All of October I was really unsure of what I wanted to do next. I always wondered is there a such thing as too much ambition? I wanted to do 1000 things at once and I had no idea on where to start. Very weird position for me because I usually just dive in and make a decision despite not knowing what the fuck I’m doing or just flat-out not caring about the consequences. 

I know I’ve told you to just make decisions and anything outside of that is negative for you. Since going through what I went through last month, indecisiveness is kinda needed out here. 

The way I live is indecisive and I’m just now noticing this. I was indecisive about starting this site. I’ve been indecisive about every trip I’ve ever taken. I’m indecisive in my dating life. Even in different conversations with people I'm indecisive. I’m always listening to people just to gain different perspectives and that’s mainly because I’m always unsure about if I agree with something or not. 

I equate indecisiveness to looking both ways before crossing the street. You just wanna make it to the other side safely without getting hit by a car like a bystander in Grand Theft Auto. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everything is speed today. Everything is fast. Everyone wants people to literally run across the train tracks with no thought while the train is coming full speed. Speed is the best weapon today. No doubt. You always want to be on the offense instead of defense majority of the time but indecisiveness saved me from a lot of future stress. It has a lot of benefits it doesn’t get credit for. 

Like right now I don’t know where the fuck I want to live. Like seriously have no clue. I’m sure there’s a person out there who’s going through the same shit. There may be a younger person who parents or guardians are fed up with their indecisiveness about their life and instead of viewing it as their loved one being careful about a life changing decision they perceive it as laziness, or immaturity or they go with the “You millennials are spoiled and entitled” narrative. They don’t realize that the same indecisiveness could be saving their loved one from a lot of huge mistakes. Indecisiveness is just paying attention to options. I told you already that the ability to have options is powerful. It’s a blessing. 

I just don’t understand why people aren’t allowed to change their minds in a society that is constantly moving at a remarkable pace and always changing? People around us are always changing. Shit always be happening and I can’t blame anyone for being indecisive in these times. 

We all know the negatives about being indecisive. I’ve highlighted them many times on this blog. 

I know who the fuck I am despite being indecisive. I check the game film on myself all the time before jumping out the window on decisions. You’d be surprised to know indecisive people are the most self aware individuals ever. It’s impossible for a over thinker not to know themselves. 

My friendships and relationships last really long because I’m indecisive. I don’t make quick decisions on people. I think it over and weigh everything out. Especially if there’s a argument. I will hear out your perspective no matter how upset someone makes me. 

My wins are that much sweeter when they happen because I didn’t make a quick decision to get them. It makes me feel good about myself. It shows my patience. 

I’m as cool as the other side of the pillow when I take my time to make a decision. I don’t panic if I don’t know what decision to make. 

Also wouldn’t make sense that a indecisive person usually makes the best decisions? I’m just saying. I need scientific research on that if possible. 

There’s consequences on both sides of the coin. There’s consequences on not acting upon things quick enough and there’s consequences for the wrong decision. All I’m saying is that there’s a pro in everything and there’s a silver lining in indecisiveness. Yes I want to always be quick on my feet and majority of the time I will be but I will cut myself some slack when I do have trouble making up my mind. You should do the same for yourself and other people too.