Eating pussy is like skin care for real niggas. It helps lower your blood pressure and gives you a glowing complexion. It's like eating cucumbers (Pause). 


Tongue confidence really is key and good tree might actually help. Good advice. 


Black Women are considered God....Not brunettes. 


Pig would've got turned into a rack of ribs if I was driving. My attention span ain't shit when I'm driving on road trips. 


Those white people in the store looking out the window at Earn and Vanessa looked appalled that they were in that town. Fuck that place. 


Earn should've said "Get off my dick Keith Van Horn. I ain't wearing no costume." 


Bruh she thought this nigga had on blackface. Why in the fuck is Earn still staying here and why is it okay to wear blackface at this shit? I just want to see this nigga go off one time. Damn show some backbone. 


Make Hootz Kutz a drinking game and I'll gladly play


Earn is apparently the Michael Jordan of Hootz Kutz...... White people are at it again. 


I dunno why this pissed me off but speak English around me. That's disrespectful as fuck to me. Maybe I'm just paranoid. Vanessa holding a whole ass convo in German was inconsiderate. 


No Darius this episode I see. Automatic 3 outta 5. 


Earn kinda tripping but then again he kinda not. The blackface shit, the German convo tee hee hee-ing with the bartender, white folks looking at him weird, I don't blame him for throwing any chance of compromise out the window. It seems like Vanessa didn't prepare him for this and they didn't really make him feel welcome. He was judged before he did anything. I understand why he would be mad. He overreacted about the ping pong game and saying that shit about her bills but the actual party he had every right to talk bad about that shit. 


Christina is a fucking idiot. I'd be ashamed to be related to someone like that. I actually went to school with a black girl like that. She wished she was white so bad and hated her black side and this just further proves that Earn was right lmaoooo. 


Vanessa violating....... drop the situation Earn. She not a huge part of the series anyway so yeah. I don't really care if we never see her again. 


She stole his ass. 


Fuck a ping pong match. Get the fuck outta that situationship bruh and let her go to Germany. He only fucking with Vanessa cause he homeless. 


I'm glad this nigga lost that game. This episode was boring. Change that rating to 2 outta 5. Save us King Darius.