Aye I just finished episode 3 and this shit made me laugh. A lot. Fuck 12 I’m not mentioning them in this shit. Ever but I will say this about this episode. The girl who the officer wife is the worse actress ever. Ass kinda nice though. Anyway let me start. 




Brandon needs to stick to making Instagram Thot Dinner Plates cause this street shit not for him. Just swallow the hurt and take the L of losing his brother. How the fuck you nervous about buying a gun? Scary ass got pistol whipped like a former Death Row Records employee. 



The fuck this nigga Ronnie smoking. He ain’t smoking no weed. That nigga might be a sherm head. Coogie just chilling on the couch like he pay rent. 



Brandon momma boyfriend disrespectful as fuck. That nigga said “Dropped Coogie” like Coogie was the opps or some random nigga on the street. 



Emmett still has a lot to learn. All he had to say was “Just the tip baby” and Keisha would’ve let him slide in. No sex and not being able to take a shit in peace. Welcome to fatherhood. It scares me. A lot. 



Boaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Jason momma is bad and how in the hell Ronnie Patty and Selma from The Simpsons sounding ass end up with that woman? Fuck a relationship that nigga Ronnie needs a cough drop. Nigga voice raspier than a Jadakiss ad lib. 



Q just walking around the Chicago streets with a Hawaiian shirt and dried up perm punking  young niggas. That old nigga weird as fuck but he got sauce. How the fuck this nigga hop in a nigga Benz truck and tell him what the fuck to do? First of all if a nigga had a Benz truck I doubt they’d be wearing the standard Burberry Baby Daddy at the baby shower shirt. He’d have on some Balmain. A nigga in a baby shower uniform run the hood? I don’t believe it. 



You know what? I’m tired of this lil girl. She raping Lil Kevin. 



This nigga said it’s bald eagles in Tennessee. The only bald eagles in Tennessee is on a Yo Gotti chain. 



That dirty ass street voodoo nigga look like he from a Candyman movie. Ronnie a grown ass man and he folding up over a handshake. 



How the fuck Ronnie on the streets all damn day and night and don’t know who killed Jason? Especially a basketball star. The streets would’ve known in under 48 hours or at least have an idea of who did it. It’s how it works. Also what the fuck this nigga Ronnie do for money? This nigga has the most random ass life ever. I’m tired of that nigga. 



Damn Brandon’s momma finally not acting like a demon. It was cool to see her actually bond with Brandon instead of argue and yelling at this nigga like a Meek Mill verse. 



Who don’t fuck with Internet titties? This old free loading nigga been tripping in every scene he in. 



Aye this old nigga Q bought a crib like he was grocery shopping. When a nigga says “Contact my lawyer” when it comes to purchasing shit that means that nigga got off shore account money and has beaten murder cases. That’s a nigga you do not wanna fuck with. He got I’ll make a nigga in your gang betray you money. He really bought that crib to sit on that angry ass trap nigga. I don’t know dude name. I just call him angry ass trap nigga. 



Angry ass trap nigga tried to recruit Emmett soft ass to trap. Emmett would actually be good at that shit he just scary. Emmett a rightful hustler. He just gotta focus. He made the right choice for now. You don’t want Angry Ass Trap Nigga as your boss. 



I bet Brandon wished he bought that damn gun now that he see this raspy voiced bum in front of him. This hoe nigga Ronnie got a furnace in his throat.


Bruh who killed Jason and why? I'm hella interested.