First time recapping a manga on my blog so here it goes..... 

Lets recap the big moments of Chapter 851 before I get into 852.


Well it seems we have ourselves a ballgame ladies and gentlemen. Pudding was running her fucking mouth and revealed The Big Mom Pirates plans. Kill the Vinsmoke family at the staged wedding and takeover their army and technology. 

Honestly I couldn't really feel bad for anyone in the Vinsmoke family because they're all dicks except for Sanji and his sister Reiju. So if all of them could die except for Sanji and Reiju I'd be happy and sleep like a baby. 

While that evil bitch Pudding was running her mouth about The Big Mom Pirates true intentions a hurt Sanji was standing outside the window in the rain crying with flowers in hand like he's in a 90's R&B music video. He's heartbroken and betrayed. 

Sanji's sister is taken, wounded, and her memory has been altered by Pudding who has the powers of the "Mem Mem" devil fruit. 



Luffy is in the cell with Nami losing his fucking mind and trying to rip his arms off. I don't think his arms can come back like Piccolo from Dragonball Z so I don't think this is one of Luffy's better ideas. Plus how would Shanks feel if he saw Luffy had no arms? Can't take your arms for granted captain. 

Nami is on the verge of being shot and turned into swiss cheese by the guard and is saved by the "Justice Fist" thrown by the baddest aquatic mothafucka in the New World. Big Boss Jinbe. 

Just like that. Luffy (Arms intact) and Nami (No holes in her body) are free from the cell. 

Okay now my thoughts on Chapter 852. 



When you learn about Sanji's upbringing in the previous chapters I'm sure you might of shed a tear. I mean it was some sad shit. I still might give Trafalgar Law the saddest backstory title. Chopper in 3rd place. 

Sanji learns why he is so different from his siblings and why he was his mom's favorite child from a wounded and recovering Reiju. 

Sanji's mother took a drug that would interfere with the modification surgery and would allow Sanji to have empathy and emotions. Sanji is not heartless like his siblings and he is officially the black sheep. Which leads to a childhood of abuse and bullying from everyone except his mother.

Sanji's mother died from that drug and Sanji's father blamed him for everything.

This conversation between Sanji and Reiju is key because he actually sees his sister show regret for her and her family's behavior and going as far to say they all deserve to die with Germa except for Sanji.  

Another factor of the conversation is Sanji really understands himself, understands his purpose, and now his confidence can come back after that lying whore Pudding tried to take his soul.  I know he doesn't kick women but I would love for Sanji to kick her teeth down her throat. 

Oh and Reiju reveals the bracelet that could destroy Sanji's hands are fake. She switched them out with the real ones. 

She encourages Sanji to go find his crew mates because he will never meet anyone that cares for him like the Straw Hats. Reiju wins the best big sister in the world reward. 



Jinbe has burned down the prisoner library. Prisoners that were in those big ass books are free. Luffy is tearing the place apart on a empty stomach looking for Sanji. Big Mom Pirates high rank officers have given the order to kill everyone. It's a fucking circus. I got a feeling some good fights are on the horizon. 

That about covers everything. See you all in 2 weeks. Dammit Oda.