I’m bored with my old format so yeah. Rapid fire. 


Issa doing too much. What I mean by this is that she’s acting like a “Where the hoes at” ass nigga. All my niggas always see that one nigga while they’re in the streets and they ALWAYS ask you “Where the hoes at?” every time they see you and they never have any hoes. Issa acting like that right now. She let her neighbor with the Ma$e from Bad Boy head hit and now she acting like she ready to fuck every nigga in sight. She just need to chill and fall back. 


Lawrence got pulled over and switched from that trash rap music to Jazz real quick. Well played king. Well played. Sad but well played. Fuck the police by the way. 


The W.E.B DuBois of Jawlines is in the Kiss and Grind party and Issa losing her mind and not handling the situation well. I will give Daniel aka the "nigga with the jawline that has the strength of 1000 men" credit. He handled that situation perfectly. He didn’t get excited, he stayed cool, and he killed the small talk and that shit ruined Issa’s evening. To any man that reads this I want you to learn one thing. Women have trouble dealing with “Indifference.” Remember that. 


Kelly and Chad are comedic gold and they need a scene together. 

Lawrence got Becky’s paying for his liquor. I spoke this into existence on my last recap…… cause I’m that nigga. 


Felix felt like he was catfished. Dude said Issa voice is annoying and gave Issa a “Nice chatting with you pal” shoulder tap and burnt out. 


Dro look like Lil Fizz but the Bizarro world Lil Fizz kinda like how there’s Superman and Bizarro Superman. 


Slow Motion came on and for a moment Molly thought “Fuck Candice.” 


Open marriage is some real shit. Takes mental strength to do that. That shit not uncommon in our community. 


Chad is the friend we all need. A friend that sends Jerome gifs when you’re winning. 


Lawrence becomes Jesus Shuttlesworth but I knew it was too good to be true despite him banging em out. No way they give the king all these wins. He hasn’t suffered yet. 


A woman calling my dick a “cock” is the weirdest shit ever. I’ve had that happen before. I felt violated. I’m shaking while typing this. 


“Is anyone married like my parents?” I ask myself the same question Molly and the answer is……. “Who cares?” 


Look…. Fuck a round 2 Lawrence. You busted your nut, got free liquor, now get the fuck outta there. The becky’s are useless coke heads now. Round 2’s are for wives not random becky's. Tell em to accept this 15-20 minute round and be happy. 


Apparently these hoes recruit niggas to fuck on some “Get Out” shit and apparently LaMarcus can fuck. I envisioned a nigga fucking the becky’s with a doo rag cape flapping in the wind. 


Molly just needs to fuck Dro. Live a little. Damn. All these questions and philosophies and shit. Just give this tall goofy nigga some pussy and go back to fucking with the Duncan Pinderhughes ass niggas. 


Why is Issa still wearing wedges? Why. Why fucking why? Until she removes those wedges she is my LEAST favorite character on the show. 


Give my nigga Chad a spinoff show. The real niggas need it. 


The King returned home. I damn near shed a thug tear. EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! *Ja Rule voice* He’s done it all. Retrieved Tasha’s titties. Fucked his ex with no explanation. Had a 3 some. What more is left for the King? He is who he is. A nice guy that needs a relationship and stability. 


If he didn’t finger Kelli with 3 fingers under the table then he’s a amateur. 


They would end the episode with Issa and Daniel “Lockjaw" King. 


Good job Prentice. You that nigga!