Aye I saw Spider Man. Wrote some random thoughts about it. Like to hear it hear it goes. 


First and foremost shoutout to the waitress that gave me 2 baskets of fries for two dollars. She knew the way to my heart. What a MVP you are young lady. I think she thought I was her age or something cause I look young but using food to flirt is great strategy lil baby. Appreciate you. 


This movie was innocent and good natured as fuck. The other Spider Man movies were good natured and fun in spots but this one was more friendly. 


Michael Keaton did a good job as the villain. I like how he was pushed into a corner and the government gave him no choice but to be a criminal. He saw they don’t give a fuck so he figured why should he care. As the movie went on he became more heartless. 


Where the fuck was Peter's Spidey Senses? 



Damn these fries are delicious. I might give this waitress the privilege of knowing me outside of her job and ruin her life. 



Peter was annoying as fuck but a FUN annoying character and I think that’s what keeps you interested. It was funny how annoying and eager was about being a superhero. The past SpiderMan movies you saw Peter act like an adult even though they were in high school. This Peter Parker acted like an annoying ass kid which had a more real feel. 


Power Rangers should’ve had this type of teen tone Spiderman had. It was missing that. Get better writers Power Rangers. 


Peter was a rookie and had no idea how to be a hero. The fact that Tony Stark put his suit on rookie mode was great writing. Peter couldn’t even stop a bank robbery he was so wet behind the ears that it felt relatable even though none of us have superpowers. He just didn’t come out the gate whooping people ass. He low-key was trash as a hero just a person is trash when they first start out in anything. Him cracking the settings of his suit and finding out he has no fucking clue what he’s gotten himself into was hilarious. 



Aunt May can get the dick. Loved her ever since “My Cousin Vinny.” 



Ned was funny as fuck. He complimented Peter perfectly. 



Peter wanted him a black queen so bad. Kid got good taste. 



One moment…lemme check wikipedia right quick ………………. Okay she’s legal…….. the girl who played Liz I wanna be down with. Them lips tho!! 



Zendaya did a great job and her twist in the end I didn’t see coming. It was nicely done and now her behavior throughout the movie makes sense. 



Thank god we don’t have to see Uncle Ben die again. We’re all tired of that shit. That story is boring. 


Iron Man is an asshole. All this shit is his fault. Vulture exists because of his business. 


One inconsistency about this film is that in Captain America Civil War Spider Man was hanging with Cap, Winter Soldier, and Falcon but in Homecoming he can’t stop robberies. Yeah that made no sense. 


Spiderman’s relationship with Karen is pure comedy gold. 


The kid who played Flash Thompson was low-key trash. I wasn’t feeling his performance at all. I’m used to Flash Thompson being this cocky jock not a rich spoiled ass brat. That was bad casting right there. No disrespect to that kid he just don't fit the role to me. 


The car ride with Peter, Liz, and her father to prom was the best scene in the movie. 


Anyone catch that Miles Morrales reference with Childish Gambino? 


The final scene was dope. I like seeing this Spiderman struggle. Makes it feel more real. 


Scorpion came up to the Vulture in prison. HE WANTS THE FADE WITH SPIDEY! I CANT WAIT FOR PART 2! 


Marvel trolled the fuck outta everybody. Fuck you Captain America. I pray Thanos kills you painfully slow in the future.