Back with another installment of some cool blogs for you to read and listen to from some dope women. I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did. The links to the sites will be below each post so you can check them out. 




I like the consistency of this blog and she actually talk about shit I’m actually interested in. The articles I read were uplifting, blunt, straight to the point.  The post I liked the most was “A Challenge Of Self Healing” posts because I basically did all of that in October. I did not write for 3 weeks. I operate like a machine and I post 3-4 blog posts a week and to take that long of a break was foreign to me. People literally thought I was still working and coming back with something huge when in reality all I was doing was listening to Led Zeppelin and Sean Price, and watching creators on youtube, and eating fruit snacks being happy healing myself. I learned a lot during that break I took. 





The first 3 articles I read on this blog had the number 6 in them so that’s 666 which means something evil is goings on *Bernie Mac voice* I had to pray real quick before I continued. Aight I’m playing but this blog is clean and really neat and thought out which is impressive to a scattered brained person such as myself. I literally do the opposite of almost everything on the “6 Ways To Simplify Your Social Media” except the step away tip. I thought was funny. I don’t pay too much to my social media as far as my timelines. I just post shit and hop off and go write or go to work. I like this blog because it helps people and is very selfless. It’s genuinely spreading useful gems for people to use in their creativity. Always a plus.





Some of the best writers are overseas and this blog is proof. She be slaying in all the photos on here and it’s litty and I like how every post starts with “Hey Humans” I don’t know why that humors me so much but it does. Each post is nicely crafted and the photo usually fits the topic she chooses to write about on that blog post. I like the fact she is holding a mug for the photo for the “He’s Just Not That Into You” post. Shit is hilarious cause she serving tea. The content of that post was enjoyable too. I’m a man and I agree with that post. Also this blog has consistency. There’s no huge time gap between posts. I respect that a lot out of bloggers. There’s so much to talk about why not feed the streets? 





This blog just oozes confidence and women empowerment. The site is dedicated to women being comfortable with who they are and not hiding that confidence no matter what. It’s great seeing platforms that uplift women at all costs. You also see other women stories on this blog also and cool youtube videos. The video about how to get a woman number was some real shit. Gotta watch out for the creeps in the club. 





Aight I’m gonna just jump right into this one. The 20 something rants about being single was a lot to take in. I was like “Damn she still going?” Not a bad thing. It’s a good post.  I guess I just never looked at being single that deeply. I just always thought I was just a comfortable lonely ass nigga and that’s just the life I lead ya feel me? Only Tacos keep me company and it’s kinda wavy at the moment. This blog I fuck with cause it’s a lot of comedic writing that’s non fiction. Like the writer not trying to be funny I feel that’s just her personality for real. Also beautiful gif execution on this blog. Who can’t respect good gif execution?





They have a really cool podcast. I was supposed to read blog posts on this site (I eventually did) and I got distracted listening to their podcasts. I don’t even fuck with podcasts. I just turned it on and let it play and I was just saying random shit throughout it like “Word?” “Who the fuck she think she is?!” “Well Damn!” “Who the fuck is that?” I literally knew nothing about almost all the people on the latest episode (74). I really don’t know what goes on in pop culture anymore. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I just be in my own world. A lot of jewels were being dropped on this podcast and I’ll actually continuously check it out and so should you. To get me, a person with A.D.D and who couldn’t even pay attention to a 4 alarm building fire sit and pay attention to a podcast is an accomplishment in itself. Only Queens can do that.