Aye it’s Benny and I’m on Groupon while listening to “2002” by pinkcaravan! If you give a fuck about what I think… let’s go. 

“2002” should’ve been the soundtrack to Sailor Moon (Both Versions) and Pokemon. 

Out the gate pinkcaravan! aka The St.Louis version on Vanellope Von Schweetz reminds niggas why her raps are a a Costco size bag of all pink starbursts and some cognac on the opening track “Hot Wheelz”….. translation a good mothafucking night. 

Purple Dinosaur sounds like a perfect date. A perfect date is watching old shows from Nick Jr while roasted off superior trees. Remember Franklin the turtle? That lil nigga would love this song. I know Mister Rogers is listening to this happy sad shit smiling from heaven in a fresh cardigan thinking “Go PinkCaravan! Go!” And he probably said some Mister Rogers ass quote like “I’m glad you are the way you are.” Aye how many niggas got a Barney feature? Shoutout to a dinosaur that taught niggas how to clean. 

The Bombpopman brings back memories. When I was a kid Our Bombpopman sold bomb pops, strawberry shortcakes, non laters, hot pickles, Tommy Gear wave caps and mid. That nigga Gerard deserves a Humanitarian Award. We ain’t even know it was mid we just wanted to smoke like Bone Thugs N Harmony. I dedicate this beautiful pinkcaravan! song to you Gerard The Bombpopman. I don’t know where the fuck you are but I know life has treated you well cause you were a saint in my hood. 

If prime Young Dro colored chevy raps had a sibling it would be “Missy Elliot.” This song is the type of music that plays in my head when I’m daydreaming and ignoring old people trying to lecture me about getting a real job. 

Somebody call Tommy Genesis for the “Caterpillar” remix. It’s time. 

“Tinted 5” might be a hit high key. Your edges lay themselves down when you hear this song. Why is this such a baddie anthem? Pass me my ray bans and a drink darker than Lupita when I listen to this. Meela and pinkcaravan! got Arnold and Gerald chemistry on the track. 

“It’s my money I need it you guessed it now.” I promise to always say this to people who waste my time. 

This a good ass EP. Listen to this. Niggas gone be jammin for a minute.   


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