Here are my 10 random thoughts about Moonchild's "Voyager." 


Amber’s voice could possibly heal a country and bring it peace. Like a Michael Jackson concert in the 90’s or the Care Bears in the 80’s. 

The song “Cure” is some G shit when you really think about it. Amber spitting game to this muhfucka. Basically on some “I like you, I want you, now we can do this the easy way and that’s letting me love you or the hard way with you thinking loneliness is the cure to your heartache. Don’t be afraid of my love. 

Who has better breakdowns than this trio at the moment? On this album every time I think the song is just playing normally out of nowhere they snatch my soul out of my chest then return it to me in better condition than it left and now equipped to talk to forrest creatures like rabbits and shit. That switch up on “Think Back” had me like….. BRUH!!!! 


“Hideaway" is the official anthem for the quote “There’s no such thing as too busy. We make time for who we want.” *Z snaps*


Have I mentioned Amber’s voice? Well I don’t give a fuck if I did already. Her voice sounds and feels like fingers running through my hair on this album. Fucking soothing. 

I would like to request that Andris and Max follow me around and every time I do something to embarrass myself (which is often) they play their instruments to make me look cool as fuck and all is forgotten. Amber could sing me lullabies every night and tell me tales of her home planet. 

When “Now and Then” came on I thought Adult Swim was on my television and a fire ass anime was about to come on. Preferably “Hunter X Hunter.” 

Everything about “Change Your Mind” brought a thug tear to my eye. The lyrics. The production/instrumentation. I could literally see the song as it played. Forreal no bullshit. There’s only a few artists that could make me do that. Scarface, MF Doom, Jimi Hendrix, to name some. Add Moonchild to my list. 

Why does “Show The Way” make you want to bust a slow smooth Dutty Wine? 

I fuck with this album because it’s about love from start to finish. Nobody talks about love no more. Nobody really shows love no more. It’s fucking criminal that this band isn’t bigger than what they are. Please purchase “Voyager.” Benny has never co signed bullshit. You’ll love this album.