I don’t know what you’re into or what you’re pursuing but I pray it’s something you’re passionate and happy about hustling towards. It’s always exciting during those “vision” stages. You see what an idea has the potential to become and you just get so excited to get started building what you want brick by brick and most importantly surrounding yourself with the right people who share those same feelings. 

The forming of your team is the most important part. Doing huge projects by yourself are extremely difficult and you will drive yourself crazy. A team helps take a lot of stress off your plate. 

What I want to tell you today is that the key for your team is finding people who FIT. Yes talent is a factor but if their philosophy doesn’t fit the teams overall philosophy then you’re setting yourself up for some headaches. Of course you want quality but just keep in mind what works best for the long term. 

The people you need to stay the fuck away from when assembling your team. 


You never get a straight answer out of these bitches and they’re very secretive. These kind of bozos use people to try to get to another level dishonestly. They’ll use all your resources, bleed you dry, then act like you’re the problem and move onto the next team to leach from and act as if they never learned or received anything from you. They’re bandwagoners. They ride waves. 

As that bitch ass muthafucka Henry Hill from Goodfellas said “Your enemies come with smiles, they come as your friends.” 

This is exactly how a manipulative bitch operates. You’re their best friend and then boom you’re enemies in due time. They’re not there to help the team progress. They will disappear during rough times. They’re only there to reap the benefits. They always have a hidden agenda like a politician or a New Edition manager. 


Dreams are cool but they’re just dreams. Nothing else. These people make a vision boards all fucking year. I hate vision boards. Just write down a list of what you want and carry it in your pocket and read it everyday. Literally takes 5 minutes. Why are you having a fucking arts and craft sessions for hours cutting out magazine clippings like a B2K & Bow Wow fan in 2002 to put some shit on your wall you’re not going pay attention to after a week? The time you spent creating the fucking vision board could’ve been time spent doing some actual work and getting ahead. 

Their dreams to you are a nightmare full of wasted time. They dream more than Doug Funnie and never get to straight to the point like Dragonball Z episodes. 

Dreamers have all the ideas in the world but not an ounce of execution behind them. They’re always fucking dreaming, wishing, thinking, basically anything but working. They’ll have a 1000 meetings and never follow up after them. They go to every happy hour, party, event, concerts and just talk about all these aspirations, all these dreams, and they never make it pass that stage. 

If they’re on your team they’re gonna build you up, they’re gonna get you excited and you’re going to be ready to work but what will happen is that you will have to deal with their excuses when it’s time to work and constantly make sure they’re actually working. They just dream. Never “DO.”


When shit gets tough and it will these clowns will make it about themselves somehow and sneak out the back door. They never take constructive criticism well. They always view any type of criticism as an attack on themselves and will immediately start that “Woe is me” fuck shit like a white teen drama movie. It’s their defense mechanism and how they deal with any adversity. 

When the pressure is put on them they WILL fold. They always do. Pull ya fucking skirt down b. 


They’ll sell you some bullshit by telling you they’re "realists.” Only thing real about them is that anything that is positive they will turn negative in a blink of an eye. They will seek to find the negative in every idea you have and every plan you execute. They will have the most to say but will shade their laziness by being negative. 

They will spread this attitude into the team atmosphere. They’re extremely toxic. If they’re on your team I don’t care how talented they are. Get the fuck away from them. You have to surround yourself with the RIGHT people not the most TALENTED people. The team that buys into the system and philosophy and move on the same path in unity will do better than a team full of talent but pessimistic and full of poor attitudes. Teams who win championships have the RIGHT people who play their position and are optimistic. 


I have no room for a gossiping bitch in my personal life or business life. Neither do you. They worried about every other team business but the task of their own. They are praying for the downfall of everyone else instead of working and minding their own fucking business. You shouldn’t give a fuck what another team is doing. Only thing you need to be concerned with is your teams mission. 

If a person on your team is speaking negatively on someone else downfall when will they have time to receive the blessings? These are the most useless people that will bring consistent drama to your circle, make unnecessary enemies for your team and no one will trust your squad.


They will rip a team in two. Envious people don’t give a fuck about anybody. Just themselves. They probably eat original fritos. They’re weird They’re basically Nino Brown from New Jack City. They don’t want anyone to eat unless they’re responsible and get the praise for it.  

These people might be the most dangerous to have on your team because they’d even cross their family if they feel they’re not the center of attention. If they’re not the reason for the team success they will act like hoes and envy everyone in the group. It’s like a person winning a game but instead of celebrating the overall team victory they’re mad they didn’t take the game winning shot. You can’t ever win with a envious cornball on your team. They’re too obsessed with themselves to provide any value to your team. 

Anyone who has any success they had nothing to do with they will target with their negativity. These bitches are side eying you like a evil reality tv show bitch behind your back and they’re never grateful like a spoiled suburban child. 


You can’t do much creative shit with judgmental people in your circle. They’re the ones afraid to jam at parties because of people watching. They constantly care what people think. They’re trapped in a bubble. Any forward thinking idea you bring to the table for the team they’ll look down on it because it’s different and not the norm. They try to make you feel bad about being different, optimistic, and passionate about your creativity. They have no grey area they’re too busy being obsessed with trying to look and appear “Cool.” 

Don’t recruit any of these people. Go be the Recess gang my friends.