damn near every song and it just brings that out of you. 

It's one of those multi purpose projects and those are the best projects. You can play this in the club, house parties, while you clean the crib, play it while you fucking, riding around at night, pre-gaming, or just chilling. It's definitely a fun versatile project. It's full of quotes and very easy to follow and I think that's why it's such an effective project. Kamaiyah also stuck to the title and the cover art. I love projects that execute that. The music matches the cover art. The content sounds like things that occur during a good night in the ghetto. 

Lets go through a few of my favorites. 


Out the gate Kamaiyah lets you know her story. This is what a lot of aspiring rappers fail to do. We want to know your journey. Kamaiyah let's you know how she got to this point, how she lived before this project. Where she's from. Her family background. I cannot stress how important this is if you're an aspiring artist. We want to hear the story. You didn't just pop up here. Take us through your process. Kamaiyah let us know she was poor sleeping on the floor, her parents weren't present, and she turned to music to make a way for herself. 


The thing I love about Kamaiyah's music is that she is very honest. She really remind me of the hood chicks I know and love. They fun, talk hella shit, and have no filter. This song is the female version of the classic Too-Short record "Freaky Tales." Yes the very "Freaky Tales" that inspired Stacy from The Wood to start his rap career and make a whole album about smoking weed. Stacy was Wiz Khalifa before Wiz Khalifa. Anyway, on this Kamaiyah basically telling you about all the niggas she fucking all over the country and she doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship. She actually does the original record justice. Lines like "I got a nigga out of Oakland that be riding for me. Gives me head til I'm red then I ride him to sleep," literally made me laugh out loud. The content is nothing we haven't heard before but the way she executing and delivering it is the difference.


Kamaiyah makes a hood ballad on this shit. This sounds like some shit that can be on that first Keith Sweat album or some old Bone Thugs N Harmony shit. It makes me want to buy a jeep just to chill with my shorty in it. 


If you don't start dancing when you hear this then you weird as fuck. This song really highlights Kamaiyah's T-Boz/TLC influence. This sound like some shit I'd yell to a shorty while I'm sitting in my car. In my opinion besides her song "Ain't Goin Home Tonight" this the best song on this project with the best chance at crossover appeal. This some shit I can see my white homies dancing off beat to. Kamaiyah should shoot a video for it, push it, watch it bubble, then do a remix to it with T-Pain. The production sounds like something T-Pain would be on during his "Rappa Ternt Sanga" days.


Kamaiyah began the project on a personal note and she ended it on a personal note. She raps about a friend she lost to cancer and how it affected her life. From seeing him go through chemo to her describing how she felt seeing him for the last time at his funeral. Definitely a touching track dedicated to her friend. 

The whole project is hundreds of flame emojis and if you like that kick it and vibing shit I recommend you get "A GOOD NIGHT IN THE GHETTO" asap. Check it out below.