It’s rant time

I had a write up months ago about support. I think it was about supporting your friends or something like that. I’ve written numerous things about support on every platform. Eh fuck that article and my past thoughts. Shit changes. The past month really brought me to this way of thinking.

I’m seeing too many people seeking support. I’m talking fully hunting for support. Fuck support. As of this moment support is one of the many words I hate along with Aesthetic (You wannabe artsy fashion niggas love that word), Issa (Not even a fucking word), Culture (BIG FUCK YOU TO THAT WORD), and Melanin (More than 95% learned that fucking word 2 years ago. I’m sick of it). 

Hey everyone! Welcome the word “Bop” to the “Fuck these words” party. I love music too fucking much to ever disrespect it by calling it a “bop.” Not today satan. Not fucking ever. 

Back to the support people acting like Elmer Fudd over. I guess I don’t give a fuck about support anymore because it’s not tangible to me unless you’re given money, goods, or services for it. People aren’t even seeking that. They’re seeking likes, retweets, shares, followers. I’m not on my high horse, I fell into the trap too. None of that shit matters. If you have a good product somebody gone buy into it sooner or later so just chill and keep going crazy with what you’re doing. 

Support is like gift giving to me. I never expect gifts. I can’t even tell the last time I’ve gotten a gift but when I get a gift I say thank you. No faking, I really do appreciate the gift but I don’t go looking for it. I don’t expect it. I don’t care if I don’t get a gift or a birthday wish. I treat support the same way. When I get it from people I’m truly appreciative and I thank them for it. When I don’t get it nothing changes. I’m not sitting around pouting. I’m not blaming anyone or anything. I’m just going about my business. 

People can cheer for me as loud as they can or people can boo me as loud as they can. Either way my intensity won’t change. My output won’t change. It doesn’t matter. I’m un-phased. Shit still gone get wrote. With or without them and I won’t think any less of them in the process. The same goes for you. If someone doesn’t support you are you gonna stop what you’re doing and complain and send subtweets and subliminal messages? I hope not. You’re gonna continue doing you if you’re smart. 

Who gives a fuck if your parents or family don’t support you. They’ll be apologizing to you in the long run if you’re truly focused. Your friends don’t support you? Oh fucking well. I got friends that didn’t come to my shows when I was doing music but those same friends I’ve seen shed blood for me and I shed blood for them in situations in the past. I’m not friends with them cause I want them to support my passion. I’m friends with them because I know what they stand for. 

I only care about support for life or death situations. Like mental and emotional breakdowns, physical injuries. Shit like that. You sound goofy as hell worried about someone not helping you push your website. The way I see it is that if they don’t wanna help you then that’s one less person you share a check with in the future. More for you. 

Support is fleeting. It comes and goes. I don’t have the patience nor the energy to keep tabs on it anymore. Neither should you. Support doesn’t make me work harder. I’m always ready to work on my craft. I’m always motivated. I don’t need support to get me to that place because I’m already there with my feet kicked up like Bruh-Man in Martin crib. 

It makes me upset to see great people upset over lack of support like they’re not dope or they don’t have a lot going for them regardless. This world big as fuck and you worried about support in your area. I’m literally seeing people who are dope as fuck think they’re not good enough because of lack or retweets, likes, and lack of support. It’s their loss. It’s not your problem. We gotta stop banking everything on support. Your video didn’t get a lot of views so what? That doesn’t mean it’s not great. People sleep. It is what it is. You just keep pushing that one and get ready to execute your next idea. 

If you do support me or any of my loved ones. Thank you I appreciate it and they appreciate it. If you don’t, thank you and I still appreciate you. This shit not that deep to me no more. The world keep spinning. I’m blessed no matter what. 

If you have a great support system then you’re blessed and you should be thankful and appreciative. Like I said before it’s like a gift and you should appreciate gifts. Just don’t bank everything you stand for on chasing support. That’s like placing your fate in everybody else’s hands. How far you go is up to you. 

Rant over. Enjoy your weekend and a day.