Emmett look like a living Mickey D’s commercial running to work. 



These niggas slanging guns like them white weirdos in the first Lethal Weapon movie. 



Jake is doing what I think the young kids call “Clout Chasing” by posing with that gun in a picture. 



Brandon cousin Shed full of weed with a music system in it is a dream of mine. Think about playing Jazz and just smoking so much weed you can see the notes being played in the music. 



Brandon and his cousin bonding is lame. Lame as in these niggas just both nice as fuck and I’m a need one of these niggas to do some off the wall shit to entertain me. 



This nigga Q got more Hawaiian shirts than a Riverboat Gambler. 



Ronnie need to keep his strep throat ass in the house. All this nigga do is walk the streets, fuck up, and not accomplish shit. Most unproductive nigga in television history. 



If Q don’t get his “The Temptations making a comeback head ass” on somewhere. Grabbing these Diary Of A Mad Woman ass niggas for his squad. 



Emmett character developing hella slow. Bring the baby momma back. 



Nigga who killed Jason? I’m impatient. 



Brandon and his cousin both don’t know shit about women. At all. 



This episode really peaceful. Feels like a filler episode. 



Jake gone hurt that nigga who threatened him cause of his brother. He gone be a savage. Shit will be sad as fuck too. We're basically see Jake justify gangsta shit piece by piece these last 2 episodes. He's interesting. 



"Angry Trap Nigga" operation so sloppy. They shit just all in the open but at least he know Q watching them. A crew that attended a kickback where a nigga was ass naked in a baby pool not worth shit.



Brandon cousin do too much. Nigga sit down. Sending a dick pic and using another nigga phone to do it breaks code. Not cool. 


Q is Jason father. Been knew that and this nigga punked Angry Trap Nigga in a 1996 Jay-Z music video hat. 



Brandon, Ronnie, and Kevin being at the block party at the same time could’ve had more urgency to it. I didn’t really feel nervous or anything and Brandon responded to the situation like I thought he would. He’s a nice guy. 



Every great party ends with Jodeci. 



I hate Jerikka more than Tariq from Power. Like I said in the last review. Get rid of that broad. Even if she not fucking that nigga she brought to the block party that’s some corny shit. Then you got that nigga comfortable to speak about their business in public. I would’ve beat that nigga ass. Now if she is fucking with dude then obviously that’s trash too because this nigga Brandon going through trauma and this hoe ain’t did shit for this nigga but add more stress to his life. It’s time for Brandon to turn heel and fuck his boss girlfriend. It’s time for that nigga to cut this nice bullshit and do something filthy. Fuck Jerikka. 



This episode was slow motion.