Since you Baby Boomers and Generation X people have so much insight on how I should live my life and write your boring ass articles about how lazy I am and how I manage MY fucking money. I’m going to do it right back to you and see how you feel. If you’re going to write articles about me and my peers at least make that shit funny. Not one of those articles are funny. They’re boring. Just like the NBA games you watched as a child. Nothin but niggas looking like Larry Holmes flabby and sick tryna playa hate on our shit. 

Here are my opinions on your opinions. 



You know what’s funny about the technology that makes me lazy? The older generation helped …… INVENT THE SHIT and if they didn’t invent it they invested in it! You and your peers made this shit. Not us. We just use that shit to our advantage so how the fuck could you be mad? Yes I’m lazy. You’ve granted me that luxury to be lazy when you invented and invested in all this shit. 

Yup I hate mowing lawns. Guess what? I’m going to pay someone who loves mowing lawns to do it for me. I don’t even have a fucking lawn so it doesn’t even matter but if I did, I’m not doing that shit. I can mow lawns and garden very well but I got shit to create my nigga. I ain’t got time for that shit. I’m paying a crackhead or my Mexican homies to handle that shit. 

I’m not reading a big ass book for answers my nigga. Google exist for a reason and I LOVE reading! My library is fuego! 

You’re not mad at us Millennials. You’re mad at TIME. You know what else? After re-reading this shit I’m really not lazy. I’m just lazy to you because I refuse to do what you want me to do. I’m just a nigga that refuses to waste time. 



This is where y’all have me fucked up at. I know you grew up working 15 hours a day for pennies but I’m not doing that shit. You getting 5-6 hours out of me and I’m bouncing. No I’m not picking up extra shifts. Fuck overtime. I’m going home to do what the fuck I wanna do. You want me to be Mr.Company man well give me life changing pay. You working longer hours for less pay doesn’t make you dedicated or a hard worker to me. You’re a fool. If you actually enjoy that shit and you’re happy while doing it then you’re not a fool and you’ve won but that’s not the case usually. 

You’re complaining about that job 24/7 and we grew up under you watching you complain about that job 24/7 so what makes you think we want to follow in your footsteps after seeing all the complaining you did and do the same shit when we grow to be adults? Actually the job market is WORSE for us than it was for you so ain’t nobody hiring us anyway. Back then they was just giving away gigs to anybody when I was a child. Today my experience need experience for me to even get an interview. With a degree back then you had a great probability of landing a life changing job. Today employers damn near laugh at degrees. 

I only work long hours if there’s something I want to buy like a new camera and once I get whatever I work for I go right back to my low output and not giving a fuck if I get fired. 



You spent your adult years thinking you couldn’t do what you love for a living. You had to separate fun and work. It’s not your fault because growing up everything and everybody around you did the same and taught you that. We didn’t see that. We seen our peers doing something like professional gaming for a living or catering or photography paying their rent and they were having fun doing their jobs. So naturally after seeing that we looking at our work computer like it’s a mothafuckin lie and we want to get away from that bitch.

You know what annoys me about what y’all do sometimes? When I tell older people I do this blog and I love doing it they ask me shit like “How much does it pay?” “Will it make money?” It irks my soul. I wasn’t thinking about money when I started it and I’m not thinking about money now. The money will come. No fucking doubt about that. I’m on the right path and it’s been proven. Everything not about money. This will be my job or I will get a job that I love because of this blog. It will happen and it’s because I’m passionate and work hard. I see nothing wrong with a person only willing to work hard if the job fulfills them. 

I don’t understand why you want us to be stressed so badly just cause you were stressed.  



In the words of the King Of R&B Bobby Brown “It’s my prerogative. I made this money you didn’t.” 

I don’t wanna buy the shit you spent your money on when you was my age. I don’t want a fucking suit. I bought my first suit ever in life for my brother wedding and I low-key thought about fighting that nigga about it. 

Yes I spend money on traveling instead of paying my bills on time. I had my old car repossessed because I spent my back car payment money on going to New Orleans and Vegas. I didn’t give two fucks because those trips were lit, my friends are awesome and natural drugs are amazing. My parents were pissed but I eventually got my car back. I’ve had my phone cut off numerous times cause I paid to go to concerts. Nobody wanna talk to me no way so I never tripped off my phone being cut off. I could pay my new car off soon but I rather go to Jamaica (By myself cause nobody likes me *tear*) in November. 

Not all of us want to spend money on marriage especially while having student loan debt. You know how fucking expensive a wedding is? My dick gets limp just thinking about it. Even cheap weddings with Hustle-Man as your wedding planner are expensive. Shit I don’t even wanna wear a suit if I get married. Just let me wear red chucks with a red hawaiian shirt like Benny in the movie “City Of God” on my wedding day. Plus we see y’all goofy asses getting divorced at alarming rates and then see you doing the shit you criticized us for after your divorce. NOW YOU WANNA GO TO GREECE WITHOUT GIVING A FUCK HUH?!! 

Not all of us want a house. The day I can travel freely without worrying about shit then I may consider it but until then I’m broke and just enjoying the little money I earn. Just get a chill condo to smoke in and watch the coins stack. This country is shit. Who the fuck cares about what we spend money on?  



Maybe this is just the older I people I encounter. I’ve seen the generation before us even criticize our eating habits. 

I stopped eating meat for half a year. I’m now pescatarian and even that is a problem. When I was on my vegetarian and vegan diet everybody lost their fucking minds like I impregnated a prostitute. 


Wow. Didn’t know protein only came in meat. Apparently people who don’t eat meat are just sickly mothafuckas walking the planet. 

I’m sorry I’m just trying to lower my chances of diabetes and heart disease. How rude of me? 

The best things in life are GREEN. Remember that. 



We believe in ourselves. We believe in our methods to get to where we wanna go. That doesn’t make us narcissistic. I don’t believe we feel that we’re entitled to have things. Narcissist’s ignore the feelings and emotions of others. I see baby boomers and Generation X do that more than anybody. You insult our goals and want us to worship the ground you walk on in the process. 

This fucked up economy is due to your generations narcissism. Your President (Cause that bitch not mine) is the ultimate narcissist and has a staff full of narcissist's. Just look at this shit show you baby boomers and generation x people are responsible for on any news outlet. But we’re the ones that’s narcissistic and ruining this country. Fucking hilarious. 



Just because you saw O.J Simpson play football doesn’t mean I have to respect you. I don’t give a fuck how old you are. If you disrespect me I’m disrespecting you back. You earn my respect just like I make my peers do. 

You not about to talk to me crazy and expect me to just sit there and take it because you were born when Jimi Hendrix was fucking white bitches when it was frowned upon. Nah playa. 

End rant.