I'll make this as quick as I can. Just got to get something off my chest. 


So I was filming some shit the other night (Soon shall see) and as I sat back at my desk and opened up my computer I thought to myself....


“I’m blessed to know who I am.” 


If you read shit that I write then you would identify me as a writer since that’s how you probably heard of me but a writer is not who I am. It’s just a title of what I enjoy doing to pass time. It doesn’t define me. The deeper I get into this shit the more I just don’t care about the titles anymore. Whatever you wanna call what I do and create is up to you. I don’t mind. 

As the internet continues to be the biggest factor in almost everyones life and continues to make people rich and famous faster than the speed of light I’ve noticed this really weird trend. The more time passes the more titles people add to themselves. 

You ever look at someone bio and they literally have 84578 creative titles.

Content Creator
Graphic Artist
Fashion Designer
The nigga that killed Tupac 


First off WHAT THE FUCK IS A CONTENT CREATOR? JUST SAY WHAT THE FUCK YOU DO! I may be overreacting but content creator is the most pretentious, narcissistic, fake, wannabe important shit you could call yourself. I create content every fucking day and I don’t even call myself that shit. Just say what the fuck you actually do and be done with it. Niggas call themselves that shit to make themselves sound lavish, gaudy, and important on social media and it’s always someone who’s not decent at anything and out here moonlighting as an artist or business man and woman that calls themselves a content creator. 

Don’t get me started on the word “Curator.” I’ve seen people call themselves curators and I swear they haven’t curated shit in their life. It’s just a trendy ass word that no one knows the fucking definition of and they’ve just seen it thrown around on Instagram and Twitter and just woke up one day and said “Fuck it I’m a be a curator. Maybe if I put it in my bio it might just come true.” 

Oh shit before I forget.. FUCK THE TITLE "INFLUENCER!" OH MY GOD I HATE THAT TITLE! HOLY FUCK!!! All you've influenced is continuous bullshit your whole life and how not to be efficient and prosperous in any creative field you've pretended to be apart of and you have influenced more mindless and cult-like weirdos to be in the way of real individuals who want to bring results and creatively change things for the better. Influence deez nuts. 

Anyway off of the fake fancy creative words. 

This what it is. When people add more titles to themselves it’s easy to see that they don’t know themselves and they think that’s the solution of defining who they really are but what they don’t understand are how empty those titles are when it’s all said and done. They give themselves these titles to make themselves feel important and hope that someone understands them. It’s almost delusional when you think about it.

For example I just can’t see myself writing for the sole purpose of winning awards. Like I don’t wanna write to win an Emmy or Oscar. Fuck both of those awards. Actually fuck all awards. They’re pointless but I say that to say if I do receive one of those awards I bet that after a day or two I’m gonna be like “That’s it?” All there’s left to do is add “Emmy Award Winning Writer” to all my social media bio’s and finally feel like “somebody” but nothing will change except maybe more opportunities and maybe money but I won’t change, the world won’t either. I’ll still be Benny and I’ll realize that the titles don’t matter. I write to help people. Whether that’s give advice from my perspective or to make someone laugh and smile

Everybody just wanna be apart of something. Everybody wanna feel important. Everybody has this “look at me! look at me!” syndrome and when they feel they’re not getting enough attention they add more titles to their name so they can feel accomplished. Everyone wants to be in the mix. If there’s something cool going on everyone wants exclusive access to it. Not for themselves but to stunt for an audience. If you’re in the mix you matter I guess. It’s why I keep to myself a lot. Everybody performing for somebody whether they know it or not. Everything a show. 

You can add all the titles to your name if you want to. It won’t make you good at any of it and they don’t define you. People really try to fake their way through shit. We’re seeing people playing entrepreneur and pretending they’re rich by renting out houses, bitches, and boats to flex on Instagram so it ain’t shit to pretend to be a DJ or a fashion designer. 

I pray you all live up to all the titles you’ve placed upon yourselves. I want you to achieve at the highest degree with those titles attached to you so you can truly see how empty they are.