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As you can see we are in the “I’m a entrepreneur” stage of society. Everyone is a entrepreneur or strives to be a entrepreneur.  It’s really romanticized as it’s very easy and enjoyable. It's the life. It's the dream. They see rich people on Instagram on yachts and jets and bitches all around them and think that’s what entrepreneurship is all about.

Understandable. Running your own company is a common goal and way of life to aspire for. You want to move on your own time. Make your own rules. 

Here’s where the issue for me personally comes in. Everyone believes if you’re not the boss then you’ve failed or there’s nothing worth striving for outside of being the number 1 of a company. This belief comes directly from that romanticism of entrepreneurship that we see on social media. A guy may think “Well I want all the champagne, Porsche, and women too. I can’t get that being the number 9 or 12 of a company.” 

First, if a man talks like that he has some insecurity issues. Once you get those women who don’t truly like you and like your image and the way people react to your image you’ll understand why those women not shit. Second you can get all that shit without being the owner of a company. 

There has to be employees or businesses wouldn’t exist. Not everyone is a ceo or a boss. Some people just aren’t good at it nor made for it. I think entrepreneurship is a talent. It’s a skill. If you don’t possess that skill it’s gonna be very difficult for you to oversee a company full of people. If you're not good at selling shit and never have been why would you start to call yourself a entrepreneur? Now could you get good at it? Yeah, but I truly believe it's something you're born with or and this is a big OR you're really tactical at recruiting and you have very great leadership skills and you can hire and recruit people who are amazing at what you're not and you're able to set up plays and put them in the right positions to win. Essentially you're the Quarterback. Calling the plays. Reading the defense and what's coming at you. Quick decision making. Able to stand tall in the pocket and take getting hit in the mouth and knocked on your ass and getting right back up to run another play. The Quarterback gets all the glory but they also get all the blame for when shit goes wrong. Are you willing to accept that role? If not, that's okay. You can still be prosperous as an employee. 

You can work for a company and live very fucking good. If being rich is what you wanna be you can be that too without being the boss. It’s not a foreign concept. It’s not impossible. 

There’s too much belief in “If I just own my own company, things will be less stressful.” Sorry kemosabe. You’re gonna have more stress. Running your own company is the hardest shit ever. Being the boss takes so much out of you and it takes so much out of your life if you’re doing it correctly.  Mentally it can be so taxing on you. You can’t react to things like when you weren’t the head honcho. You always have to keep the company in mind in everything you do. You make less money then you think you’re gonna make starting out. You find out that just because you don’t have a 9 to 5 job like everyone else that you have to wake up for you still have to have a schedule like everyone else. There’s still some type of structure. It’s structure you’ll accept because you’re doing something you enjoy but you still have to have some sort of discipline. It’s gonna be harder because majority of the workload will be on your shoulders. You possibly won’t have a lot of help to fallback on. 

You can do what interest you and not own the company. If you still want the fancy cars, houses, and jewelry that shit is all attainable for someone who’s not the boss. So I think it’s important that we don’t get on people’s cases who don’t care to own their own company. If anything I respect people who don’t wanna own a company because they’re showing an example of self awareness. They know it’s not in their nature to run the show, they may already be aware they’re not good at it and they’re happy with the place they are in their life. They would rather focus on what they’re good at. I rather a person shy away from being the boss than a person strive to be the boss knowing they wouldn’t be any good at it. How many people have you seen in your lifetime and wonder “How in the fuck do you run anything?” 

There’s people out here right now that make 40,000 grand a year and they’re the happiest souls on this planet and happier than people who make double what they make because they’re doing what they love to do. This ultra millionaire dream is cool but not everybody wants the jets or the lambo’s. Some people just want good people in their circle and to live life on their terms. What do people really want the fancy THINGS for? It’s the question that needs to be asked because we know they don’t want it for themselves half of the time. People really have no idea how hard it is to make six figures yet alone a million dollars. If you do the math on the odds. You'd be shocked at how difficult it is and if you get to it that would be what your company is worth not you. You might still be struggling. Just put that in perspective. 

Some people are meant to be role or bench players. Not everyone can be LeBron James. It’s just the reality of it. Some people are not meant to be the focal point of a team or the star player. But guess what you can still get the rings and live a fucking great life. Just ask James Jones. The guy is rich with rings and was a bench player. Now he’s a NBA executive. Sometimes the star is not the reason the team wins a championship. There’s usually a player who no one predicted would have a impact who steps up and has the biggest impact on the biggest stage. You can be a team player and still get to the bag. Don't let no one tell you different. Just know your role and do your part to contribute so you and the team you're on can win the championship. 

It really just comes down to insecurities, facades, and images. People want to look like a boss instead of being an effective one. They want to put entrepreneur in the bios of their social medias to feel important. How the fuck are you a entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are masters of selling things. You're not selling anything but dreams. You're not a entrepreneur. You aspire to be one. 

I know we're all into the law of attraction. It's amazing to talk about but when it comes to entrepreneurship just speaking it into existence isn't enough. It's something you gotta bleed and get scars from figuratively. Waking up and deciding you're a entrepreneur without any work or progress to show for it is laughable. Saying you're a entrepreneur before actually being one just doesn't work today. Especially if you're on every social media platform and people can clearly see you're nowhere near being a entrepreneur. We can call you out on your bullshit today. One of the pros about social media. You know who's really working and who's not. 

People only in it for the glamorous bullshit those trust fund babies on Instagram show them. Poppin bottles. Gold chains and watches. It's a lie. That’s not entrepreneurship in the slightest. Entrepreneurship is boring as fuck. It’s just meetings on top of meetings and making hard decisions that you have no time to really think about. You get to travel a lot for sure but it’s always work work work. That’s what it really is. It’s not the fairy tale people make it out to be on social media. People think they want to be the number 1 of a company. They also feel that they HAVE to be the number 1 of a company or life just has no meaning. That's not true. Just know yourself and know what the fuck you're awesome at and things will become clearer to you. 

Shoutout to those who know themselves and are comfortable without being the boss. We need more people like you.