About a couple months ago I wasn't feeling the greatest. Lost some loved ones. Felt trapped where I was living. Looking for a new city to live in and had no fucking clue where I wanted to move to. All these thoughts and emotions were in my mind so I did what I thought was best and that's stay busy. I wrote and wrote and wrote. All it amounted to was some of my worse writing I've ever done (Except my articles about my Uncle and Rell). 

Sometimes you have to step out that space that you have. Being busy isn't always the answer. I should've just fell back and protected my creativity. I was forcing shit. 

The ideas you have could change the world. Doesn't matter when you came up with them or how. Just know that they're important and your creativity is the reason they exist. It's okay to step back and reset. I need you to protect your creativity because the world needs it. Now more than ever. 

Today, I still don't think much of my writing (Professional Perfectionist) but everyone seems to enjoy it. This is my calling and if I go against it then I'm going against the universe. I'm just a spec in the universe but my creativity can make me an important spec. My creativity has the potential to change lives and do a lot of good. and so does yours and that's why protecting your creativity is important. There are people really out here trying to destroy creativity. Some unintentional. Some intentional. Either way, you and your creativity have to prevail. 

Try new things and feed your creativity. Don't starve it. Stop making excuses on why you can't start something beautiful for yourself. Something beautiful to share with the world. There are a lot of things that kill creativity but excuses is the main reason why creativity can't be resurrected. Something as simple as writers block can be solved. Sometimes it's solved quickly. Sometimes it's not. Just step away and go live life. Gain a new experience. Feel the inspiration. Come back to the drawing board and see how everything flows. If it doesn't work then just keep trying to crack the safe in your mind that holds your imagination hostage. How can you be great if you always have an excuse to not start? No, everything will not be perfect but at least give yourself a chance.

Think about your passion while you're clocked in at that job you don't belong at. The more you think about your passion and creativity while you're on the clock the more motivated you'll become to leave that shit behind. Do what you gotta do. Put in how many hours you have to at your job. Come home and rest for 2 hours then clock in for your second job until it's time for bed. The second job is the job you want. The one that's paying you little to nothing now but will pay greatly soon. The second job eventually pays you the greatest wage of all and that's doing something for a living that you love.

There's 168 hours in a week. If you work full time then 40 hours in your week is already gone. Let's say you sleep 7 hours a night that's 49 hours gone. That leaves you with 79 hours. Use 50 to 60 of those 79 hours towards your craft and I'll bet any amount of money you'll see some results. You have to put in the hours. When you put in the hours you're protecting your creativity because you're setting up a future for your creativity to flourish and not be wasted. 

Keep a time log for yourself for a week and you'll see how many hours that you're not working on towards your craft. Whether it's if we're binge watching shows, playing video games, whatever you'll see how much time you've wasted and get a clear understanding why you're not where you want to be in life. It's a harsh reminder of your bullshitting. I've needed it and you'll need it too. 

Keep pessimism away. Keep pessimistic people away. Your creativity doesn't need that. Optimism is so fucking powerful and more useful. I swear. Stay in contact with fellow creatives and people that are excited for your future. Share that energy with each other. Be each others lifeline. Keep each other motivated and stay on each other just in case one of you start slipping or slacking. A lot of people won't understand your journey. Some you will have known all your life. Some barely will know you at all but kindly remind them that this is YOUR journey. Never explain yourself for chasing something they don't care to understand. Patience is always key. Great things never come overnight and if it did it usually leaves the next afternoon. It's how the universe works.

You're going to fail. A lot. It's inevitable. A lot of my articles get a lot of love. A lot of them don't but I don't quit. You fail when you quit. The world doesn't end when you fail. Get back up and get back to work. You're creativity doesn't leave when you fail. It's still there ready for the next round. 

I want to support you. I want to see you on top. Please just do me this favor. Protect your creativity and do what the fuck you wanna do in life. You and your creativity deserve it.