Daniel took his chin and jawline into the shop to get it's transmission changed and that takes a few days Issa. You know this. Let that man be. Let him get his maintenance. 



Aye man can smell salami thru my screen every time Issa boss is in a scene & spewing out nonsense. This woman has done a complete 360 since the last season leading me to believe majority of white people are like her. Pretending to care about our issues. Who cares though. I stopped giving a fuck about white people approval or whose side they on years ago. 



Aye bruh ol girl at Issa job with the glasses & Mary Tyler Moore haircut nose is the size of a PT Cruiser. What the fuck? She literally looks like one of those character drawings you get a Six Flags or carnivals.



Damn Issa must’ve asked these apartments where her hug at the way she getting rejected for these apartments. 



"Sometimes I just wanna be ratchet." - Jada The Jedi smarter than all of us. Another example of why we gotta start listening to our youth. 



Did this nigga Daniel just say niggas too Hollywood for him with a ceramic vase designed shirt on? 



Dude hit shorty up and asked "Aye Did I leave some ketchup packets at yo house?" and she replied "Yes" that's a true love story. They belong together.  



Kelly going over Issa credit is something I'm all too familiar with. I don't even bother anymore I just go get a co-sign. 



Kelly is right. Issa getting over. She not even cooking or cleaning in Daniel crib? That’s foul. That's the least she could do if she not paying him any money to stay there. 



Daniel shorty scrolling on twitter on the computer.... aw naw abort mission Gums Murphy. Abort. She a serial killer and a bird. 



I told yall she was a bird........"I love light skin love." What does that even mean? 



Issa asked for another 2weeks at Daniel crib but Daniel not feeling it but his reply to Issa comes from bitterness. He want things his way without any commitment. Vanessa not tripping off Issa. His mindset is basically "Well I'm letting you stay here so the least you could do is let me fuck." This one of those situations where he gotta be honest even if it shows he's an asshole because having respect for being real is worth being the bad guy. Keeping everything on your chest not gone get you nowhere. From my experience being honest gets you the pussy more than not saying what you feel. Keep your chin up Daniel (Which I know it's hard to do since it weighs about 8 cinder blocks) and say what's on your mind. 



Issa job is wack. Her boss wack. Her co-workers wack. Any scene with her job is wack.  



Issa is giving Daniel crib the "Pity Clean." It's that "Look. You see me cleaning? Please don't evict me. I'm showing you my worth through Pine Sol." Everybody done been there and black people don't give two fucks about you cleaning they crib. You better put some cash down on that electric bill. 



This nigga a producer and rappers always looking for producers so I don't understand why pulling up and linking with this rapper he wanna work with is wrecking his brain. If this something he claim he wanna do for a living then he wouldn't even be thinking about it and he would've been in the car already. This nigga weird bruh. He has the self esteem of a piece of toilet paper. 



Daniel a hating ass nigga. Dude gotta be the top dog in everything. If he not in control he act like a bitch. Khalil didn't have to show him love at all. This nigga trying to live his life like a weird nigga who tries to emulate the book "The 48 Laws Of Power" in real life. Let go of your ego and go in the club. See this is a perfect example of the difference between a person who becomes a entrepreneur and a person who has 1000 excuses. A entrepreneur would've accepted Khalil offer to get into the club with him. They would've did whatever it took to connect with Spyda in that club. The ego takes a backseat to the real entrepreneurs of the world. The people with 1000 excuses don't do shit but live with regrets, debate and overthink about everything. They're hamsters on the hamster wheel. Shooters shoot. If it go in it go in if it don't they get the rock back and shoot again. 



This nigga got nan table in this club. Perfect example of ego being a priority instead of his business. 



Aye this nigga really beatboxing in a loud ass club like a “Let’s work” ass nigga in events & it sounded wack. He gone ruin spyda career like how Safaree ruined Nicki Minaj career by leaving her and taking his pen and hairline with him. Issa shoulda said "nah that ain’t it chief." If this "The man with 1000 teeth" don't take that that 1993 shit the fuck outta here and Issa hella wack for pretending to hear that nigga spitting on her earlobe like Sylvester The Cat and thinking that shit was dope. That shit sounded like a 2001 Craig David beat. Craig David my nigga but for how that nigga Spyda was rapping that ain't the wave for him.  



That's why my favorite color green in real life.........It match my money.



Aye ain’t nothing lower than being known as the weed carrier of the entourage and you don't even have weed on you anymore. Chin Baker has hit a new low. 



Why is this nigga so nervous? He acting like this nigga Spyda got titties and a attitude. This nigga acting scary and shit. Ain’t asked for a number, email, nothing. Daniel is the type of nigga that cries about not receiving support on Twitter and Facebook and Khalil is the nigga he subtweets about. Cry about the lack of support he gets but never realize he is getting in his own way and it's his fault. 



They really redid the Chris Brown club shooting which was kinda corny but the girl falling down the stairs and yelling "My titty" is the highlight of this episode.  



I told y’all Chin Possible was a hater. I knew the moment he was trying to get into the club he was a undercover hater. If you gotta say “I ain’t tryna hate” before you say some shit bout somebody that means you hating. Khalil showed this nigga all love & plugged him in with Spyda and dude ungrateful as fuck downplaying that nigga career. I don't know why he called himself a soundcloud producer that nigga beats do not soundcloud-ish he sound like a "type beat" producer on youtube. Which not bad. Plenty niggas done came up off that shit. I don't wanna hear shit bout Lawrence no fucking more because this nigga way worse than him. 



Niggas in competition always stuck. Collaboration is always better than competition. You gain more from collaboration. Instead of talking about Khalil career he should be asking him for advice. Daniel comparing his journey to someone else's journey and when you do that all you're doing is adding unnecessary tasks to your mind. The only thing that needs to be on your mind is your health, your passion, and your loved ones. If you keep those 3 things in rotation in your mind at all times you will be just fine. Daniel worried about numbers, success, etc when he should be only focused on his content and inspiring those who fuck with his content. You never let your self-worth ever get wrapped up in what the next mothafucka doing. That is a losers game. He keeping tabs on how fast Khalil blew up. You know how many rappers got picked before Jay-Z? You know how many players were ranked ahead of Russell Westbrook and Aaron Rodgers? The grind a marathon and even if you get it fast it's still marathon because you have to work harder than you did before you got it just to keep it. 



Daniel let’s Issa stay for as long as she wants because we all knew he wasn't tripping off that weird bird. 



Damn Issa got a "You Up" text from the property management job. 



Aye bring my nigga Chad back. I don't care if Lawrence not on this season bring back the MVP. 




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