Your day. 

You go to the gig. Say fuck everybody (Under your breath. You ain't built like that).

Come home. 

Fire up NBA 2K and a blunt. 

You good for the night. 


You missing two things. A meal and your woman. Where are they? One of them in the bedroom texting the other up a few blocks at Popeyes. 

Yup my nigga. A storm is coming and the rain will most likely be your tears. The end is almost near. She about to leave you. She just hasn't figured out how yet and she waiting for what she thinks will be the right time. 

Did you even peep the signs my nigga? Of course not cause you think she not going nowhere. You think time will save you. Nah bruh. Time can turn on you in a flash that's why it's valuable and why we have to treat it with care. 

Here are the signs that your woman is about to leave you. 



As soon as you get home and your shorty doesn't have a story of some bullshit to tell you then nigga she has checked out mentally. She just waiting for the physical exit. 

Women love to fucking talk. All of them. Even naturally quiet ones. Everyday you have to be prepared to pretend you're interested in the story she has to tell you about her day. Whether a bitch had her fucked up or if she seen a car accident. Doesn't matter she wants to tell you about it. She don't even want your input. Just your ears. 

If she's the bad quiet and not the good quiet. Nigga you're finished and you have about a month to pull off a hail mary to save the relationship because mentally she's gone already. 



If you are able to leave for a night out with just the homies and she doesn't argue about it, BOY YO ASS COOKED! Women only want you to have fun if they're the reason you're having fun. It's law. If they're not involved then no fun better be had on your night out. It's how they roll. 

Women hate when you go out with the homies because they know shorty's will be present. It's science. She think you thinking about fucking or about to start fucking. If you are able to leave without at least a few smart ass comments then my nigga, the relationship is dead and you can't save it. Begin preparations and start tweeting like you single. 



If she's happy they love you. The first sign of any unhappiness you're invisible and recruiting has begun. You think they're about to give you a heads up? Fuck no. Friends don't do that on either side. Men don't. Women don't. 

They wont give you a warning that your woman is unsatisfied. If they see you, you might get a "Hi" if you're lucky but that's it. You're not getting a convo. They have a code they abide by also. You're fucked. 



When you were having one of those late night arguments you knew that you weren't going to sleep until she was satisfied with your apology (Don't matter if you were right or wrong) and she got her point across. You not going to sleep if you're arguing with your woman and that means she cares about the relationship so fucking much that nobody not even the neighbors are counting sheep that night. 

If she doesn't care to argue and just rolls over and turns her back to you, just go pack your shit. 



Let me set the scene for you. 

You're out on a date night with your woman. Everything is great. You may not have noticed but there was a period that your woman looked at you before or during the date and thought to herself "My man looks good. When we get back I'm going to fuck the shit outta him." 

It's true man. I'm telling you. 

The worse thing your woman could do besides leaving you is have "Intercourse" with you. There's a difference between "Fucking" and "Intercourse." 

Fucking = Sex on my desk with me wearing one sock while my Macbook is still on the desk and I'll live with the consequences if it gets damaged. 

Intercourse = Routine shit and we both know the order of the positions before they happen. It's sex with the TV on and you're actually watching what's on the TV while you're having sex. 

People with boring ass marriages have intercourse. Not you and yours. It's not how it supposed to go down. If you start having intercourse your relationship has entered the "Red." You're in danger. 

For my people who need visual examples of the difference between "Fucking" and "Intercourse." Here ..... 





When you two were together everything you posted she responded to. You put a picture up and she would like it right away. 

You getting a little too loose with the tweets. She asking you about it. Her friends would even monitor your social media and report it back to her. 

You just liked a chick picture on Instagram a week ago and she ain't said shit? She's moved on. 



Once you're in a routine it's a sign that the relationship has run it's course. Once you're in the routine and content with the routine meaning it doesn't bother you then you won't make any strides to improve or get better for your woman. 

If you have the mindset of "She's here with me and that's good enough" then shit is going to go downhill from there. 

Routine is BORING. If you're boring then shit is dead. Men usually don't break routines first women usually do and when a woman breaks a routine your heart gone be broken right with that shit. 

Women don't give a fuck about routines. They hate routines. They care about feeling special in the eyes of the man their with. They care about happiness. Effort. Spicing things up. It doesn't matter if they're simple or complex just as long as it's not the same shit over and over. 

Not saying routines here and there are bad but throw some unpredictability in the mix. 

This is the difference. 

As men we make decisions fast and it doesn't matter if they're dumb decisions or smart decisions. If we want out of a relationship we'll leave immediately. Even if it doesn't make sense to. 

Women are more emotional and thoughtful. A woman will put up with your shit for weeks and months. Once a woman has reached the decision to leave you there almost no chance she's going back to you. She's thought about this decision for months and built up the strength to leave during those weeks and months so once the decision is made it's made. 

It's like what that creepy old nigga R.Kelly said "When a woman's fed up, there's nothing you can do about it." 


Some of you maybe reading this too late. Oh well take the L and take this knowledge onto your next adventure. 

Some of you are reading this right on time. Change for the better and save your relationship.