If you've made your mark in the industry then this isn't for you. 

If you actually live off your rapping career, I'm talking rapping pays your rent every month then this isn't for you. 

I used to want to rap for a living. Shit became boring and I found something else to do with my time. Now I'm on the other side of things. I guess you could say I'm media since I review music sometimes but ever since I've been on the other side I see the game in a different light and I've come to a conclusion ....

Rappers are more fucking annoying than they were when I was actively rapping. 

When I was doing music I didn't really pay attention to anything else. I was wrapped up in my own shit but now since I write I've grown to be way more observant. Observance is part of the reason I'm decent at what I do. 

It's a gift and a curse cause now I see more fuckery than I'm used to seeing. Majority of the fuckery comes from aspiring rappers. 

It's 2017 and rappers gotta shut the fuck up. It'll make the world a better place. 



I don't give a fuck if you suck or if you're great. Where's the fucking music? There's too much fucking talking and not enough music and memorable performances. I'm talking actual memorable performances that people outside of the artist and the artists camp talk about. 

Here's some advice. Stop telling us what's coming. If you're going to tell us what's coming do it in a cool way that actually generates interest. A teaser flyer. A trailer. A skit. Just put up actual content. Making a million tweets, posts, and statuses don't do shit. They're just words. Words that people will forget in 0.2 seconds. 



Rappers have mastered complaining but not rapping. They've put in their 10,000 hours for complaining but not the craft. 

If you're complaining about not getting chosen to perform at shows well here's a suggestion.....


Complaining about people in the city supporting major acts instead of the local scene? 


It's too much complaining coming from rappers and not enough work. Shut the fuck up and work. It's not a coincidence that the rappers I do know who shut the fuck up and just focus on business are ahead of the ones always complaining. 

If you have to complain about support then you're just not good enough. Period. Find something else to pursue because rapping isn't it. 

If what you're making is truly dope then people are going to fuck with it. Quit bitching, whining, and moaning. Boss the fuck up and make it happen instead of making excuses. 



Whatever you achieved it happened and that moment has now passed and you wont relive that exact moment ever again. It's time for y'all to make new achievements. Quit living in yesterday. What are you doing NOW? 

If a rapper has to keep reminding us of what he or she achieved then what they're bragging about holds no weight and doesn't mean shit. J.Cole doesn't constantly remind people he went platinum twice with no features. The streets do that for him. He doesn't say shit. Why? It's because he's focused on trying to achieve more than what he last achieved. It's what greatness requires. 

If you have to keep reminding us then it must not have been great. 



The same criticism you have about the music scene where you reside the artists in every other major city have the EXACT same criticism about their music scene. All of them. 

The city is not the reason you not poppin it's you and only you. 

Don't get me wrong. Here in St.Louis we lack resources but that's only on the event side of things. Soundcloud still exist for artists so you can reach anybody in the world regardless. 

The internet has erased all possibilities of excuses. It evened the playing field. The city not stopping you from creating content like music videos, vlogs, behind the scenes footage, concert footage. 

You can reach anyone in the world with the technology today so why in the fuck are rappers still blaming their city instead of themselves? Making music then tagging every rapper and family member you know in your shit will not help you progress AT ALL! You gotta be out here and have a strong online presence. 

Yes people in St.Louis are going to see Boosie perform instead of you. He made "Wipe Me Down" and you didn't. Case closed. Move the fuck on with your business. 

The problem is that rappers in STL and other cities want people to support them just off the strength they're from their respective city and they don't have any great music. Quit living in fantasy land. Supply dope shit before demanding support. Fuck focusing on support. Focus on the music. 

If you're not rapping or speaking on issues that will uplift people then please just shut the fuck up for the rest of this year. It's for the best cause you niggas been bitching for half the year already.