Not gonna front like I listened to Saba before this. I just seen the album on the new releases section on Apple Music and clicked on it. 



The song “Busy” makes me think about how I think the best friendships go through a period of no communication. Life just be happening and shit and nobody contacts each other and some people feel ashamed and don’t reach out even if they’re going through some shit. Then you get older and realize it’s okay to reach out despite not talking for over a period of time. Niggas grown. Life happens. Ain’t shit changed. You’re still there for each other. Reach out to yo folks though. Real shit. 



Why have I never seen this nigga theMIND live? Homie features always dope. 



This some lonely ass music. In a good way though. I kinda don’t wanna hear this shit around other people. Just wanna be high and think of all the “Broken Girls” in my life I’ve granted access to my dick. I’m not broken. I’m a broke nigga. Broke as in I have a debate in Aldi’s if I should buy these $4 Pistachios on Sunday even though I have to make this $10 stretch to Friday. 



Damn we really both be broken in situationships and relationships though. We just shells of ourselves and fucking. Nothing improving between us. Why broken girl pussy be the best pussy? I guess it’s in the category of “Why does everything bad for me feels so good?”



I like the song “Life” cause Saba is literally speaking on the everyday life of being black. Jail don’t really mean shit to us. Death don’t mean shit to us. Which is why the line “Life don’t mean shit to a nigga that ain’t never had shit” hits home for me. That’s really life for a lot of us black men. 



The first Line of “Calligraphy” is some real spill. “I don’t tell the truth so yall will feel sorry for me.” I remember when I lost my brother and people were texting me and I told everyone I was okay through emoji’s and tried to be as optimistic as I could but I literally had no soul. I didn’t tell no one how I felt because I didn’t want any pity. Plus I felt nobody really cared. Only 2 people checked on me after that and it was 2 people that I’ve known for 15 plus years so it opened my eyes to a lot of shit and proved me right. 



I keep my best friend obituary on my wall too. 



I love the production on this album so far. It’s very consistent and fits the subject matter. 



Saba sound like he got squabbles on “Fighter.” We gone slap box when we meet. 



“I know you think you listening but you just waiting to talk.” Can’t front. I’m guilty of that. I be not listening to shit she say and ready to hit her ass with that mean ass rebuttal like I’m Hollow Da Don. 



Funny how people think that artists make all this money starting out just because they get thousands of retweets and views. They also think that everyone knows that artist worldwide. You’d be shocked at the amount of people who never heard the artist that you love and listen to everyday. The world big as fuck. Your respective city is big as fuck.



I like how Saba flows are different all over this album. Different sounds, pitches, melodies. Very cool shit. 



“Everybody insecure, especially people with everything. Why is you think they got everything?” …….. Yeah that’s heavy. Even with everything they have their Insecurities still say it’s not enough. Aint that some shit? 



The track “Logout” just furthers my belief that Social media is fucking up how people behave. To each other. To themselves. Everybody programmed. It creates tension between people. People are now manipulated even easier. Someone can put a vicious lie on your name and you’ll be guilty in under a minute and lose everything. Everyone is chasing perfection and has based everything in their life around what they think is perfection all for a “like.” It just shows how empty people really are. People do all that shit just to feel even more empty than they already were. 



Damn I ran “Grey” back like 100 times in a row like a team combo on Marvel Vs Capcom 3. 



Funny how “Grey” is a song that would be frowned upon if Saba was on a label and submitted it as a single. Labels just wanna cater to Instagram Models who sell teas. 



I like that Saba rapped from both perspectives of the artist and the label on “Grey” and how their overall goals conflict each other.



The best songs are really on the B-Side and artists never perform them. Like ever. 



Damn a 3 page letter Saba? Gotta Fresh Prince em with the “Lemme take you to prom before I don’t want to no more.” 



Prom/King was some brilliant ass storytelling. The story was so vivid that I felt like I knew Walter. I was listening to it like “Damn lemme text Walter to see if this song true.” That’s how clear and detailed Saba’s explanation of Walter was. Then to have his vocals and what he said at the end was pretty chilling. Really heartfelt. You don’t even notice that the track is 7 minutes long. That’s how good it was. 



“Heaven All Around Me” make a nigga wanna cry. Saba rapping from the perspective of his cousin as he’s in heaven watching the scene of his death and how his loved ones are reacting to it was heavy man. That’s what it sounded like. I could be wrong but it was a beautiful end to the album. You feel that Walter is at peace and has no regrets. 



This album is a very good and easy listen. It’s honest. It’s shit we need to hear and confront. Pain is something we can’t avoid. Depression is real. Knowing your flaws and who you are is vital. When you go back and listen to the album front to back again you really feel how Walter’s death has affected Saba mentally and I swear the album doesn’t sound the same the second time around. The lyrics have even more meaning than before. Shows you how quickly things can change. Saba sometimes sounds unsure and bare on the album but by the end of it you feel that he’s gonna be okay and use tragedy to not only become a better person but help others also. Incredible album. I’m fucking with it heavy. This is the music we need to uplift. Shit with actual substance and stands for something. If I had 4 million to give I'd give it to Saba. 


Peace. Polite Coolery Podcast back next week.