Aye here's some shit you don't compromise in a relationship. 


Never compromise your music taste. If what you listen to is flame and what they listen to is mid then you just gotta tell em aye we not playing none of your shit while we together. Whoever has the most fire music taste outta the relationship are awarded all aux privileges. Motivate them to step they shit up. If someone music taste is trash you shouldn’t be with them anyway. 



My Goofiness not going no fucking where. There will be no fucking conversation either. Life hard as fuck. Mentally, Physically, everything. I keep things goofy. I know when to get serious but majority of the time I’m just enjoying this shit. Can’t be with a serious muhfucka. I like bossy women but you can be bossy and goofy. You ain’t gotta be bossy and uptight. 



My dreams and career come before everybody. Sometimes even myself. Never put your dreams on the back burner for nobody. If they accept it cool you got a real one. If they don’t move on. It’ll never work. I pray a woman puts her career and dreams over me. One, because that means she got better shit to do than annoy me all day (Which I don’t mind it’s just principal) Two, I get to see her happy doing something she loves that I’m not responsible for. Something that’s hers She built that on her own. My job is help her when she allows me to and support her more than anyone else. 



If you have your heart set on living somewhere then live there regardless of what a man or woman talking bout. Where you desire to live shouldn't be compromised. Your environment is critical. 



If you eat healthy eat healthy. If you eat bad shit eat bad shit. I don’t give a fuck either way but some people be trying to regulate what their partner eat and sometimes I get it because of potential health issues but if you one of those assholes who track every crumb somebody puts in their mouth and then try to have full unnecessary conversations about the shit. Then please go suck a dick. I’m trying to eat good. I’m not trying to have instagram model meals. I eat healthy and I eat bad too but either way I don’t force it on others and I don’t force people to change or compromise about it. 



I’m not compromising looking at titties. If I see a nice pair I’m looking and shorty should be looking too. What kinda boring person wouldn’t look either? We both need to be looking and then rating them titties and having social commentary about those titties like normal human beings. 



You never compromise your happiness for nobody. Only kids get that right but anyone else? Nah. Your happiness is supposed to be already set before you even with somebody. Imagine not doing shit that makes you happy because your partner don’t approve. That sounds like bitch nigga shit. If your happiness is a hinderance for who you with then leave. It’s all about you when it comes to your happiness. All you should look for is somebody who’s happiness is in the same atmosphere as yours meaning you ain’t gotta change shit bout what makes you happy. The person you with ain’t gotta change shit about what makes them happy and both of yall happiness can co-exist together. The moment you have to change something about your happiness just to please someone it will not stop there. They will ask you to remove something else and keep asking for more shit to be removed until you become a fucking shell of yourself and you will be miserable. 



Your sex life or sexuality should never be compromised. If I can’t be me in the bedroom then it will never work. If I can’t drunkily bite your booty in public then the relationship will go downhill. The point is to not make us cheat on each other. Now it’s different when your partner just not on your level. That’s okay. Nothing wrong with that. People can be coached. As long as you give some effort you good. Get your reps in. 



How you dress shouldn’t be compromised. Look I don’t give a fuck what my woman wears. If it empowers her great. If she feels beautiful in it, awesome. She wanna show off her nipples today? I’m all for it. I got the best view in the house. I date people for how they make me feel not for how they dress. I don’t care. I’m not changing the way I dress for no fucking body. If you like niggas in suits all the time like a deacon at church ass nigga well that’s too damn bad cause I ain’t wearing that shit. I’m not dressing like Lance Gross. 



There’s this belief I have. If you’re ever with a man or woman that trips off your family and friends or tries to separate you from them, that person hates themselves. If you ever have to compromise your time with your family and friends for the person you’re with that is a huge red flag. It usually means abuse is coming. Mental, Verbal, Physical, does not matter take your pick. When a person wants you isolated and complains about your loved ones when your loved ones have done nothing wrong you need to get the fuck outta there cause you’re not safe. My friends and family are fucking fun. I pray my future girl friends and family are fun. I wouldn’t want my shorty to ditch people who helped her become who she is just to hang with me and only me everyday.  That's fucking weird and it is not healthy. 



Your me time is important. I don’t think this is my introvert ways speaking for me but just let people have their alone time. Neediness is so fucking toxic dawg. Real niggas need time to recharge. Let people miss you. I used to blame my need for alone time on anxiety but really my alone time is my time to let my mind be still. My anxiety not bad as it used to be I’ve conquered that and got over that. The reason I like my me time is so I can be the best me I can possibly be. 



Never compromise your love for anime or cartoons! NEVER! I can’t wait to dress up like Luffy at Comic-Con and embarrass my girl by doing all Luffy’s signature moves on strangers. I love Hey Arnold. I like anime toys and toys that remind me of my childhood because it molded the creative mind I have right now. They taught me how to use my imagination. Imagine me give that up for somebody who feel like that's not what grown people should like. Fuck off please. I'm watching Recess with or without you. I like being different and having different interests from what is considered the standard. It's what makes relationships cool. Our differences will put each other onto new things.  



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