18 THINGS FOR 2018


Luffy kinda year ahead of me. 


18 quotes I'll live out in 2018. You can join me. If you'd like. 



"Whatever Happens, Happens."

Spike Spiegel said it best. I'm a just light one and let God guide the way like I've been doing the last 2 years. 



"Why isn’t there enough time?"

I ask this to everyone who asks me for advice because we usually end up on the subject of time. Figure out why there isn't enough time and how you respond to the true answer determines if a change will come. 



"I’m not interested in things that don’t concern me." 

This quote is why my blog has gotten where it's gotten thus far. I'm interested in my family, my business, and God. 



"There’s power in options."

You can really do what the fuck you wanna do. You don't have to work that shitty job. You don't have to be in that relationship. You can eat what the fuck you want. There's power in options. 



"I’m not a genius." 

Genius is a heavy word. It's used loosely. We can carry genius.  We're not geniuses. God is genius. The universe is genius. Genius is all knowing and I don't know shit. 


"It might not work."

Very true. I'm still shooting regardless. Fuck you thought?



"You can rig the game." 

You do know you can somewhat determine the outcome of your position? You can rig the game in your favor. It's your life. 



"Creativity = Collaboration & Connected Minds." 

You wanna know the essence of creativity? Do it with dope like minded souls. 



"Are they loyal behind my back?"

If I have to ask myself this question about a human being then they're not near me. 



"I’m a student forever."

Told you I don't know shit so this is what I'll remain foreva eva. 



"What’s being ignored by everyone? Search within it."

The things everyone ignore I'm willing to bet there's a gem in those things. Search through that pile of things society has tossed to the side. 



"Connect your hobby, job, career, vocation together."

Hobby = What you'd happily do for free.

Job = It pays your bills.

Career = What you'd make sacrifices for. 

Vocation = What the universe has chosen you for. 

Combine those 4 things like Megazord and you've won at life. 



"Becoming yourself isn’t easy."

It took me 29 years to find out who the fuck I really am. There's still pieces to the puzzle. 



"Legacy, Legacy, Legacy."

Fuck the money. I been stopped chasing money. I'm chasing legacy. Legacy will always be the most valuable. It's timeless and isn't printed. I focus on getting better at my love which is writing and focus on being a better person. It's about how I make people feel. Not my car, or my Rolex, or what's in my closet. Legacy is the game the winners play. 



"It’s on me."

If I take a loss. It's on me. Nobody owe me shit. If a nigga do some fake shit that fucks shit up for me then it's on me for giving them the opportunity. If I invest in something and I take a loss then it's my fault. I don't care who's wrong or right. It's on me. Accountability. 



"I love you."

I said this a lot last year. I'll say it and show it even more this year. 



"A person who’s always thinking has nothing to think about except thoughts."

Forgot where I heard this but it's true as fuck. Think about it. Pun intended.  



"Everything Remains Raw."

I'll always remain Benny. Stand up nigga. Never fold. What I do will always be real. Everything will remain raw.