SPOILERS. if you haven't seen it. Stop reading here. 


I don’t even know where to fuckin begin man. I don’t even feel right reviewing this so I just have to do what I did last time and just give my key thoughts after watching all of season 2 of “Master Of None.” 

This and “Stranger Things” are the greatest shows to happen to Netflix and the only shows that I’ve watched the full seasons more than twice. Season 2 of Master Of None will be no different. 

Master Of None Season 2 drilled me in my soul. For real. 



Your exes are just hanging in front of you all the time. No matter what you always find each other and you always think “What if?” Dev smartly cut off all communication with his ex but then he got caught in the text cycle again. I did exactly what Dev did in the show. I cut off all communication from all of mine to move on. As harsh as it sounds I have to pretend they’re not alive anymore and just move on. Fuck closure and just rip the bandaid off. Choices were made. It happened and now all there is left to say is “What’s next?” 

But you always fall back into the communication game. Date went bad? Text the ex. Bad days? Text the ex. You start seeing shit that reminds you of them you email them. Birthdays? Text them. It’s just this cycle that engulfs you all because you miss the normalcy and the comfort of a relationship. Knowing that someone was always there through good and bad. Dev texted Rachel as soon as things went bad for him. He went back to what was familiar to him. 

Arnold going to his ex wedding is something I could never do because that’s just not in my nature. Especially knowing the family and they know me. It just doesn’t make sense and everyone would feel weird. Of course Dev is texting Rachel during the wedding. Loneliness is a bitch and will have you doing shit like this. You always try to find EX-ceptions. Not saying you can’t reunite with an ex and be together again. I’ve seen it happen but that’s not something you should dwell on. If it happens. It happens. Just continue living your life. 



The religious episode is something I’m going through right now. My momma wants me to go to church and sometimes tries to guilt me into going to church. The last time I went to church (not counting funerals) was last summer. While I was at church people kept trying to force church onto me. Telling me to come more and saying smart ass shit like “FINALLY” when they saw me and I was very upset about it. 

What if I no longer believed what you believed anymore and I was just attending church at the request of my mother. What if I’m Buddhist or Muslim now? I wonder have they ever thought about that instead of forcing their way of life on me. I don’t have a religion at all but the way people go about things in the church just really frustrate me and I distance myself from it. 

Dev’s Mother was the same and more strict and I really related to this episode a great deal. 



Never tried them. Never will. There’s some things I’ll just stay outta the loop on and dating apps are one of them. Only thing that made it somewhat interesting was Arnold sending “Hi Cuties” to all his dates. I know people that it’s worked for like they’ve gotten married from it but it’s just not my thing. 



When Dev invites Francesca to the dinner party and John Legend plays “I Cant Help It” by Michael Jackson it was clear I never wanna hear anyone sing that song except Michael or Stevie. It’s my second favorite MJ song. No disrespect to John. Those 2 made that song untouchable. 

Francesca stares at Dev while the song was playing and she knew at that moment that he was the one not Pino. Why is this man name Pino? God that’s awful. That was the PERFECT song for that moment. 



This was a risky episode and man they executed perfectly. The view into the lives of different minorities and how all their lives intersect was masterful. I LOVED all the scenarios. The Doorman and the entitled uppity white people he dealt with on a daily basis. The scene with no audio with the deaf melanin queen wanting her boyfriend to step it up in the bedroom and lick her cat was HILARIOUS! The adventure with the Rwandan homies. I know a few Rwandan people myself and they act just like that. All they do is work and rarely go kick it and when they finally do decide to go have fun they really try to do it all. 



When Dev came back from Italy he got a job right away hosting “Clash Of The Cupcakes” to keep earning a living. One can argue that he fucked up his rep in the entertainment business by doing such a dumbass show but NYC not cheap and you gotta get the cash. 

Dev did a great job hosting the show and was offered a contract for 7 seasons and he knew he didn’t want to do it immediately. First a show like that not lasting 7 seasons but then again America is stupid as fuck so you never know. Second Dev’s heart wasn’t into that show. He did it to survive financially and a contract for 7 seasons would definitely mean he wouldn’t be broke anymore but money isn’t enough. Money is just a tool and the ones who realize money is a tool they’re usually rich or well off. 

When he pitched a show based around what he loved which is eating food his attitude changed. He was excited and happy to be doing the new show “BFF’s” with Chef Jeff. Money didn’t matter. 

When you do shit for the money and your heart not in it the regret is usually coming from around the corner very soon. 



Dev runs into a big obstacle. Francesca gets engaged to Pino which means it seems she didn’t feel anything for Dev. I’ve been there. There’s always a obstacle when you really feeling someone that may be perfect for you. It could be family. It could be distance. Anything. Francesca and Dev were perfect for each other. Their chemistry was amazing. They both experienced each other’s culture and speak each other’s languages. They’re interested in the same things. Most importantly they were FRIENDS first before a romantic connection. 

Francesca and Pino relationship although we don’t see much of it I can read it from miles away. Francesca view is “Well I’ve been with this tile loving bastard for 10 years and I don’t know how to start over.” They have nothing in common except for the fact that they’re from the same small town in Italy. Dev was up against a 10 year relationship. The odds were against him because people always define relationships with time. The more time they’re in the relationship the more they feel it’s real. Time doesn’t make shit real. It could’ve been real the first 4 years and fake and dying the last 6 years. It’s a lie people tell themselves all the time so they just stay put and ride out bad boring relationships. 



This was seriously the greatest episode of a show I’ve probably seen in television history. Another risky episode and AGAIN everyone delivers. The music placement throughout the episode was PERFECT! The look into a single black mother raising a child PERFECT. The growth we see of Denise was needed because we didn’t know much about her and it was PERFECT! We see the issues the older generation have with homosexuality and that was needed. Everything about this episode was fucking perfect and Angela Bassett and Kim Wheatley are FLAWLESS in every fucking way. Everyone was flawless. This episode almost had me crying like a bitch. ALMOST! 

I’m around Denise’s age so as we journey through the 90’s and 00’s on this episode it took me back down memory lane and realize I grew up in the greatest music era and video game era. My childhood was so beautiful. 

This episode. It was funny. It was insightful. It was dramatic. It was refreshing. It was EVERYTHING!  

I was nervous for Denise who was coming out to her mother. I was so emotionally invested in the episode as if they were my family. The diner scene was so fucking real and you felt the concerns of both Denise and her mother to the point where you might be conflicted about the whole situation.  

You see Denise bring her girlfriends to the house and you could feel the tension from her family. It was so nerve wrecking to watch. It made for great television and Erica Mena's titties definitely contributed to this legendary episode. 

Dev and Denise’s grandmother were hilarious in the right spots and you get a view into their friendship. Dev and Denise were always there for each other and I understand their relationship more after this episode. She came out to Dev first and that’s HUGE! 

"Thanksgiving" might be the GOAT. 



Master Of None is so great that I was talking to my laptop while watching it like a black woman watching a 90’s soap opera. I’m trying to coach Dev on how to handle the situation with Francesca as if he could hear me.

All he wants to know is if his feelings are valid. Is something there or is he crazy? There’s only so much his friend Arnold can tell him. He’s guessing just like Dev is. Again I relate to this situation so much. You wonder if you could be together with this person. You know you want to but the ball is in their court and to not know what they’re thinking is torture. 

Dev knew she loved him. It was obvious he just wanted her to come clean but it’s touchy because they’re friends. When Dev finally lets her know that he wants her, things got weird as you would expect. It’s a lot to take in on both sides. Dev turned up the heat on the pursuit which I think was a good and bad thing. It’s good because you gotta go for who you want. It’s bad that he didn’t think about Francesca situation. Her whole life is in Italy with her family and Dev didn’t really take that in consideration. 

On the flip side Francesca kept running away from the conversation about how she felt which if I was in Dev’s shoes that would frustrate the fuck out of me. Just be upfront and say what you really feel. She also kept throwing out these mixed signals and she knew what she was doing. It wasn’t fair to Dev at all. 

I’ve dealt with women in relationships. They usually do that same shit. When something is lacking in their relationship so they go outside of it and try to find it. If their boyfriend doesn’t talk a lot or listen well they’re going to look for a guy who does. If they’re boyfriend is boring in bed well they’re going to find a man who’s not. If their boyfriend doesn’t make them laugh they’ll find a guy who does. If they don’t want to physically cheat they’ll cheat emotionally. Send texts, emails, you name it. They use you to fill whatever is missing in their relationship. Francesca did that with Dev. Dev had everything that Pino lacked. Pino just cared about work and Francesca was just along for the ride not doing what she loved. 

The scene where Dev accuses Francesca of using him (which he was right about) was just so heart wrenching. Add the fact that Dev dream job was over before it began, you finally see Dev broken. Francesca broke that man. He tells her to not even finish her sentences because he’s heard it so many times from so many different women. That moment was so fucking heavy. So emotional. You see a man defeated and lose hope in not just the woman he loves in front of him but also the thought of being in love in general. 

Over the course of 2 seasons you just want Dev to fucking win. Just let him win. Let him get the girl. Season 1 he got the girl but they were on different paths and were different people so they broke up. The failed dates he would go on. The girl Sara he met the first episode and lost over a thief stealing his phone (Beautiful homage to Bicycle Thieves). You just wanted Dev to fucking win. He’s charming, funny, a all around cool guy and he finally has someone in his life that’s perfect for him and she’s engaged to a man she doesn’t really want to be with.

The writers just do such a good job of snatching that hope away from Dev throughout the series not just in season 2 and it allows you to empathize with him so much. It was so tough to watch that scene. I even started to look at Francesca in the same light as a villain the final 2 episodes. That’s how real the writing was. 

Those final 2 episodes showed that Master Of None are master closers. They know how to close the deal. They’re in Michael Jordan territory when it comes to closing a series out. No Game 7’s in sight. 



The final thing we see is Francesca in Dev’s bed after preparing to leave NYC and after her husband asking her if she’s ready to go. The ending is very ambiguous and up to us to interpret what we think happened. I don’t know what to think but I feel the scene is a dream of what she wishes could be but can’t because she doesn’t know how to leave the only relationship she knows. Just like how Dev in the first episode went back to what’s familiar and that’s contacting Rachel. Francesca went back to what’s familiar on the final episode. I can’t see her leaving. 

Master Of None Season 2 was not only better than Season 1 but it was different, wittier, more emotional, we got to see Arnold’s relationship past, learn about Denise, it was just a perfect season. I hate to say this but I think it should end here. The series should be done. I don’t see them topping this and I don’t see what direction they could go in if they want to keep Francesca around for season 3. Even if she doesn’t come back, the thought of seeing Dev back on the hunt in NYC just sounds exhausting because you’re so emotionally invested into it. It’s like “Damn! We have to start all over again?” 

I’m really Dev in real life. I don’t deal with an engaged woman but that feeling of just wanting to be with someone and something is just in the way and you want it to be simple but it’s not for whatever reason. I’m going through that. I feel if Dev was in Francesca situation he’d leave whoever he was with in a heartbeat for her and she’s the total opposite. Dev looked at it like he has one life to live, he found the woman he loves and she loves him back, so let’s just be together. You know how awful he felt to know he has to go back out and date again after finding the perfect woman? It’s crushing. 

Master Of None is in a class of it’s own. It is now one of my favorite shows of all time. Perfect 5 outta 5 fruit snacks.