Episode 7 is named "You lied to my face.” 

I wonder what happens this episode???  What could be taking place? 



The Kanaan story was fucked up on the execution. It had this huge build up and all of us waiting for the climax and for it to happen in episode 6 and have it end the way it ended was really weird. There is so much going on in this season alone that Kanaan and Ghost story had to be rushed. We don’t know if Kanaan’s coming back. I’m pretty sure he will but at this point is it even necessary? 

Ghost has Tariq back. Tariq still hates this nigga guts. He still loves Tommy since he actually hugged him. He hates his momma now and he called her a liar to her face which is correct. Tasha can’t lie to save her life. This causes Ghost and Tasha to argue about the past while their kids are still in the crib which was the dumbest shit ever. Raina hears everything and she hears who her parents really are for the first time. I like that Ghost told Tasha “I didn’t leave my family. I left you.” It was bullshit but it was still the truth. I’m a save that for my future ex wife. Tasha continues the theme of the episode by 



Dre is stupid. No you didn’t win mothafucka. You’ve just poured gasoline on a fire. See this is why you never hang around niggas who have mohawks. They musty and always fucking something up. Why would you include the gang that Julio left into the situation? Out of all the niggas in New York City you could’ve got to kill Julio you decide to go with his former gang who has personal beef with him and of course they made it look personal when they killed him which Tommy noticed right away. Congrats Shotgun Barrel nostrils you’ve dug a deeper hole for yourself. Somebody please get this nigga the fuck outta here. 

The rival Cartel to Lobos is back and Tommy meets with them about Julio and the Lobos murder. Tommy actually has leverage since he did the cartel so many favors and the cartel wouldn’t even be back in the picture if Dre dumbass didn’t try to be a slick lil bitch but here we are. Another possible enemy and an all out war might happen thanks to this TJ Maxx peacoat wearing ass nigga. 



Boy if this ain’t the biggest lying ass family on this wannabe Barbara Walters interview. Everybody on that couch full of shit except the daughters. I wanted something fucked up to happen but it didn’t. Now this lil bitch Tariq wanna behave. This was the perfect opportunity for him to call his parents out on live tv and that shit would’ve been funny as fuck. Tasha looked like the biggest fool out of everybody because this shit happening because of her making a deal with that old ass white man. 



Look at this junkie ass kid. Sipping on lean like a soundcloud rapper. This episode funny because they kinda make Tariq a sympathetic figure. He actually has a legitimate reason to hate his parents. They’re both lying pieces of shit that nearly got him killed and even after his life was nearly lost they STILL won’t tell him the truth about their past. They owe that to him. So now he playing them by lying to them and pretending to go along with the bullshit they say to him. Ghost still won’t keep it real with him and instead talks about Kanaan. Tommy didn’t lie but he also starts talking about Kanaan. Dre bitch ass actually told him the truth. Raina was also lied to so now she sympathizes with Tariq but Tariq still a fuck nigga so he still treat her like shit. At this point I’m kinda over his storyline. It’s gotten boring. He’s a rich kid who probably wanna be a gangsta in the future. Make it happen or end his story. 



Ghost gives Tasha a new ring to wear to the welcome home party thrown by Simon at Truth. He don’t care bout that woman at all and she don’t care about him so them being together happily will never happen and if it does that would be some shitty ass writing. Anyway. Ghost is at his welcome home party with politicians and I think they are about to take this real estate deal and gentrify a hood in New York somewhere and Ghost bout to look like a uncle tom ass nigga. The good news in all of this is that the interview lady wants the dick and she kinda fire. My nigga O-Dog might save the day. Apparently Simon hates him. 



I’m sorry. I don’t give a fuck about none of these weak ass lawyers. Fuck Angela. Fuck that rapist looking ass white guy. He looks like he fucks horses and other weird shit. That black nigga look like he drinks Bud Ice outta paper bags. Han from Fast & Furious needs to go hop in a honda accord that sounds like a hummingbird and go find Dom Toretto. Sandoval looks like he owns a stamp collection. All these lawyers are taking up valuable time for gangsta shit on Power. Proctor the only real nigga left and hopefully he stays that way. Sandoval has been pointed out so hopefully they wrap that shit up soon. 



So she was out with Aunt Lakeisha huh? Sneaking to do karaoke and get some penis from that square ass lawyer. That nigga look like Morris Chestnut his favorite actor. Boy straight out a Tyler Perry film. He look like a nigga that would try to argue me up and down about what’s real hip hop and tell me Talib Kweli the greatest rapper ever. Of course this nigga goes on to have the worse sex scene in Power history with Tasha. He didn’t deserve to share the stage with those titties. Nope. No way. 



Surprise! Teresi is Tommy’s dad. Oh no! You had me fooled!!! Who would’ve guessed? No one care bout that shit. Pay Tommy all the child support you missed and get the fuck outta here. Is Tommy gone kill Dre weak ass or not? That's what I'm concerned about. 

There’s too much shit going on.