Run your race. It’s your race so whatever pace you choose to run it is always up to you. You want to sprint then go ahead and sprint. If you want to do a light a jog then do it. I just want you to understand that it’s your race. 

When I hit my 30’s I looked around and seen all my peers were living lives that in my mind made my life look like a boring shitty sitcom. I started feeling this intense self hatred and insulting myself because of the mistakes and time I wasted years prior. I was comparing myself to everyone instead of running my race. 

The great thing about this race that I never realized years ago is that no one gets any medals. No one cares about who placed where. When you finish you finish and really all people think about in the end is how you made people feel. No one has a perfect race and that’s the beauty in it. Just run that mothafucka and do whatever brings you joy. 

It’s a marathon. Don’t ever worry about catching up with the people you feel are ahead of you. Focus on the journey. Focus on the process. When you do, once you get what you pursuing and think about the journey and process it took to get to that moment you’ll so fucking good about yourself and even more inspired to continue the journey and also inspire others on the way. 

I’m writing this for the people who are feeling defeated and that their lives aren’t worth much compared to others and they feel they can’t do anything right. I want you to know that you’re not alone because I used to feel that way about myself. I’m imperfect just like you. It took one action for me to overcome that feeling. 

Being at peace. 

I want you to be at peace with the moment you’re in. Be at peace with this place you’re in right now. This is very important because you’re acknowledging where you are and that is needed if you want change to come. Once you accept it then you can move forward to whatever you feel is a better life for you. 

I’m learning to appreciate more every single day. It’s not about what I don’t have. It’s about me being blessed regardless of what’s in my life. Appreciation will take you farther than you know. It’s the mindset of a winner. Appreciation is therapeutic. 

This is your race. The world is yours too. I want you to act like it. Get up. Go get it because it’s yours. You control what you want to do in life. No one else. 

Stop comparing yourself to everyone. You are you and that’s a fact that will always work in your favor. You weren’t put on this planet to be measured. Comparing yourself to other people is so unfair to you. Give yourself a better chance than that. 

If you have time to compare yourself to other people then you’re not working hard enough on what you’re pursuing. People who work hard do not have the time to think about what other people have accomplished. When you’re absorbed into work that makes you happy what the next person accomplished will be the least of your worries or concern. 

Comparison adds no value to your life at all. It only hurts. Never helps. Only compare yourself to yourself. You need to be your biggest fan. It doesn’t matter how many people support you. If you don’t love yourself as much as Kel loves orange soda then nothing matters. You will implode down the line. 

What is success to you? Don’t base it off what society feels is success. Society’s definition of success isn’t real. It comes and goes. If your idea of success is starting a loving family then you do that shit and don’t look back. Fuck what anybody else say. 

Stop using social media as a measuring stick. No one posts the bad shit that happens to them. Everyone only post fun and happy moments. The person posting the cool pics and money just might be more depressed than everyone. Take a break from that shit if you need to. It’s not going nowhere and nothing will change. You control that shit and not the other way around. 

When you compare your life to someone else’s life you lose all control because the next move you make you will keep that person’s achievements in mind instead of doing what brings you joy. Once you compare you will never stop it’s like a shitty computer with viruses you will just keep getting pop up after pop up and it will never end unless you get a new computer aka get a new mindset.  

I don’t want you to ever resent yourself. I just want you to run your race and I don’t care what pace you run it in. I’ll be running mine too while rooting for you to make it to your finish line.