Singer. Songwriter. No boobies according to her shirt in the photo above (I admire her honesty, don't ever get implants) but a big voice and heart. That's what I'm here for anyway, so yeah. If you followed this blog I believe I featured one of Lottiee's songs on "What The Fuck I Listened To Yesterday" called "Fuck Boy" basically a song flaming some nigga into the next dimension. I said in that write up that a project from her is one I was looking forward to hearing. Well we're here. On the 20th anniversary of the great Tupac Shakur's departure we received Lottiee Denise's first project, "Open Letter." 

I don't really have a lot of background about Lottiee so I'm not going to front like I know her really well. We've met and have spoken in person one time and it was super awkward because I hate small talk and I'm a scorpio and she's a scorpio so I'm going to assume she hates small talk also so the conversation was weird but she is a very sweet person. No bad energy from her at all.

Lets get into the project. 

Open Letter to me was a vent. Just a woman venting about pain, heartbreak, betrayal, regret. If it was a movie genre it would fall under the drama and romance categories. The cover was really a giveaway of what I was to expect content wise on this project. Just a roller coaster of feelings and emotions and how she's dealing with them. I don't want to spoil the whole project so I'll pick out 4 songs I played the most off this project. No particular order. 


A song of confidence. Lottiee basically making it known that no bitch walking god's green earth is right for this guy and those bitches are nothing like her but she's not going to chase after this man to make him realize it. She'd wash her hands clean of the situation before she chases this guy. She challenges him in a way by asking him to tell her if there is someone better than her. Enlighten Lottiee if she exist. She sounds low key crazy but not in a dangerous way so you don't have to get no restraining order or no shit like that. We all crazy in our own special way. 


Okay this song is dope to the point I didn't care about the lyrics. What I mean by that is the production is so waved out that it makes me wanna hear it while being laid up with a shorty but Lottiee is singing about regrets. She singing about regretting she ever linked up with this guy because this guy switched up on her, he laid up with another woman, he doesn't care for her feelings, and she is drinking her pain away meanwhile I'm listening to this thinking "Damn I could get a fire ass lapdance or smash a honey to this." I forgot about the concept of the song. If you play this song at a party women are going to start slow winding just off the beat alone not even paying attention to the lyrics but they damn sure gone pay attention to that hook though with a plastic cup full of patron in their hand screaming out "I'm so lit and I'm so drunk." It's not a bad thing, it's just how humans minds operate when it comes to music today. 


I used to be a aint shit nigga. I'm older now so those days are behind me but every dude has that phase and it comes in different forms. You have the simple ain't shit nigga you know just fucking every woman he can, doesn't care if his main knows, always lying. You have the emotionally checked out ain't shit nigga where he's faithful but all y'all do is just fuck and eat. Nothing else. Everything in the relationship is just empty because all he does is smoke, drink, play 2K, kick it with his homies, run the streets without his gal, and come home and fuck his gal then do all that shit all over again. No dates. No emotion. Nothing. Just fucking and eating chicken strips. You have the crazy insecure ain't shit nigga that accuses his gal of cheating everyday. There are so many types of ain't shit niggas. 

I said all that to say this. "Look at what you do" is what I call "The Squeeze" song. Yeah we ain't shit but we still have the squeeze on you. We still have a hold on you. We put the squeeze on you and it will bring you back to us. Your friends and family hate our guts and you should leave but you're still connected. You think you're moving on and then we'll send out that one little text and when you respond back we'll start smiling like..... 

Yup that's the smile. Gone head and come back for this makeup session and then we go back to not being shit shortly after. It's a cycle. Lottiee sings about giving in to the temptation of this man's touch and how no one does it like this guy does which makes it more difficult to move on from him. After all his bullshit she can't resist. HER MIND TELLING ME NOOOOO!!! BUT HER BODY!!!! HER BODY IS TELLING ME YESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Something like that. 


One of the more positive joints on here. What I got from this song was Lottiee not wanting to ruin a good feeling or the relationship she has with this individual so she's taking her time and coasting. Keeping everything steady in the situation. She has someone who was better than her last experience so it seems she's a bit more cautious this time around and taking a cooler approach in the situation. 

Overall i enjoyed the project. Very smooth, dark, and honest. I love honesty. In music and outside of music. Definitely a interesting ride through the heart and mind of Lottiee Denise. 

Check out Lottiee's video "Open Letter" below shot by my bro Remrod.