When you’re evolving creatively ….



Niggas be too fire to compete with anybody. You’re so selfish when it comes to yourself that you don’t give a fuck about competing. You’re more impressed and fulfilled by collaboration. Now does competitive spirit leaves you? No. You’ll always have the spirit to wanna be great amongst your peers and want to crush em sometimes. We human. But the difference is that it’s not personal and when you’ve evolved as an artist competitive nature doesn’t CONSUME you.



You share things. You share plugs. It’s not a big deal to you. You’re not greedy or insecure and not afraid to throw plays if niggas need it. I’ll never throw a play to a nigga who lazy and never doing shit and just want me to do the shit for em. But a creative who really working and showing face and ain’t on no fuck shit. Yeah I’ll link them up with a plug no problem. 



You’re easy to connect with and you connect with people easily at events and online. 



You don’t just work to work because you love it. Creating shit takes time and effort. I’m not creating to create. There’s a purpose behind creativity. Just because I like to write in spare time don’t mean I’m gonna write for somebody else for the fuck of it. Each project I agree to be apart of has to make sense to me or give me the feeling of “I can’t stay away from this idea” like the idea is poking me to come fuck with it. We don’t work to work pal. Some creatives take everything that is thrown their way and I don’t understand it. For me personally that would burn me out and I would feel like that would water down my name. Some people may think that’s bougie but that’s how my mind operates. 



Your emotions aren’t in charge anymore. Sometimes I assess situations and by the time I come to decision on how I will react to it I’ve already moved on and I’m not tripping off it anymore. Sometimes I don’t assess shit and just say “Fuck that shit” and go on about my business. Outside of creating I’m only emotional about tacos and getting top while watching 3 Ninjas. 



Failing is just another jugg opportunity. I don’t get disappointed when something I create fails. Especially when I try something different. It’s another lesson and another chance to jugg. I love creating and learning from the mistakes I make. 



You cheer for everybody because you know success is not sacred. It’s not this exclusive club that only a certain amount of people can join. If you take what’s meant for you and then flip that shit into something cool, relatable, and brings emotion out of people then what you think is success to you is not hard attain. Just stay consistent and you got it. There’s room for everyone in damn near everything. The creatives that are secure with who they are have no issue with cheering for everybody. 



You bring out the best in people. Every time you’re around or with anything you’re involved with you make other people better. I know for damn sure I don’t wanna work with someone I feel I can’t learn from or make me better. 



The truth not ugly. Lies are ugly. People will get comfortable with a lie faster than the truth and it’s alarming. You’ve evolved not only as a creative but as a human if you have no issue of saying how you feel truthfully at any moment. If you don’t feel like doing something you say so. If you wasn’t feeling something someone did. You let them know truthfully how you feel to them and them only. 



Criticism. The ability to know what is constructive and hateful and the ability to know . If you can tell instantly then you’re a vet.  



You’re not afraid of change. The ability for a person to adapt but still keep the foundation of what makes them themselves is a underrated skill. Things will always change but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your core. The game don’t wait for anybody. You have to move with it. Not being afraid of change is one of the keys to longevity. 



You do more than speak. If you’re doing more shutting the fuck up and creating than talking then you’re finally Blastoise. 




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