What in the fuck was in those pancakes? Let me find out niggas using nutmeg for the secret krabby patty formula. Shit was LaFlames. 


Niggas really care about art and that’s tight. 


Titties and Tits were everywhere in AMP17. Now of course you’re saying “Benny ain’t that the same thing?” No my young Jedi. It is not. Tits are small but yet still succulent and like gummy bears as Plies so eloquently put it. Titties are the final evolution like Blastoise per say. Tits and Titties are both beautiful and move in unity. No discrimination. They’re so clutch in fire outfits. AMP17 brought em out. 


I might’ve had the shirt of the night. Nothing but compliments for ya boy. Shout out to the high quality wallaby. 


Niggas really out here making moves and not on some fuck boy shit. Niggas really cheering for each other and working with each other. 


$eals is moving up in legend status. Once you have lines up the block for your event that means the sauce has arrived and it has some seasoning in it. 


My nigga Alex a drunk uncle. 


Kyla came to AMP17 on a magic carpet. I don’t think she walked at all the whole night. She floated like Martin & Gina when they won the lotto. She cheat code level fine. 


I hope somebody at AMP17 made a key connection that could change their creative lives. 


Does that guy who makes your face into pancake hands hurt? Dude be at it all night. No breaks. That’s dedication. God bless him. 


Sie makes a grand entrance everywhere she go. I love her. She's the showstopper. The main event. The final boss. Melissa is proud. 


Shit felt weird without the other Alex and Roach not there. Guess Roach had a rap performance at Marquee while holding the drake(draco) on stage. 


Rest In Power to Kylie. Gotta know she would’ve been at AMP17. I know my homies hurt but I’m glad her people came out and represented for her at AMP17. 


Shoutout to the people who bought art, merch, etc. All these artists work so hard. Glad to see people appreciate the grind. 


Trina (@TRINARAGER) is so inspiring. I was nothing like that at her age. Love her photography and how she speaks highly of other creative people. 


My drive home was soothing. Love will do that for ya. Thank you AMP17.