Create without expectation.  

When I started this blog one of my fears was that no one was going to read anything I wrote. I looked at it like if no one gives a fuck about what I say on social media then why would they care on this blog. The other fear I had was what if I don’t make any money off this? 

The first fear is understandable. That falls in the realm of my self confidence. The second fear was bullshit and I thank God I got that fear out of my head before I wrote my first article. Once I got that thought out of my mind I started creating without expectation. 

What is creating without expectation? It’s really simple and actually you don’t have to be in the creative or business world for this to apply to you. This is for humans period. As I was saying it’s simple. It’s just giving without expecting anything in return. This is a hard concept for people to grasp because we’re all selfish in our own right but it’s a concept that you need to acquire if you want to have leverage in what you’re doing. 

If you create shit it is important for you to understand this. The free shit you do will be remembered over the shit you sell. The free shit can be so many things. You could give away prints. You can upload free content. Free songs. Throw a free event. When you do free shit please do it without expecting anything in return. The free shit actually builds your reputation, relationships and your brand and that’s what a lot of you guys are misunderstanding. You do some free shit some people will be like “Damn He/She is dope for this. They good people” and ask anybody in the creative world. If the people fuck with you as a person they can’t wait to shop with you or support you. I’ve seen AWFUL artists get so much love for their art and it’s because they’re good people and a joy to be around and they show more love than negativity. 

Do cool free shit because you want to. Not because you want people to do something for you in the long run. One philosophy I live by is that I never count the favors I do for my friends. I never hold any favor I do for them over their heads. I did them a favor because I love them. Even if I do a 100 favors for them and they do only 2 for me I still love them. I did what I did for them out of kindness not for a future favor down the line. All my friends are pretty much the same anyway. We all hate to ask for help so we usually suffer before asking for a favor. 

That doesn’t mean don’t ever sell what you want to sell. You don’t have to give away anything free at all but even in selling things don’t expect anything and I swear your road to wherever you’re trying to go will be a lot smoother. If you take a L you take a L. If you get a win you get a win. You’ll learn from both and move forward. Creating without expectation is value in itself. Let me explain. 

I write on average 4-5 articles a week. They’re all free. I don’t make you join a email list. I don’t record my articles and sell them on iTunes. I give them to you free of charge and I don’t expect nothing from anybody. I don’t expect retweets. I don’t expect a celebrity just magically stumble upon to what I wrote. I just create and pray that what I create has a positive impact on someone’s life somehow. I’ve had tons of emails and DM’s on how my blog has changed people’s lives or how my writing has helped them with a situation. That’s value. The value of what you create is what keeps people interested in what you’re doing. 

When you create something the question you should ask yourself is “What are my intentions?” Is it money? If it’s money trust me your journey will be hard as fuck. Do you actually want to change lives? Do you want a rolex? Do you want to stunt on the people who doubted you? Do you want to help people? Everything I write is motivated by me helping people. I want something for people to read at work. On their good or bad days. I just want to help people feel great through laughter, motivation, realness, and guess what? I want nothing in return for it. Nobody can fucking hurt me creatively because I don’t need anything from anybody and I don’t expect anything from anybody which makes me valuable in my eyes. 

NOBODY OWES YOU SHIT! NO FUCKING BODY! The quicker you get that into your skull the closer you’ll get to whatever you want. It’s about you but it’s not about you if that makes sense. I used to be that nigga crying about support when I was rapping. If my old tweets resurface you’ll see a lot of immature fuck nigga tweets because that’s how I was acting. Complaining and being a asshole. Once I shut the fuck up and started playing chess shit changed. I sat back. Got an idea. Acted on that idea. Didn’t force shit. Fed the streets for FREE without any expectations and the opportunities came. It just comes down to this.......Give more than you take. 

The reason you shouldn’t expect anything because majority of the shit you expecting you have no fucking control over. You can’t make niggas come to your events. You can’t make people give you money. You can’t make people share or retweet your shit. Expecting people to do any of that shit is like you running a race with a cinder block attached to both of your feet. You're putting unnecessary weight and pressure on yourself before your marathon even begins. I don’t expect people to be as invested into what I’m doing so that’s why it’s so easy for me to have no expectations of anybody. How the fuck can people care as much as you do and they didn’t get it out the mud with you and put money up with you to start your creative journey? 

You wanna feel freedom in creativity and life in general? Eliminate expectations.