My nigga Q took more guns than the last level of Grand Theft Auto Vice City. 



I forgot Kevin had a sister and I forgot she dates Emmett. She just disappeared like Judy from “Family Matters”



I know my homies can relate to they momma inviting their ex over to the crib without letting you know. That shit happened to me and I was PISSED. I know what Brandon going through. Brandon mom gotta let him know when evil has returned. Then Jerrika got the NERVE to have a attitude about the situation like she wasn’t at the block party with the Shamar Moore head ass nigga. She should’ve texted him that she was helping sell the house cause if the shoe was on the other foot she would want the same respect. Brandon should’ve just walked off and not said anything. That nigga too nice. 



Q really gave away 100 guns for some target gift cards and pastries. GOAT. 



Nobody asked those people to make a memorial of Jason. Why Sheryl Underwood sister tripping. Good to see Tracy actually go to a place where she can release her emotion about losing her son and it helps it’s with women going through the same tragedy. 



I’m tired of these cops. Ronnie just helped this bitch ass cop and dude still on some hoe shit. 



Poppa been the funniest nigga every episode. Lil homie been dropping gems every episode. “WHATCHU MEAN? ALL THE HONEY’S COMING TO SEE ME!” He sounds like me. 



Awwww Jada in trouble. I’m sad. I like her a lot. 



Bruh.. ain’t it this white boy responsibility to find out who took his shit out of his inventory? Brandon can’t tell a lie or play it smooth to save his life. He ain’t normal. 



Q and Emmett bonding is dope. I liked seeing how Q explains how he seen his father slaved for pennies and died on the job and his family didn’t get shit for it and you now understand why Q does what he does. I don’t blame him. Can’t go out like that. 



Tracy so mean to Ronnie. Nigga done got shot. Damn near bout to do jail time. Got her son phone back. Been limping all over Chicago like he Omar in Season 5 of The Wire and she still so cold towards him. Damn be thankful. Any other nigga would’ve been said “fuck it” but he doing better police work than the police. She acting like Laura Winslow towards him when she should be acting like Myra ya feel me? It’s time for Ronnie to fallback…….. so I can swoop in. 



A nigga stick a gun in my face and I see him again….. yeah it’s cracking. Run me my fade and then you can give me my fish. Brandon being nice as fuck again. 



Crooked ass cops fucked with the phone records and now this dumbass officer sees how trash his profession is. 



Angry Ass Trap Nigga and Don Cheadle Trap nigga scene was funny. Don Cheadle ain’t beat his ass over those guns. He beat his ass because he gave a grown ass man a juice box. Stay woke. Peep the messages. 



Emmett smart for not doing what Q told him. He ain’t that type of dude. Q gotta get touched bruh. You took his dog, guns, and now you fuck with him while he getting a lining. Q has gone too far and gotta get seen or them niggas is pussy. 



AYE I’M CALLING THIS LIL NIGGA “BIG BOSS JAKE” dude a super savage in the making. I expect nothing less from “Angry Ass Trap Nigga” brother. 



Aye this voodoo nigga brings home the skankiest skanks to that trash ass crib. Clean ya house bruh and Ronnie dying in your living room. 



BIG BOSS JAKE GOT THE GLOCK ON HIM IN THE SKATING RINK. LEVEL 1 OF SUPER SAVAGE TRAINING COMPLETE! Jokes aside though that lil dude crazy. Told yall he bout to be on some ignorant shit. It’s all he’s seen his whole life. 



Why Big Boss Jake give Kevin that bad advice? He got the 9 on em and now we know he's gonna treat women like shit because of his brother. 



Brandon just gotta shut the fuck up. He talk too much. What the fuck he think she was gone do? Ride for them? I’m glad he quit though. He can have his own food truck or business. 



Bruh if a woman don’t trust you after years of being together and saw no signs of violence from you ever and you’ve been a good guy all your life and she won’t let you explain a situation where your life was in danger then that’s a woman you DON’T need. I be ready to throw my tv whenever Brandon don’t man up when he around Jerrika. You gotta release ya inner Tommy Bunz from “Belly” and just yell “SHUT THE FUCK UP! LISTEN!!!” Just don’t shake her Brandon. Just leave her. This is the most unsupportive woman I’ve ever seen. Fresh Prince Pops shows more support to Will than she does to Brandon. 



I remember my first kiss at the skating rink. I was holding French Fries like a playa and didn’t drop none of em when Erica kissed me.



Thanks to that bad advice Kevin got, Andrea and her cousin are gonna be throwing subliminal shots at each other on Facebook when they grow up. Resentment in black families is real as fuck. 



You left me my son to take care of and now you wanna Indian give? I would’ve cussed that girl clean the fuck out in front of my momma. Woulda been on some Jody in “Baby Boy” shit. “Get the fuck off my porch.” Actually my momma probably would’ve tried to beat her ass. 



BRUH FINALLY! Q my nigga but it’s hella unrealistic that he bullying street niggas and ain’t nobody bussing no moves. Somebody would’ve got touched. Angry Ass Trap Nigga putting in work with the 2000 Nelly bandaid on his face. 


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