I’m childish but my relationships ain’t. Here’s are some things that will determine if your relationship childish you lil bitch you. 





If there are non stop arguments either one of you are childish as fuck or both of you are. I’m no stranger to laughing during arguments. It’s wrong of me to do that because all she wants from me is to just understand where she’s coming from and why she’s upset. Usually I do that to prevent me from saying some dumb shit but once it goes past a disagreement about an incident or behavior and it goes into personal attacks and goes into disrespect that’s when you should just walk away. If it goes into disrespect and personal attacks every time there’s a disagreement between you both that means the relationship is immature and highly likely it won’t get better. There's a difference between arguments and disagreements. 





If you forgive your significant other for whatever they did then act like it and move on. Don’t continue to hold it over their head like a kid. You made the decision to forgive. If you didn’t mean it then leave. 





A relationship full of deadlines and people who keeping track of the time for EVERYTHING are annoying and needy as fuck. There’s no deadline to move in together, get married, have kids, or anything. Just shut the fuck up, eat, fuck, and travel.





We understand you in a relationship. We get it. We saw the 84938 photos. We saw the corny ass captions. But when you’re more concerned with trying to impress me and other mothafuckas that have nothing to do with your relationship instead of trying to improve your bond and relationship with your partner you will lose every time. Fakery always has a time limit. It’s only so long you can pretend. We know you dying on the inside and you haven’t been happy in months. You just bored. Fix that shit. Impress who you with. Not the people who you wouldn’t even invite to your wedding. 





Everybody knows yall issues. If not everybody then close friends. No one keeps their relationship business in house anymore. If you running to tell people your relationship business you’re childish. Even telling your best friends is a violation to me. One childish thing I used to do in the past is that when me and this particular woman would have issues I’d talk to my pops about it mainly to vent, let out my frustrations, and ask for advice. Kinda on some Michael and Vito Corleone shit. Now my pops solid. He’d never tell anyone what I told him and he never has but I was still wrong for telling him about me and her issues while they were still going on and I’m a grown man I need to figure it out on my own. I shouldn’t have told him anything until the issue between me and her was resolved and we both moved past it. You shouldn’t be telling anyone shit about what go on between you and yours unless it’s some life or death shit. Casual talk cool but every time there’s an argument and you leaving instead of getting through it and telling your friends about it when shit not resolved is lame. Meet up face to face and talk about it. 





Look. Rarely does someone have a clean past. We living life. Mistakes come with this shit but to constantly keep bringing up your partner past is just some weirdo kiddie insecure shit. Quit bringing up their past relationships. They’re with you now. Who cares how many people he or she fucked before you. You are their final destination, God willing. If I met a girl with 25 bodies on her body count then what in the fuck does that have to do with me? If I like her. I like her. End of story. I don’t give a fuck about that shit. You both been on journeys before you met. When you made it official to take that step into a relationship you both have clean records. Act like it. 





You want a hood girl. Who cares. You want a preppy nigga. Who cares. You want a girl who not friendly. Who cares. You want a nigga that’s fashionable. Who gives a fuck. How about just a person you click with? People who chase types are childish by nature and that immaturity carries over to the relationship and the shit don’t last because they fail to realize “ain’t-shitness” comes in every type whether they skinny, thick, fat, short, tall, smart, dumb, rich, poor, hood, suburb, whatever. A person may not be interested in all the things I’m interested in and vice versa but that doesn’t mean we’re not compatible. That’s like me saying the women I date have to like anime and have a certain body type. Just because a woman likes anime and I like anime don’t mean shit because there are so many variables outside of type that makes relationships succeed or fail. 





You should already be complete before you attempt a relationship with anybody. Go find “yourself” on your own fucking time. If anyone ever tell you “You complete me” tell them to get they missing puzzle piece ass the fuck away from you because they’re childish and low-key crazy. Trust me. Any human being looking for another human being to complete them has a lot of growing up to do. It’s not up to a woman to change me. It’s not up to me to change her. We accepted who we both are the moment we decided to be together. It’s my responsibility to complete myself or become the man I wanna become and no one else’s. A relationship is 2 complete human beings. Not 1. Get yall I need another human to be complete like Cell from Dragonball Z looking asses the fuck on somewhere with that bullshit. Grow up. 






I’m just not for trying to change people or their habits in a relationship. If you a vegan and they eat meat just leave each other the fuck alone when it comes to food. Yall can enjoy shit together despite that. My Godfather wife is vegan and he’s not. She leaves him the fuck alone and lets him eat what he wants. She knew he ate meat before they got married. For example I go to the gym 3-4 times a week. If I date a woman who doesn’t go to the gym at all and I knew that before we got serious then I have no right to get upset if she doesn’t want to go to the gym with me during the relationship. I knew what the fuck was going on before we got to that point. And this is how it ends for people who do end up changing who they are for their partner in the relationship. They finally change and become the person their partner was begging them to become and then their partner leaves them for another person who were what they used to be before they changed so basically they changed for nothing.





Ah yes. One of the oldest relationship debates of all time. The split debate. Should things be 50/50 when it comes to bills. That’s a big no for me. College kids in their first off campus apartments do 50/50 splits. Not 2 adults living together in a relationship. If you can’t do it as a man then don’t live together until you can. Simple. My momma has never made a mortgage payment in her life. My pops always held that down. There was a point in time where my momma made more money than my pops and he still took care of the bills. Now there can be circumstances that can cause you to go the 50/50 route like if you got laid off suddenly and ya girl wants to help you out while you’re going through it but a man gone get back on his feet ASAP. You’re the man. You’re the leader. You’re the captain. If you complaining about splits you weak. Be the provider you childish fuckhead.  





Relationships not just Instagram photos with cool ass captions, surprise nudes, head ass youtube channels together, and both of yall looking fire as fuck 24/7. It’s peaks and valleys. Some days you may not wanna be around your partner cause they’re annoying you. Somedays you won’t feel like looking your best for your partner. It’s normal. It’s life. You gotta make romance and real shit harmonize. The honeymoon stage is not forever. When it’s over that’s when love really starts. You both have to know how to implement romance and reality. The immature only does one or the other instead of living out both. Everything can’t be romance all the time. Everything can’t be logic all the time. It can’t always be butterflies and hearts or it can’t always be black and white. I’m guilty of that. Sometimes I think so black and white when it comes to certain things and I gotta remind myself (usually after the fact) that some things don’t have simple answers and solutions and the grey area exists for a reason. Your relationship needs a little bit of romance and a little bit of real shit. 





One of my biggest pet peeves is when I’m trying to have honest communication and the person I’m talking to does not open up at all. They run and hide from what they truly feeling because it’s uncomfortable for them. If I’m with you that means I respect you and if I respect you that means I wanna hear everything on your mind no matter if it’s good or bad. If you grown as fuck and can’t tell who you with how you feel you need to reevaluate your life. Nothing will improve if you hiding emotion. Communicate what you want and make it clear. 



Grow up lil hoes.