But it ain’t over. You can still win both nights. 

Now a bitter nigga would see a VIBES lineup without their name on it and immediately run to social media and whine like a bozo. Whether it’s putting down other creatives, businessmen and women or slandering the event itself those type of humans won’t get far if they never change their outlook. They don’t get it and weren’t real supporters to begin with. 

If you support VIBES then you understand how it operates. When people have a “Me Me Me” mindset it’s like talking to a brick wall or trying to describe a color to a blind person trying to explain how VIBES works. VIBES is only dope to them when it works in their favor and they can benefit from it. So they either will not come which is fine or come but be mad the whole time and spread fake love. It's cool either way. You will look like the fool for being negative. The event will go on. 

A smart man or woman would see their name is not on the lineup and still see opportunity. There’s a benefit in everything but people’s selfishness fucks up their mindset. See we are in an era where people just want to be apart of something. Which is good and bad. The good side of that for example is a person who only wants to attach themselves to positive groups, people, and events and spread more positivity. 

The bad side of wanting to be apart of something is that some people just wanna be seen and their only end goal is to just be seen. Their creativity and business basically comes second. They just want popularity. They don’t care about growth. They just love to see their name attached to something. They’re fame hungry. This is why you see people jump clique to clique and gang to gang. Just wave ride until they used all of that groups wave then find another group coattails to ride. 

How can you benefit from an art event you weren’t featured in? Oh the possibilities my children. There’s so many. I speak fluent jugg. I speak fluent boss. I want you all to do so too so this how you can benefit. 

For example If you’re a photographer not featured on this lineup, what’s stopping you from bringing prints in a bag and selling them inside or outside? There’s no rule against it. Even if there was a rule against it. You have a computer in your pocket called a smartphone that takes high quality pictures. Take a picture of the prints put em on your phone and keep the prints in your car. Show em to people inside and if they wanna buy you move em out the trunk during or after the show. 

Staying with photography. Bring your camera. Take dope ass pictures of the events. Introduce yourself to every artist and ask for a picture and give them your I.G and Twitter cause they’re gonna want it anyway because you took pictures of them and their work. After that. Take pictures of EVERYBODY especially women. Women will hound the fuck outta you about where can they see the pictures. Give them your I.G and Put the pics on your I.G and Your name and work will spread. Over a thousand people come to this. If you can at least get 50 people to know what you do. You’ve won without being featured. 

You sell merch. Get a table and post up outside and slang shirts. Since when have pop up shops died? Go to the venues and meet face to face with someone to ask them for permission and let them know your intentions and if they say no then fuck it post up in parking lot for lil bit and slang yo shit. I think they won’t trip off merch being sold so you might be good. I’ve done pop up shows outside venues when I was rapping. The shit works. If you don’t wanna get a lil table and post up outside then bring a bag full of shirts and get those shits off in the venue. People coming to spend money. Getchu some of it. 

Videographers? What’s stopping you from making a dope ass mini documentary of the event? Take the same approach as the photographer. Film EVERYBODY. Get your I.G, Facebook, and Twitter out there. 

Graphic designers can do the same thing. Bring the bag to get the bag. Author’s too. I seen Kayla Thompson sellout a bag full of her books at AMP 2017. That’s how you supposed to do it. Take the grind everywhere you go. Fuck that "I’m not featured so I’m not gone work" shit. You got work to do. You don't have time to be upset or sad. 

If you really wanna do some dope shit, give out some free shit to a few featured artists and people. Nobody ever forgets someone who gave them dope free shit. Give out 2 shirts or something. Take a pic of them with it and get their social media info. Make a friend, fan, possible future collaborator. 

Now as far as rappers go. You can try the pop up performance idea. If you a rapper that has their shit together as far as merch goes you can do the same shit just post up outside and slang your shirts. If you have USB's of your music (Look that shit up) or you still push CD's slang those too. Rappers are little more difficult because everybody do that shit so the last thing strangers wanna do is be bothered by a unknown rapper at an event.

If the shit above you can't pull off in time just go to VIBES and find as many producers and DJ's as possible and get all their info, pay them for their services, and get in the studio and cook up some dope shit. Get the DJ's info so you can possibly do a 5 song mix with one of them to get your name out there. Combine fans. Get off that whining about not performing shit and look at the big picture. Everybody has a phone and it's crazy that we use these phones for everything BUT business and opportunity. Exchange social media info and send them your soundcloud later. Get a videographer info. Get a photographer info. Get a chef info. Get a painter info. You can collab in so many creative ways it's insane. 

I also want all you people to get off that talkative on Twitter but can't say hi in real life shit. You missing out on so much by doing that. You missing all opportunity. What's the worse that can happen if you come up to me and say "Are you jayjaybenny?" I'm not gone tell you get the fuck out my face. I'm going to tell you yes that's me and ask what's your name and we're going to become pals. Simple. Talk to everybody that's one of the reasons why VIBES exist. It's for you to meet other cool humans such as yourself. It's for other creatives to meet other creatives and form bonds. 

I just want y’all to stop thinking so limited. Stop thinking short term. Long term is the game. Longevity is the goal. You’re not in VIBES this year. It’s not a tragedy. There’s opportunity in everything. It’s up to you to keep your ego in check and realize it. Bring ya asses out. 

Get your tickets for both nights Sept 1 and Sept 2 from the link below.