I dunno. Lily’s mom looks like a cauliflower 



When paperboi said “Bitch I need reparations niggas tired of dancin like the temptations…. I felt that more than any slave movie I’ve seen the past 25 years and Wakanda combined. 



She cried when she read “Shoutout Kapernick” Mom’s like her are the reason Kap ain’t got a job like Craig right now. 



I need some white tears to be bestowed upon me cause a nigga tired of barely affording my margarita habit. 



This waiter look like he went undrafted in the NFL and has a flat booty becky as his fiancé. He hella angry yelling at Earn so Domestic Violence charges might be in his future. Ilena Cousin from Menace II Society probably his pops he look like that nigga. “Which one of you niggas is kane” head ass boy. 



Earn better than me. I would’ve thrown that shot glass right at his forehead. 



“Put Me On” is the war cry for every struggle rapper and bum ass nigga of mankind



You ever been rained on? Like you giving a stripper 3 dollars and a athlete make it rain behind you and shower you and the stripper with 5’s and 20’s and you just stand there frozen and realizing what a horrible mistake you’ve made cause now you look like a broke hoe? Yeah that happened to me. That’s getting stunted on. 



Going to a Beyonce concert with a woman means she’s marriage material. 



I forgot Earn is a father. 



Clark is an asshole with a pocket full of Underground Railroads…..and I love it! 



Clark lying in his raps. I spoke too soon. 



Look at this nigga Clark face every time he talk reckless to the engineer. Nigga look possessed. 



I would’ve cussed that lady smooth out and we would be seeing a movie for free. 



That white man look like a librarian he ain’t gone do shit with that gun under that Dead Poets Society ass jacket he got on. 



One of the movies playing is called “56 Nights” lmaoooooo 



Cocaine White Cheddar sound fire as fuck. 



Poor white boy bout get that guitar smashed over his head like Jeff Jarrett. 



Earn went and paid $20 to get into a hookah bar. He deserves a disastrous night. 



Bruh I wouldn’t have paid that muddasucka shit. How the fuck you don’t have one of those pens that can detect fake bills and you a whole ass business. Somebody play that African “OH MY GOD!” video right now. 



Just like King Darius VIII said….. We only go to strip clubs to watch. It’s the new wave. 



Nigga pulled up in a all white limo like a shady record executive in the 70’s. 



There’s a strip club named Onyx in every city and all of em be crackin



The DJ out here destroying niggas and bitches all night long



Be like Tracy. Wear your doo-rag everywhere. 



"Money Is An Idea” …… The aura of King Darius VIII is so strong that it’s now blessed Paperboi with the ability to speak gems. That’s our King. 



See what happens when you try to stunt instead of getting a bottle of wine, some weed, and have sub par sex while VH1 playing in the background with someone you like? Stick to what’s real. Ain’t shit out here. 



Earn has the athletic ability of a Magikarp. We all knew Mike Vick left him in the dust.