Yeah shit deep. Shit real. 



Ghost gotta fade Charlie Murphy (God rest his soul). Tried to do that nigga like that fat nigga in that movie “Lockdown.”



Julio is not a leader. He is only a soldier in his DNA. He is only worth a damn when someone gives him orders. The reason Tommy is respected is that the people who love him or hate him know that he doesn’t give a fuck. Whether the decision he makes is smart or dumb really doesn’t matter. They know a decision will be made at that moment and he will try to solve that problem quickly. Dre don’t fear him. The buyers don’t fear him. Tommy don’t fear him. He’s just a face for distribution. The fact that Tommy had to clean up disrespect at a meet for him just proves he’s useless. He should’ve been the one that ran dude over with the car. Not Tommy and that’s the problem. Why in the fuck is he asking Dre about what he said? This nigga try to paint you as a snitch. You gotta put hands on that nigga. Take your respect. Julio is expendable so he won’t last. 



Keisha is stupid. She worried about the wrong shit. She worried about this man staying with her after he fuck. News flash bitch, the man is a drug dealer under investigation dude just can’t be laid up in one spot. He has to constantly be on the move. She wants the spoils but never thinks of the shit it takes to get it. Now she’s giving Tasha advice on how to deal with Ghost when she was the one that folded during questioning. Bitch if you don’t shut the fuck up and do a sew in and mind your damn business. Which leads me to my next point. 



Tasha gotta stop listening to both Angela dumbass and Keisha clueless ass. Those 2 are the most confused mothafuckas in all this shit. One is too damn emotional and is a fed the other is seriously feeling herself cause she fucking a drug kingpin and feel she knows the game. Get some white dick in her and now she thinks she’s Griselda Blanco. Tasha a follower so she eats up whatever she hears. One thing Angela was right about is that Tasha is one gullible woman. You could tell her the sky is orange and racism doesn’t exist and she would eat that shit up as facts. Why in the fuck is she still meeting with Angela? Makes no sense. Sitcho goofy ass in the penthouse and let Ghost and Proctor drop these gems to get him free. Got damn!

Tasha is also proving to be pretty useless at this point. She doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING! She just knows how to spend money and be a housewife. All that money came in and she didn’t invest it in anything nor start her own legitimate business. Guess Ghost can take some blame for that but damn how you don’t have no stashed cash? Now she got the stale face at her kids school when they realized the assets been froze and she has no backup plan. She has no clue what to do and she realized that when the assets got froze. She got humbled. 



Teresi is related to Tommy. Can we just get this shit out the way? Cut the shit and just reveal this shit. He fucked Tommy momma probably got her hooked on drugs and left her after she gave birth to the craziest white boy in New York. The end. Teresi meeting Tommy is actually dangerous for Ghost. They could form an alliance and just like Tasha, Tommy is gullible and Teresi could fill Tommy mind up with bullshit. Just a thought. Ghost plays chess he handled this nigga smoothly. Easy work. 



Dre gotta make a move. First thing, he gotta kill Kanaan. Dude just casually bringing up his daughter with murderous undertones and he just taking that shit. He already trying to move against Julio but knowing that nigga he’ll fuck that up somehow. He has more soldiers on his side than Kanaan and has more money at stake on his side so other organizations would help him solve this problem because the money on the line. The longer this dumbass nigga waits to make a move on Kanaan and tell Tommy the truth the worse his odds are for getting out this alive. He’s giving Kanaan time to recruit more soldiers which is stupid. The way he going either Tommy will kill him because of trust issues or Kanaan will. 



Tariq can’t even hit the weed right, he’s giving pep talks to thots and asking about her life story like he’s Dr.Phil and he left stolen money in a envelope like a grandparent. That’s all I need to see. There’s no need to type another sentence on that weak ass lil boy. 



Proctor has been averaging 40 points and 11 assists in the playoffs. He’s been destroying these niggas in court. I’m talking half court shots and walking away before seeing them go in and no look passes. First the DNA now the gun has been thrown out along with himself which is fucked up. The black lawyer smart as fuck though. A lil judgmental but I think Ghost can learn some shit from him and dude can learn some shit from Ghost if they work well together. 



Tommy is crazy as fuck but what he did was smart in his world. The only people who heard those wire taps 2 of them are dead and I think Sandoval knows about the taps not sure if he heard them. A dead witness is the best witness in Tommy’s profession. He really had no choice but to kill the homeland officer. He can’t trust anyone right now. The fact he has Proctor involved too is kinda smart too. Now Proctor has a life to lose also.  Remember what I said about how he's different from Julio. Tommy makes a decision at that moment. No thinking. It's good and bad but he makes a move. It's how he gained his respect aside from being crazy. 



Well, Well, Well hoe. You finally seen Ghost was telling the truth and now you feel dumb as fuck. Now she will be the target of Sandoval. The key is gonna be how can she get this footage to court without Sandoval knowing because Sandoval also saw the security footage and she doesn’t have enough evidence to prove Sandoval killed Greg. Shit bout to possibly get fucked up for Angela life and career and my dick is hard on the thought of that. It’s been a long time coming. All that shit she talked and kicking Ghost while he was down and she realized dude risked his life for her. I love it. Suffer hoe. 

Free my nigga. It's time.