A couple years ago before Cardi B is where she is today I was telling everyone that she was the one. My homie Kevin can verify this. I was saying I need to marry her when it wasn’t really cool to say. Niggas was looking at me crazy. I know a good person when I see one. Cardi B is a really good person with a really great heart. 

At the time when I was praising her I got the typical comments .. 

“She’s A Hoe”
“She’s A Stripper”
“She Gotta Have Bodies on Bodies”

These comments mainly come from other women as if they weren’t just fucking for a half tank of gas and some frooties last week. 

Cardi B believe it or not has some very cool marriage qualities that all people should have. It’s why Cardi B is the perfect wife. 



I think it was the Breakfast Club interview (Her first one) when she started her tenure on Love & Hip Hop. She was asked if she’s had surgery on her body. She not only said she got work done but she was very specific. She told everyone where she got her titties done and where she got her ass done and how it was done. 

Other women with clear work done on their body are still out here lying to the public. It’s basically all these Instagram models doing the lying. They annoy the fuck outta me. I’ll talk about them another date.  

Cardi let everyone know whats up out the gate and guess what? No one really cared. They loved her even more. Why? Because she was real about it. I think people get on these other models cases because the models are lying about their enhancement. Just tell the truth and keep it pushing. 

Cardi had the mentality of why lie and try to hide it? She’s comfortable with it and doesn’t care if we approve or not. You need a person that will keep it honest with you like that. 

We all lie but there’s levels to it and I believe Cardi is at the lowest level possible and that’s great for a partnership. 



I know the riders when I see em. Cardi without a doubt is one of em. If her nigga was in a fight she jumping in with no hesitation. If you asked her to do something she may be uncomfortable with she’d do it if she rocked with you without question. Her circle is the same people. It don’t change. Signs of a loyal person. 

She was talking about flushing the work down the toilet like Karen in Goodfellas if the DEA came through. Doesn't get much more loyal than that. 



I can count on both my hands the number of women who’ve made my side hurt from laughing more than once. I’m not saying women aren’t funny but yeah I’m a just stop there. A lot of women just make me chuckle. 

Cardi B has made my side hurt. She doesn’t force funny. She’s just funny by nature and it’s great. If your partner is funny then that means you don’t have to worry about being with a stuck up muhfucka. You’re both gonna have fun with each other and be able to take a joke. Just enjoy the fuck out of life and not be serious all the fucking time.

We’re talking about a woman who said and I quote 

“The world wants to know why your pussy smells like hair glue."

This is someone’s future wife and I am jealous. 



Now having no filter can be viewed as a bad thing. In my world I don’t give a fuck. You are who you are. Cardi just says what’s on her mind and she’s consistently been that way. The things she says are things that people are uncomfortable to talk about. 

To say she didn’t want braces because she couldn’t eat ribs or suck dick anymore was as beautiful as writings from Shakespeare.

Well I don’t really understand Shakespeare's writing. I take that back. It was as beautiful as a early 90’s Jodeci song. 



Yes! A real nigga dream. A woman who doesn’t spend spend spend! It’s safe to say Cardi worth a cool million. I don’t like to count folks pockets but she probably in or near that range. She only spend money on shoes (What woman doesn’t) but her clothes don’t be over $60.

In her words ….

“I’m a be on a budget until the day I die bitch.”

Spoken like a true dream wife I wanna kiss all in the mouth. 



Yes Cardi is hood and ratchet as fuck but she is very articulate when she wants to be. I forgot the interview I was watching it was one of her earlier ones where I just thought she was just super goofy and loud 24/7 but in this interview she showed how intelligent she is. It’s all about harmony. Let the ratchetness and intelligence live in harmony together. A nigga not leaving that perfect combination. 



You gotta be a hustler to be able to strip. It’s not just dancing and being pretty. You gotta make moves or you not gonna make any money. One thing about strippers is that if they have the mentality to take what they learned from hustling while dancing they’re going to be rich if they move on to something else. 

Cardi is a hard worker. She does nothing but collect checks in everything she does and she doesn’t spend recklessly so that money is gonna last. You don’t want to be with a person that don’t get up and go get it and doesn’t work hard. 



Last but not least, Cardi B is a very passionate woman. She’s passionate in everything she does. Whether it’s her being goofy or being serious she’s passionate about it. When you’re with a passionate person it makes you take that person more seriously because you know they real with it. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing nobody will take you seriously. 

To end this I’m just going to leave you with a philosophical quote from Cardi B ….

“The goal is to be a rich hoe.”