Hi. I'm Benny Greenheart and you know why I'm here. 



A O.G wit a clean white beater with no holes in it? Aw naw I’m a need this nigga Greavy to get a can of bud ice and a dirty white beater to redeem himself immediately. 



Shoutout to Laverne and Greavy getting married in the courthouse, having a cookout and then going on a cruise. That’s how you supposed to do it. I don’t really fuck with cruises though take me to Italy and lemme drink half my weight in wine. 



Heineken’s? That’s strike 2 for Greavy in a span of 5 minutes nah nigga you better drink some E&J with Brandon. 



Damn bruh Common hand shake kinda rough. He put his first 6 solo albums into that hand shake. Ronnie need some kinda God though. Homie been wandering around Chicago lost as fuck. Figuratively and literally. He don’t ever know where to go. Allah, Buddha, Future Hendrixx pick any God he needs one. 



Brandon still putting on that job interview voice at work. Chill nigga. You got the job already. 



White girl trying hard. She got that slick thirst and Brandon a creep and I don’t blame him. 



Can I trust you? Shit with the state of affairs in America I should be asking you that chef. Brandon gotta stop calling that dude chef. Only Chef we acknowledge is Raekwon The Chef from Wu-Tang and Thug Motivation 101 Jeezy cause he was over the stove cheffing them yams up.



Bruh they finessed. 5 G's for that sneaker collection and Emmett didn’t have to eat that weak ass unseasoned lunch she offered. White lady kinda looked like she was ready to throw Emmett some of that “My husband ain’t shit pussy” Dodge it future entrepreneurial young king. Dodge it. 



I’m convinced Ronnie has no friends. These dudes he hang with ain’t shit. Change ya company bruh. 



Had to pause the show pour some champagne and play “You’re Always On My Mind” by SWV when my future baby momma Tracy appeared on my tv and she didn’t cooperate with the punk ass police. I think I love her *Gucci Mane voice* 



Another Episode, Another Hawaiian shirt, Another Trapper to punk for Q. The Don Cheadle looking trap nigga gotta do something. First Q takes his dog and looks at him like “You ain’t gone do shit” then he dropping philosophical river bars from Herclitus make him look stupid. Don Cheadle Looking Trap nigga lost all respect from his crew. He should’ve went over to Q yard by himself. It makes me wonder about Q’s past. Dude past more mysterious than Marlo from The Wire. He had to have done some ruthless shit for 7 gangstas to not do shit to him by himself. These lil niggas stupid though. They playing checkers and Q been calling checkmate. 2 different games going on. 



Jada and Ms.Ethel bonding was really cool to see. Ms.Ethel cool as fuck. I’d smoke a joint then go visit her every week just to talk if I could. She’d have me rolling. But she was speaking some real shit to Jada though You can’t guard your heart forever..... And Ms.Ethel was facilitating bible group dick in Jada direction. Ms.Ethel cares. 



The first thing I said when I seen Emmett posted with a truck full of shoes was “He better have a gun” And of course this dumbass got robbed selling the shoes. Fake shoes. 



Jada a freak. Do ya thang mam. You deserve it. 



Jason girl pregnant. The plot thickens and my baby momma Tracy didn’t like her? Come on Tracy Stall her out. 



Fuck these weak ass cops bruh. They slow down the story and shit. 



Damn Jason called 911 before he died. That’s crazy. 



Brandon brings ol girl to his momma cookout. Does a toast. He a good guy. Wouldn’t expect any less from him. 



Q a fucking savage. He laid the whole crib down like a Grand Theft Auto mission and took all the guns. Don Cheadle Trap Nigga gotta go Rocket on “Colors” and do something back. Actually Angry Trap nigga might do something first. You know he can’t help himself. If Q goes back to his crib after what he just did he will be the realest mothafucka in the history of television. 



Brandon finally wins. Wear her out king. Wear her out. Make her call you “Chef.”



Jerrika wasn’t on this episode. I’m conflicted. I want her on every episode cause she always doing or saying some dumb shit I can make fun of but then she gets on my nerves too. So I don't know how to feel. I guess she's what Bane from Batman said. She's necessary evil. 


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