This movie theater feel better than in-house high sex right now. 

Damn my A/C broke in the crib. I wonder if they’ll keep the slushy machine on and let me stay the night? 

My one go to song with my niggas is “Dunn Dunn” by Shawty Lo or “BM JR” by Weezy. 

Why this Luke Cage nigga talk like Mufasa? 

Ryan is an example of “When a muhfucka bored. Shit be happening.” Usually dumb shit. 

Thank God I’m not the type of blogger Sasha is. I can’t even keep track of my own life. Fuck these other people lives. 

Not even 10 minutes into this movie and Tiffany Haddish is in GOAT territory and Gogurt should throw the endorsement bags at her. 

There are really cobwebs on cougar pussy. I’ve seen’t it. 

Somehow I know this nigga Luke Cage not shit in this movie. He will be a scumbag down the line. Women hate us so a black man gotta get the hate. I know it’s coming Tyler Perry style. 

Go get TURNED! 

Titties will always have a future. They’re apart of history too. Just ask Dolla Bill from Players Club if you can find that nigga. 

The name “Flossy Posse” sounds like a Big Tymers song. 

Can my future girl bedazzle my dick? I like green glitter. 

Tiffany Haddish is carrying this movie. The legends aren’t bad but Tiffany is in another stratosphere in this movie.

Fellow short nigga Larenz Tate is saving the day...... as usual.  

I wonder how many of my old bitches heard my name while they was cheating on me and said “Yeah…that nigga” like Ryan did about Luke Cage? 

Dina (Tiffany) used a grapefruit…….. and I believed her. 

Marriage sucks. Fuck marriage. Seriously. No “Lol” 

A nigga who can’t control his side hoes can’t be trusted. It disgusts me that he gives cheaters such a bad name. Cheat right my nigga. It’s an art and should be respected as such. 

Damn I wanna be that high. Lemme get that shit Day-Day was selling. 

Worse twerking ever so the sex is trash off top. The side chick not worth it fam. Upgrade and Go get you a young thundercat. Matter fact just go scout a strip club for talent and begin the molding process Luke Cage. 

They really had a dance off…….do it for Lil Saint then. 

If a woman is responsible for Grapefruit juice burning my dick like the clap then that entitles me to a threesome. Call Tiffany in here. 

Buff niggas have zero waviness. I never wanna be a buff nigga. 

I was praying that Ne-Yo hat wouldn’t fall off. 

Ryan life a whole ass lie

Almost 2 hours of this movie have gone by and I just realized this nigga name is Stuart. The nigga name is Stuart. How you let a nigga named Stuart cheat on you and pimp you? 

Dear Essence Festival….. I know a “Men Are Trash except buff niggas” convention when I see one. You’re not fooling me. 

No way in hell my woman would tell me to sit my ass down in front of crowd that big. I would flame the fuck outta her in front of everybody. Only niggas named Stuart would let that happen. Except Stuart Scott. He’s the only cool Stuart in the history of Stuart’s. R.I.P 

Tiffany Haddish has the potential to be one of the top comedians in the world. I’m talking Kevin Hart kinda money potential. Matter fact just have her take Amy Schemer spot. I don’t give a fuck if I spelled her last name wrong. Not even gone bother to look that shit up. 

I’m ready for women to actually like each other and go on girl trips because of this movie……….. then hate each other again by September. 

Funny movie. I enjoyed this shit. Where the tree at?